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Kait woke the next morning to the sound of boys shouting. She sat up, still shaking the remnants of sleep from her mind, to see Slightly and Nibs fighting in the middle of the room. They were tumbling around the floor at the moment, Nibs managed to roll Slightly onto his back and pinned him to the floor, Kait watched as Nibs lifted a fist high in the air, he was actually going to punch the smaller boy!

"Nibs!" Kait cried in horror, the boys all turned to look at her in surprise. The twins had been hiding under their bed cover and Tootles had managed to get all the way up to Kait's pillow.

"What?" Nibs asked, confused at the interruption.

"Let Slightly up this instant," Kait demanded, the deeply hidden mother in her flaming into action, "What were you fighting about anyway?"

Nibs did as she said and let a very bashful looking Slightly up, "Well, Peter always leaves me in charge, but he didn't today. He left Nibs in charge," he shot the taller boy a vicious stare.

Kait inhaled deeply, like a mother does when her children have disappointed her, "Peter can't always leave you in charge Slightly, you have to let the other boys have a chance too. Okay?" she gave him a forgiving smile.

Slightly returned the smile with a furious nod and plopped down on his bed. Kait looked around, looking at all the dirty faces around her, a thought crossed her mind, "Where's Curly?" she asked, suddenly panicked.

The boys all turned to look at Curly's empty bed, Nibs paled, "I don't know!" he admitted.

"See if he's hiding anywhere in the home, if not, we'll have to arrange a search for him." Kait said decidedly. The small group split off immediately, running around the home under the ground calling Curly's name over and over again. Each time there was no answer from the blonde haired boy… just their own echoes taunting them.

After ten minutes of fruitless searching they regrouped in the centre room, "Where did Peter go, he should be here to help." Kait said as she ran a hand absentmindedly through Tootles unruly hair, the smallest lost boy was currently sat on her lap sobbing into her shoulder. Kait pulled him back so she could see his tear stained face, "We'll find him Tootles, don't worry."

The twins watched Tootles enviously, "Peter went to get breakfast." one of them said.

"He should be back soon." the other added.

And right on cue, Peter flew into the room, his arms full of fruits and cakes… no-one asked where the cakes had come from, it never even crossed their minds. Peter surveyed the faces surrounding him, he had been expecting cries of joy on his return, but his men and Kait looked much too sombre. "What's wrong?" he asked, dumping his bounty on the foot of Kait's bed.

"Curly's gone missing." Kait explained.

Peter frowned, "Have you searched the hideout?"

"Yes." Nibs muttered.

Peter whirled on him, sword pointed accusingly at his chest, "I left you in charge, why did you let him go missing?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. If Slightly hadn't-"

"-If you and Slightly hadn't got caught up in a stupid argument, you mean?" Kait snapped, Nibs flinched from her harsh words.

Peter noticed a strange energy crackle through the air around them. He placed a hand on Kait's arm and the energy seemed to dissipate. "Right then, we need to find Curly, we can argue over the blame later. Twins, you and Tootles look over the right side of the island, Nibs, Slightly, if you two think you can work together, look over the left side of the island. Kait and I will ask around the clans. Someone has to have seen him."

The group scurried to get out of Hangman's tree as quickly as possible, each snatching up their weapons as they went. Kait and Peter flew off into the air as soon as they were clear of the tree, the boys all hurried off into the Neverwood surrounding their hideout, though none called Curly's name out here, for fear of pirates or Indians.

Peter watched Kait out of the corner of his eye as he flew, her face was a mask of calm, but beneath it Peter was sure she was anything but calm. Her outburst earlier towards Nibs had left him unsure of how to talk to her, the energy that he'd felt couldn't have come from anyone else. He was starting to understand what Lorelei had meant about a powerful child now.

Thunder clapped around them, and yet Kait's cool mask never cracked. She never glanced away from her destination, Mermaid Lagoon. Small drops of rain began to assail them as they flew across Neverland, but still Kait said nothing. Peter did however; see the tears forming in her stormy green eyes. He thought about what he'd been hearing in the wind all day, whispers and rumours about a new favourite of Neverland, but she'd promised not to abandon Peter.

