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Saint Grand, Luxury Ocean Liner

June 5, 1896

I picked my heavy skirts up and walked out of the dining room. The huge chandeliers and many tables were starting to get to me.

"Of all the places to get stuck on, it had to be a floating deathtrap!" I muttered to myself as I walked to the back of the luxury ship.

"I can assure you ma'am, this ship won't go under without a big cause." I spun around and looked at the man who talked. He was one of the servers, that much was noticeable by this vest and tie, and held a cigarette lightly between two fingers. His silver hair was pulled back into a low horsetail at the base of his scull.

"Excuse me?" I questioned, not catching his comment.

"I said, this ship won't sink unless something big hits it." I walked over and slouched down on the bench. "I'm on break if you want to unload." He took another drag from his cigarette.

"I'm set to be married to a balding old man son who smells like sausage!" I threw my head back and let out an unladylike sigh.

"You sure don't act like other women I've had the pleasure to converse with." He dropped the but and stomped it under foot.

"Well most ladies learn how to be fancy all their lives!" I could feel the small amount of wine I'd had at the table start to kick in, giving me extra confidence. "Tell you what, I'll explan why I'm so classless if you listen." he looked at me for a while.

"Fine, it's not like I have anything else to do."

"I was born in a small village as a illegitimate child of a powerful land baron. When his other daughter refused to marry, he had to turn to the only other child he had." I sat my head in my hands. "I had to learn to be a proper lady." I scoffed at the words. "And, I only had four weeks."

"That must have been rough." He said but his words were layered with sacasm.

"Would you like to hear what is rough? Being thrown into a society that looks at you with disapproving looks and angry scowls!" He leaned back on to the railing and looked down on me.

"Care to explain how this marrige fit into all of your horrid life?" He pulled a flask from his work pocket but refused to open it, instead he fiddled with the lid.

"My greedy father demands I marry to restore his drained treasury." He snorted and took a sip of the liquor before handing it down to me.

I looked at it before taking a sip. The rum was not smooth like wine but spicy and burned going down. I shook my head to help clear the haziness that accumulated around my vision.

"As I mentioned before, the man smells like spoiled breakfast foods and old meat." He made a shooing gesture with his hands and I moved over on the bench to make room for him. He plucked the flask out of my hands and took another drink.

"My name is Kagome." I whispered into his shirt. I hadn't even noticed I'd layed my head down on his shoulder.

"Sesshomaru." I nodded and he sighed before gently laying his arms over the back of the wood bench.

"I should go before your fiancé finds you and gets the wrong impression." He sat up slowly and took off his vest as a make shift pillow for me to lay my head on.

"Kagome!" I sat up with a start and Henry's face floted into view through my pounding headache. "Where have you been? And what is this?" My to-be husband questioned and shook the vest accusingly.

"Some woman from the kitchen gave it to me because the wine was making me dizzy." I was almost shocked at how easlily the lie rolled off my tongue. He calmed down and tossed the clothing into my lap and turned and started walking away.

"Well come on, you have been missing for most of the night!" I slipped into my mask and responded without feeling.

"Of corse, must not keep my father waiting." he lead me to my room and leaned in to kiss me.

"I think you should keep your mouth to yourself." He frowned and kissed my hand instead. He turned and unlocked the door across from ours.

"Good riddance." I muttered and entered the cabin. It was one of the nicest rooms aboard and when all the lights were off I thought I might have gotten lucky and that my father might have gone to bed already. The clock read four in the morning, I had left the party at ten.

"Care to explain we're you have been? What is that?" I wanted to snort at how similar his and Henry's questions were, but did not because I am a lady now. I looked down and relized I still had Sesshomaru's vest locked in my hands.

"I had to leave because the wine was getting to me, and when I started to doze off the nice kitchen worker brought this out for me to lay my head on and must have fallen asleep. I just wanted to write a thank you note and return it to her." Again, I was shocked at my lying ability that was nonexistent before tonight.

"Oh, ok. But next time just come back to the cabin!" I nodded and hung my head in mock shame. I was not sorry for unloading my troubles on a handsome stranger I would most likely never see again.

"If it would be ok, I would like to retire." He opened a mahogany box and lit a cigar. I was reminded of Sesshomaru and his cheap looking cigarette.

"Sure, sure. I think I will turn in too." He continued smoking and I make my way to the door leading to my lavish room. I shut my door and leaned on it till the subtle click of my fathers doors closed which I responded to by sliding down to the floor in a heap of dress and girl.

I peeled my shoes off and plucked at the corset that was restricting my breathing. I tossed the dirty thing over in the corner, I would let the snotty maids clean it up in the morning.

