John Blake gasped, looking around the huge cave, technology he didn't know how to use, gadgets he didn't know the names of, and training equipment that he would be hopeless with. He knew what this meant, Bruce was telling him to pick up the cowl and cape. But why him? How on Earth would he ever be able to use any of this stuff, let alone fight crime with it?

John shook his head, "Oh, there is no way… I would ever be able to do this."

"Of course not." Said a voice, and John looked up, seeing two men, one a very pale, wrinkled, ageing man, and the other, a very dark skinned, wrinkled, aging man. It was the dark skinned one who had spoken, "No one could, unless you had a little help."

The other man nodded, a deep British accent flowing clearly, "We'll teach you everything you'll ever need to know, but you need to realize, that this knowledge, it is being taught in the hopes that you'll never have to use it."

The first man smiled, "My name is Luscious Fox, and I made nearly every one of these gadgets, and more importantly, designed the bat suit."

The British man spoke up, "I am Alfred Pennyworth, and I was master Wayne's butler."

John paused, "Well, what does that make you to me?"

"It makes me, you're teacher." Alfred said, a grim look on his face.

The man stumbled through the alley, ducking into shadows, avoiding light, clutching a small bundle to his chest. He was a monster of a man, ridiculously tall, and well muscled. A metal mask covered the lower half of his face, and he panted, finally stopping his run, kneeling on the ground, and looking down a the bundle, partially unwrapping it, revealing a tiny little head, with eyes screwed shut. He unwrapped it the rest of the way, revealing tiny little hands, clutched into fists, and tiny little toes, curled up.

Bane shuddered, looking down a the baby girl, incredibly small, sickly looking even. For a moment, he worried if she was dead, but she crinkled her nose, moving her tiny arms only slightly. The cold night air had woken her up, but she did not cry.

He worried for her, she had not been born in the best of circumstances, she was barely six months premature, and even he knew that her chance of survival was slim. But her mother had been persistent, and had gotten her the best medical treatment available. But now, Gotham was no longer theirs, and he did not even know if the child's mother was still alive. The woman he had protected since childhood, the woman he had pushed, as a little girl, out of the hell hole they had both been in.

Her mother had loved this baby girl, a child born into war, and by all means, this child was merely a by product of it. A child of shadow and a child of bat. A confusing mixture of right and wrong, which was which, it was not his place to judge. Her mother hadn't viewed her as such, she had loved her as if she was a blessing, not an accident.

He had heard Talia call her a little angel. He did not approve, angels were killed in this world, innocence was always violated, purity was dirtied, and peaceful souls were snuffed out.

He decided, this child would be no different than her mother, he would protect this child as well. He would take her away from Gotham, he would raise her, and she, granddaughter of Ra's Al Ghul, would do what her mother and he had failed, permanently end Gotham.

He stood up, slowly, painfully, and wrapped the girl up again, leaving her face uncovered. "Your name is Aparajita*, because you will be unconquerable."

He walked off with the child, there was no doubt in his mind she would come back to this city, with or without him, to take it for her own.

They would disappear, for many years, until she was ready. Then, Batman, Gordon, Gotham City, they would all crumble to her.

* Aparajita means unconquerable white demon.

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