"Kait," Peter said, shouting a little above the thunder and the wind, "Kait, he'll be alright."

Kait turned her head slightly to look at Peter, she sighed and the wind calmed a little, "I know, I just didn't want anything like this to happen when I was mother."

Peter laughed, "This is Neverland – you can't stop things like this happening. And to be honest, I wouldn't want to."

Kait smiled a little, "We still need to find him before anything really bad happens." She flew a little faster towards Mermaid Lagoon, steering herself easily through the turbulent skies until she was hovering just above the lagoon. The rain had let up a little as she came to land on the rock, Peter landed beside her and gave a whistle.

Ianthe was the first to surface, "Hello Peter." she said with a sultry smile, totally ignoring Kait.

"Ianthe, have you seen Curly?" Peter asked, foregoing the pleasantries.

Ianthe huffed in disappointment, "No." She flicked her tail in the air, splashing Peter a little before diving down into the water, sulking spectacularly.

Cleodora had been waiting under the waves for Ianthe to leave, "Peter, Kaitlin," she called, catching the pair's attention. They spun around to see her swimming closer.

Peter knelt down at the edge of the rock, "Hello, have you seen Curly?" he asked.

Cleodora nodded gravely, "I saw him," she said tapping her temple, "I could share it with you."

Peter passed her a hand and turned to Kait, "Kait, come here. Take my hand." Kait did as she was told and took Cleodora's offered hand. A forest filled their minds, a flash of blonde was shrouded in an instant by a dark ominous shadow. Peter gasped as he realised where Curly was. "What's he doing by Crocodile Creek?" he said pulling away from the girls.

"He was taken there," Cleodora said, "by pirates."

Peter growled and gripped his sword, "Come on." he said, turning to Kait, "We have pirates to fight." He rose up from the rock and sped off into the air towards Crocodile Creek.

Kait turned to Cleodora, "Thank you Cleodora, I've got to go stop him from killing someone." She stood up but stopped when a hand clamped around her wrist.

"Kaitlin, you must be careful," Cleodora said quietly, "something is changing in Neverland. Something that needs you, and when it comes, you mustn't blame yourself." With these words Cleodora disappeared under the water again, leaving Kait stood alone in the middle of Mermaid Lagoon. She shook away the sudden chill that crept up her spine and kicked away from the ground after Peter.

She caught up with him easily enough, "Peter, slow down a bit!" she called above the increasing storm, he didn't seem to hear, so she called him again, "Peter!"

He turned suddenly, "What?" Kait stopped in surprise, "We need to help Curly, there isn't time to sit here and chat."

Kait sped up to fly parallel to him, "Just don't kill anyone. He'll be fine."

Peter's mouth twitched at the repeated use of his words, he sighed, "I know… I just don't want them to get hurt."

Kait looked at him dumbly, "You sound like an adult sometimes." she muttered to herself. Peter froze in mid-air and turned to stare at her, apparently he had heard her.

"I am not a grown up." he hissed before soaring off towards Crocodile Creek. Kait sighed and headed after him.

It didn't take them long to reach the creek, nor to find Curly. A shock of blonde hair down below let them know where he was. Kait saw him first; "Down there!" she called, pointing towards the bright fleck of light blonde beneath them. Peter dove through the air, spiralling towards the ground, Kait followed, but at less speed. They landed nearby the clearing under the cover of the trees. Between the trunks they could see Curly in a crudely made bamboo cage, surrounded by pirates.

Peter gave a low growl and Kait's hand instantly went to her sword. She edged closer to her ally, "Any plans?" she whispered, a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Not yet, you?" Peter replied.

"Just one." And with that, Kait stepped out into the clearing, unsheathing her sword as she went. "Alright lads," she said, "how's life?"

The pirates surrounding Curly all whirled around to see her, seemingly surprised by the appearance of the girl. She stood with her back to Peter, one hand on her hip and the other leaning on her sword. Her unruly brown hair tumbled down her back and fluttered in the breeze of the darkened woods. "So, who's first?" Kait laughed.

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