Revived Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean x Inuyasha Crossover Story

Revived Tales Chapter 4

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Kagome x Captain Jack Sparrow

Rated: M+


"You…" she spoke noticing Will who stepped up at being noticed by the strange woman, " You have a touch of…destiny about you, William Turner."

"You know me?" Will asked shocked

"You want to know me." spoke Tia leaning into Will only to be interrupted by Jack

"There will be no knowing here. We've come for help and we're not leaving without it." spoke Jack defiantly, leading Tia Dalma away from Will, "I thought I knew you."

"Not so well as I had hoped." spoke Tia Dalma snidely, "Consorting yourself with a miko. A legendary miko at that!" she spoke

"Aye Kagome. A very outspoken and headstrong woman. But what can one expect with a woman so close to her holy powers."

"You are neither dead nor dying." started Jones stopping in front of Will, "What is your purpose here?" he demanded

"Jack Sparrow sent me to settle his debt." tumbled out of Will's mouth in a rush

"Did he now?" asked Jones standing straight

"And how do you tend to gather these 99 souls in three days?" asked Giblet

"Fortunately he was mum on which condition these souls need be." said Jack as both he and Gibbs looked at each other as one word slipped from their lips.



"It's an outrage! Port tariffs, berthing fees, wharf handling and, heaven help us, pilotage." replied the captain to two lackeys, "Are we all to work for the East India Trading Company, then?"

"I'm afraid, sir, that Tortuga is the only free port left in these waters." said the one who argued over the dress.

"A pirate port, you mean. Well, I'm sorry. An honest sailor is what I am. I make my living fair and I sleep well each night." he said but stopped at the look on the two underlings' faces. Petrified.

"S-sir!" stuttered out the other man as he pointed to the window and all three sailors looked out of it. Just as the same wedding dress as earlier floated in front of them from the outside. Causing the three to see what was going on on deck.

The dress stopped in front of the captain and appeared to point in their direction then towards Tortuga.

"She wants you to do something." said one of the men to the captain.

"She's trying to give a sign." he answered back as he and the crew made to look on the other side of the ship towards Tortuga, causing Elizabeth to roll her eyes at how daft these men were.

She then moved the two brooms she used to puppeteer the dress to sail over their heads then back again knocking down a lantern she oh so conveniently placed their. However the men were proving more idiotic by the second.

"Over there, men!" yelled the captain, "Look for a sign!" as he and his crew made to the other side of the ship, causing the young heiress to roll her eyes once more, sigh and use a rope to jump down from her height.

"Look, look. There it is the sign."

"That's seaweed."

"Seaweed could be a sign."

"Looks like entrails."

"That would be a bad sign."

"What's that over there?" asked Elizabeth disguising her voice as the crew surrounded her and a fire that read there next destination.


Elizabeth could not believe her luck. After spending an hour sailing to Tortuga. She spent the next half hour escaping the crew she traveled with to get their. Only for two women named Scarlett and Giselle to start flirting with her.

And now. Now someone decides to sneak up behind me and place their hand over my mouth to muffle my voice. And then drag me into an ally.

'Really do I look that defenseless even when dressed as a man?' questioned Elizabeth to herself but as the thought finished she was engulfed by a warm body and a very familiar voice sounded in her ears.

"It is so good to see you again. However I was hoping it would be under better conditions than a kidnapping in Tortuga."


"And what makes you think you're worthy to crew the Black Pearl?" asked Gibbs

"Truth be told. I've never sailed a day in me life. I figure I should get out and see the world while I still young." said the old man holding a cane.

"You'll do. Make your mark. Next!" yelled Gibbs as Jack could be seen sitting in a corner

" My wife ran off with my dog. And I'm drunk for a month. And I don't give an ass rat's if I live or die."

"Perfect! Next!"

"Me have one arm and a bum leg."

"It's the crow's nest for you. Next!"

"Ever since I was a lad I wanted to sail the seas…forever."

"Sooner than you think. Sign the roster."

"How are we going?" asked Jack to Gibbs

"Including those four, that gives us…four. " said Gibbs as Jack continued to shake the compass, making Giblet roll his eyes and turn to the man who walked up.

"And what's your story?"

"Kagome!" exclaimed Elizabeth returning the hug.

"Somebody's happy to see me!" teased Kagome as she pulled away from the hug, "What's wrong?"