I got up and ran my hands through the slightly warm bath water. It must have been draw not of late otherwise it would have already been cool. I ripped at the back and when I finally got the top of the stringing undone I sighed in anger, why did this thing have so many loops and holes?

"Let me help." Kikyo walked in and deftly unlaced the clothing coffin. When I had first met her I had hated her because if she hadn't denied marriage than I wouldn't be sweating like a pig in a twenty pound dress on a floating deathtrap in the middle of the ocean. After time I warmed up to her and is the only thing keeping me sane in the world of rich men and greedy woman.

"Thank you." I shimmed out of the restricting garment and she tossed it in the pile of other things I never wanted to see again before sinking into the lukewarm water. My half-sister took a seat on a chair.

"So father seemed annoyed tonight and I assumed you had riled him up." She smirked and I blew bubbles up from the water.

"I fell asleep on a bench by the kitchens." Kikyo stiffed a laugh and leaned back in the chair.

"Something tells me you tried lying and then failed."

"No, surprisingly! I can lie now!" I told her, sitting up so fast some water splashed out of the side of the tub causing Kikyo to bring her feet up to her chest to make sure her slippers remained dry.

"Well that is a strange turn of events..." I nodded and sunk back down into the bath. "And this vest?" She fingered it delicately as it lay on the bed where i tossed it and looked at me over her shoulder shyly.

"It was a man I met, he was a waiter but was so charming." I felt myself sigh.

"Now you see why I don't want to marry," We both shuttered. "Henry. I want my love to be free and not decided on who would help my father renew his ability to gamble."

"It's not like that, it was nice to unload my burden off of my shoulders, if not for a few minutes." She sniffed the shirt and nodded, like she thought his smell was acceptable. She was a strange girl, so stoic and icy when it came to anyone but me and when she talked about her mother who had passed away when she was ten. But when it was the two of us, she would pull stunts like this and show her true side.

"Does he smell nice?" I laughed and dryer myself off with a towel that was hanging on a nearby rack.

"Yes, like cooked food." I stifled a laugh and walked over to my wardrobe and unhooked a nightshirt to sleep in. "Will you be meeting him again?"

"No, I don't think so. Maybe only to return his shirt." Kikyo snorted and laid down on the bed next to me.

"Sorry my actions forced you to to marry a prude." We both laughed silently before she went still and sat up.

"What is the matter?" I rubbed my eyes to keep myself awake. Kikyo gabbed my shoulders and started to shake them.

"We could run away! Father has that safe and we know the code and he had jewels and valuables, even some family heirlooms!" I grabbed her shoulders to try and stop her.

"We couldn't... Could we?" I asked her and she smiled.

"We could catch a train home and find your mother and live in the lap of luxury!" We both stiffed laughs and fell back into the bed with our minds full of ideas and plans.

"What are you ladies up to?" Kikyo and I sighed behind our fans, more men replaced the ones we just convinced to leave.

"I'm married and she is with child!" The poor boys looked startled and quickly mumbled excuses before running away so fast their coat tails fluttered.

"Why am I the one who gets stuck with the worst made up rejections?" She snatched a glass of wine off the tray of an unsuspecting waiter. I quickly grabbed it and drained it of its contents.

"Yu cant have liquor, your pregnant." She snorted and grabbed another.

We had found the perfect spot to hide ourself from the men folk, sitting in the chairs next to the doorway leading to the kitchen. It had a wonderful smell and we got to taste the food before anyone else. But this spot also served another purpose.

I plucked at the vest that sat in my lap and waited to see Sesshomaru walk out. He was a server after all, so it made sense that he should be working a huge party like this one.

"Is that him?" She snapped her fan shut and gestured to a man with white hair that had left the doors while we had been talking.

"How many white haired males can be on this ship?" I joked and we both followed the man slowly before tapping him on the shoulder.

"We want one of...those, I think." Kikyo said before he turned around. It wasn't him. My half sister blushed and opened her fan to whisper in my ear.

"Please tell me this is not your lover." I hit her arm and shook my head. "Good because I like him so go wait for your mystery man, and leave this one to me.

"I'm Kikyo." She stuck her hand out and the man blushed slightly and a dusting of pink was on her cheeks too.

I picked my dress up and collapsed into the chair. I swear I had grown muscles I never knew woman even had, and it was a thanks to the weigh of the pesky garments I was forced into.

"Oh it's you." I looked up and let out a sigh of relief.

Sesshomaru was ladened down with three trays so I picked the one that was shaking precariously between his elbows and followed him till he sat them down on the food table.

