Luna knew it. She knew what was going to happen and as she ran down the halls of Hogwarts she had only one person in mind. Draco.

Luna ran up the Astronomy Tower and entered. She nearly stopped breathing when she reached the top. Draco had his wand pointed at Dumbledore. They were alone but Luna knew that in a few minutes the Death eaters would arrive. For over a week Draco had been giving her little hints about his true identity. Only now she had finally figured it out.

"Draco." Luna whispered. Draco heard her and turned around. His eyes widened in shock.

"Luna what are you doing here? I told you to-"

"You don't have to do this Draco. You don't have to." Luna's eyes filled and a tear slipped down her cheek.

"Yes I do. He'll kill my parents if I don't." Draco's tears had never stopped.

"Draco please don't do this." Luna pleaded. Draco walked to her and placed a hand on her cheek. "I have to." He bent down and kissed her before looking at her with fear in his eyes. "You need to go. Get out Luna before they kill you." Draco paused. "Please."

Luna looked up into the grey eyes she loved dearly and before she could say something, someone placed a hand on Draco's shoulder, causing him to whirl around.

"Draco you have a mission." Snape said slowly. Draco gulped and nodded. Snape took Draco's wand from his hand and pointed it at Dumbledore. "Avada Kadevra." Snape said without a moment's hesitation. Luna's eyes widened in shock when she saw Dumbledore's lifeless body fall onto the ground.

"Get her out of here." Snape commanded Draco. Draco grabbed Luna's hand and was about to turn around when Bellatrix appeared with a few Death Eaters behind her. She saw Draco's hand in Luna's.

"Nephew, what do you think you are doing?" Bellatix asked. Draco didn't answer. Luna squeezed his hand and he looked at her.

"Traitor!" Bellatrix yelled when she saw the eye lock. A Death Eater raised his wand and yelled "Stupefy!" Draco fell back and Snape sighed.

"The Dark Lord shall deal with the boy. The rest of you will leave." Snape said. "Right now."

The Death Eaters quickly left leaving Snape, Luna and Draco in the tower. Luna bent down next to Draco and cradled his head in her lap.

"Do not leave his side." Snape hissed at Luna who nodded. "Draco, I trust you will do what's right."

"Yes, I will." Draco replied slowly. Snape turned around and left the tower.

"Luna promise you'll stay with me." Draco asked.

"I promise. I promise I'll stay with you forever." Luna kissed Draco as he drifted off into a dreamless sleep. She was there, his guardian angel was there and he had nothing to worry about.