"About a week ago I was sitting outside in my wedding dress waiting for Will to sppear so we could finally be married, but then this soldier came and escorted me to Will who by the time I arrived had already been put in irons. And when my father demanded to know why he was arrested Beckett hands him a warrant for my father to read but that warrant didn't say Will's name it said my own. So the next thing I know is I'm being dragged away from Will and put into irons, all for rescuing Jack from Port Royal. Then about five days ago, a day after our arrest, Beckett calls in Will and demands that for our pardon Will had to find Jack's compass and return it to Beckett. But then that night my father comes to get me out of jail, I sneak away from him find Beckett hold a gun to his head and demand he sign the pardon. Then I stow away on a sailor's ship and scare them with a ghost story into coming to Tortuga. And here you are and I am so happy to see you." finished Elizabeth crying and hugging Kagome once more.

"You poor thing. Your wedding night no less." said Kagome sympathetically as she hugged Elizabeth back comforting the distraught woman until the thunder crashed and it began to lightly rain.

"Come on, immouto. We'll go to my shop that way I can change then we'll go into a bar see if we can find any leads. If not, well then you could use some rum." said Kagome as she lead Elizabeth into a fortune teller's store. Causing Elizabeth to realize that instead of her normal attire Kagome wore a gypsy's outfit.

"You can stay right here and look around if you want. I'll be right back." said Kagome as she opened the shop and took Elizabeth to the tarot card table. And went into a back room as she saw Elizabeth sit down.

A few seconds after Elizabeth could no longer see Kagome in the back she stood up and decided to look around the shop.

Swords. Bow and arrows. Daggers. Cauldron. Plus many other things lay about in the room.

'Is that jarred fire? But such a strange color.' thought Elizabeth as she looked at what appeared to be blue fire in a jar.

"I know it's a little messy but I haven't been able to clean up around here in a while." spoke Kagome from behind startling Elizabeth.

"No it's all right. You have a lot of interesting objects here Kagome." replied Elizabeth taking in her adopted sister's new look.

Kagome let her long wavy black hair down but held it back with her usual red bandana. She had on golden hoop earrings but no other jewelry could be found on her body.

'Wait is that a jewel on her bellybutton?' thought Elizabeth to herself as she shook her head from those thoughts.

Kagome wore a blue corset that was only really a half corset seeing as how it stopped just below her breasts. This was accompanied by two long white sleeves that stopped about two inches before reaching her wrists. Her pants were red and hugged her legs and hips nicely. It was tied off with a black belt and a smaller one on her right thigh. The belt held her usual sword on the left side with her pistol and dagger on the right. All finished by her black boots which were knee length.

"I don't know about you but I rather this than a corset any day." said Kagome trying to cheer up Elizabeth which seemed to work considering she cracked a smile and replied back.

"Most definitely."

"So it's agreed then," started Kagome as Elizabeth looked at her confused, "Until they make woman's clothes as easy to put on as men's then men should really stop saying woman take too long going places."

And with that the partially reunited family made it's way into the bars of Tortuga laughing all the way.

"My story. It's exactly the same as your story just one chapter behind. I chased a man all across the seven seas. The pursuit cost me my crew, my commission, and my life." said the man taking Gibbs' rum as said man realized just who he was looking at.

"Commodore?" the tipsy man asked

"No. Not anymore. Weren't you listening?…I nearly had you all off Tripoli." he said leaning forward to get into Gibbs' face as Jack grabbed a nearby plant and brought it to himself to hide behind. "I would have, if not for the hurricane." he finished

"Lord." muttered Gibbs "You didn't try to sail through it?"

"So, do I make your crew or not?" he questioned as Gibbs motioned for him to make his mark.

"You haven't said exactly where you're going." stated Norrington as he threw the signing table over and into the nearby bar, all the while drawing his sword as every pirate and their brother began fighting.

Some better than others. This being realized by two of the three woman who have ever served under the Black Pearl.

"So am I worthy to serve under Captain Jack Sparrow?" he asked as he drew his pistol at Jack stopping the pirate prince in his steps.

"Or should I just kill you now?"

"You're hired." he said removing his head from behind the pillar he hid behind.

"Sorry. Old habits and all that."

"Easy sailor." yelled one of the crewmates of the Pearl as he and another restrained Norrington causing the pistol to fire and a riot to break out until James was knocked unconscious and thrown from the pub.

"Why don't you check on your old fiancé then I'll meet you back at the shop huh?" said Kagome to Elizabeth as she nodded and walked off towards Jack.

"It seems without my help you still manage to cause riots. I must say if I wasn't so sure you do on a normal bases I'd might be surprised." said a voice from behind the captain causing him to jump and drop the tree branch where he stood one word slipping from his lips.


Revived Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean x Inuyasha Crossover Story

Revived Tales Chapter 4

Edited: 07/31/12

AN: For reading comfort this story has been edited and previous author's notes and older comment replies have been removed. Enjoy.


Kagome x Captain Jack Sparrow

Rated: M+

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