I'd spent a long time Calypso's island whilst I recovered. Getting used to the invisible servants, as well as her company. It was truly paradise.
Moonlace lay around me, its glow growing fainter as the day approached. I could hear the waves crashing into one-another behind me, assaulting the sand with spray. Calypso stood in front of me, fiddling with a sprig of Moonlace. The raft that would take me away from here lay on the beach, waiting. She spoke, filling the air with her light voice.

'I told myself I would not speak of this. I would let you go without even offering. But I can't. I suppose the fates knew that. You could stay with me, Percy.' As she said the words she brought her head close to mine. I could feel her warm breath on my cheek. 'You would be with me forever.' she whispered softly.
Impulsively I leaned forward. Our lips neared, but at the last second I drew away, turning to facing the ocean.

'I... I can't.' I whispered, watching her head drop in disappointment.

'It's that Annebeth girl isn't it?' She asked, guessing straight away. 'Were you two-?'

'No.' i said sharply, cutting her off. 'It's just, I risked my life to get her out of danger and before she left, she kissed me. It made me think...' I couldn't finish.

'I understand.' she replied, a tear sliding down her cheek.

I stared at her. How unfair it was for someone so beautiful to have their heart crushed again and again. Was it fair that I hurt this person just as every hero before me had, Because of the vague possibility of another girl's affections? A girl who until recently had insulted me at every opportunity.
I looked into her teary eyes and saw the pain, the certainty that she would never find love and never be happy. Something snapped inside me.
I brought a hand up to her face, stroking her cheek.

'I'll stay.' I said softly.
She looked up, surprised and shocked. A look of pure joy crossed her face.

'You'd leave everything in your old life behind for-for me?'

'You will be on your own no more.'

She looked ecstatic. But suddenly her face darkened and I couldn't read her expression. Her voice dulled.

'That is kind of you Percy, but- but I cannot accept. You must get back to your friends, they need you.' she looked away. 'I will not trap you forever just because you feel sorry for me, like I said, I am no evil sorceress.'

Her reply amazed me. She was willing to give up my offer of companionship so that I could live my life.

She touched me tentatively on the shoulder as she glided past. 'How can I prove that I want to be with you?'

'You can't. I know you would be lying, just go. Please.'

'Don't you want me to stay?' I asked, slightly hesitant.

'Of course I want you to,' she choked. 'But I want you to want it too.'

'Then tell me how to prove it to you.'

She turned, facing me. I could see her thinking. She spoke shakily, the words tumbling from her mouth. 'Sleep with me, give me your virginity. It is the only way that I will know you truly want me.' I was shocked. An awkward silence filled the air.

Normally, when a beautiful woman offers themselves to a man so eagerly, the man wouldn't have had a second thought. But this wasn't a normal situation. I

She saw my expression and sighed.

'We will do it tonight. That gives you a whole day to think. I will await you in my chambers.' She pursed her lips, taking one more look at me before turning and leaving the garden.

The day passed quickly as I thought, contemplating the decision I was about to make. On the one hand I could leave everything behind: the prophesy, the war, the high chance of an excruciatingly painful death and live forever with a beautiful girl on our own island with lots of servants.

But on the other, I would be leaving everyone I loved behind. My friends, my mom, even Chiron.
Indecision flickered through me as I weighed up my options. It was dark by the time I decided.

I entered Calypso's room. She was sitting on her bed in silence, staring at the floorboards.

'Well?' she asked, not taking her eyes off the ground.

I paused before replying, this was not the place. 'Let us take a walk along the beach.' I replied.

She nodded to herself as if I had just confirmed her suspicions. I took her hand and led her out of the house and onto the sand. The moon was out, casting a silvery glow on all it touched. It was warm, but a gentle cold wind blew over the island, tugging at our cloths. The sea was still and peaceful, only small waves reaching the beach. We stopped, facing the ocean side-by-side.

'Well?' she asked again. 'What is your decision my brave one?' I could hear the certainty of my answer in her voice.

I took a deep breath, this was it.

'I accept your offer; I want to be with you forever, starting now.'

She turned and stared deep into my eyes, trying to detect any hint of dishonesty. Apparently she found none as she walked over to me, tears of joy running down her cheeks.

I took her in my arms, caressing her cheek, wiping the tears away. I breathed in, smelling the cinnamon cent I had grown accustomed to. It was slightly stronger tonight. I slowly slid off the white dress that encased her features, kissing each bit of flesh as it became unveiled. Her skin was soft and warm under my lips. An excited shiver ran through her body at my touch. I pulled the dress over her head, exposing her to the cool night air. I threw the dress into the sand behind us, turning to face her. I gasped at what I saw.

My eyes grazed up and down her body, examining her features.
The figure before me was so stunning I forgot to breathe.
She wore a white lingerie undergarment that covered her breasts and ended just above her belly-button, laced with intricate patterns of thread that seemed to swirl and dance when covering her slim body. Her caramel hair flowed in a braid down her left shoulder, glowing in the moonlight.

My eyes travelled down her length, watching as the smooth skin of her stomach rose and fell with her breathing. My gaze then continued to her legs, grazing up and down her muscled calves. They looked strong but still extremely feminine. Maybe she hadn't been as idle as I had thought whilst trapped on this island. Even her toenails had been painted gold. My eyes travelled back up her body, settling on her thigh. Only a thin bit of white fabric hid her from me. She saw me staring and smiled, her sparkling almond eyes flickering and dancing; pulsing with energy. I noticed for the first time that she had prepared herself for me, coating her lips and eyelids with golden makeup whilst also using wonderfully scented perfume.

The colours complemented her white undergarment, making her look even more beautiful. I was unable to think of anything but her. I was trapped in the moment. I stood there for a time, basking in her beauty. The night was quiet, filled only by our gentle breathing and the sea behind us. It seemed to be holding its breath.

Suddenly her smile faltered and she turned around, picking up her dress, releasing me from my trance. Just as she went to put the garment back on I grabbed her arm. She avoided my eyes.

'What are you doing?' I asked gently.

'You do not want me...' she replied, another tear sliding down her cheek. 'It is OK; we can never speak of this again if you wish.'

'Why would you think that?' i asked, confused.

'You did not speak for so long, I-I thought you didn't like my form.'
I stared at her dumbfounded. A laugh of complete shock escaped my lips.

'Calypso, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever set my eyes upon. If I did not want you, I would not have stayed. I hesitated because... Because I realised how much I want you.'
She stared at me; her expression was hard to read. Maybe I'd gone too far.

She pulled me into a kiss, her arms reaching around my neck, pulling me tighter. Her lips felt soft and warm against mine.

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