"What did you need?" He looked up and his face was stoic.

"I need to return you your vest and I also needed a reason not to dance." I answered truthfully before passing over the pice of clothing that had been crumpled a little bit.

"Thank you ma'am." I sighed and he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"I hate names like that, ma'am to miss, I hate them all." I planted my hand on my hips and made a exasperated face. He cracked a smirk and when he turned back to the table I saw my father shuffling over to where I was standing. "Sesshomaru, I suggest that you retreat to the kitchen so my father won't have you decapitated." He looked over his shoulder and quickly bowed before blending flawlessly into the crowd, despite his hight and odd hair color.

"What was that all about, was that man harassing you?" His pudgy belly was quaking and his face was slightly red, like the walk over here had been a marathon.

"Oh no! I was just asking when the cooked lobster would be out." I had to hide my face to cover the blush that showed on my cheeks whenever I lied. I guess I am only a convincing lier when intoxicated.

I shut my door quietly and tiptoed silently Kikyo's room, I was going to convince her to sneak out with me and ask the nice cooks for an early breakfast. I went to knock but when I heard voices I stopped and leaned my ear to the wood but didn't count on the door already being open. I stumbled in and almost fell on my face. Kikyo's head popped back in from the porthole and whoever she was talking to.

"Oh thank god, it's just you Kagome!" She placed her hand to her heart and a voices outside whispered. "It's just my sister!" She called out the window.

"Who are you talking to?" I walked over and stood up on the chair she was standing on. She pulled her head back and allowed me to look out.

"Hiya." The other white haired server looked back and laughed at my shocked expression. I looked past his and saw Sesshomaru holding the man up by his feet. I pulled my head back so fast that I hit it on the porthole and it throbbed.

"That's him!" Kikyo nodded and jumped up and down.

"Their brothers!" I opened my mouth to respond but no words came out, and made me look like a blubbering fool.

"What are you two...doing up...there?" Sesshomaru asked exasperated, most likely because of holding his brother up. I stood back on the chair and looked out of the window.

"Why don't you two come on in? My father never comes in and checks on us and he will assume Kikyo in with me, plus a storm is coming! Walk over a little and climb onto the balcony, it will be easier to communicate from there!" I had to talk a little louder because the winds seemed to sweep my words away.

"Sure thing!" He dropped from Sesshomaru's shoulders and dragged him over to my overhang. I pointed to her door and we both padded lightly over to my room before Kikyo ran to open the door and I threw clothing out of my dresser drawers to find my robe.

"What is that mans name, sister." I whispered to her and she crouched down next to me and giggled.

"InuYasha!" She threw her hands out in a mock swoon before laughing some more and walking out to meet the boys.

As InuYasha was throwing himself over the guardrails the clouds opened up and let loose large wind gusts and sheets of rain.

"Where in heavens name did this weather come from?" Sesshomaru called and Kikyo and I ran out to help the men get up. I waited till all three of them sat safely in my room before pushing the doors shut and locking the bolt.

"Well that was unexpected." The smaller of the two men said before smiling over at Kikyo, who's eyes were drawn to the storm.

"I have a bad feeling about this." The sun could not be seen through the downpour.

I changed into one of the huge dresses i had on demand and gave one to Kikyo too. The boys had started to wring out their clothing into my bathing basin when a loud knock on the door sounded and we all froze before jumping into action. Sesshomaru sat down into the wash tub, InuYasha threw open my wardrobe and made himself at home, and Kikyo hid under the pillows on my bed.

"Ah my dear Kagome, did you sleep well before this pesky storm woke you from your slumber?" I wanted to smack him upside the head but instead just smiled politely, like Kikyo did every time she was in public.

"Oh yes, but sadly it was not not the storm that woke me but your grand entrance Henry." He raised a plucked eyebrow and gestured to my clothing.

"Then why do you seem ready to face the day in an evening dress?" He sat down his tacky flowers on my writing desk and made his way over to me.

"My doors flew open because I forgot to lock them and my nightdress got drenched, and you see I only brought one." A little redness came to my cheeks and he mistook it for attraction.

"You blush like a virgin when I come near you." He said.

'That's because I have to lie and say I like you.' I said mentally before looking off to Sesshomaru's head, which stuck out of the top of the tub.

"Well Henry, I say it's time you left, so I can tie my corset and-"

"Why tie it if I will just undo the strings?" His arm sneaked its way around my waist and he roughly grabbed my face in his huge hands.

"Stop it." I tried pushing away from him but he grabbed my arms and I yelped at the pain in my wrist. "Quit!"

"Soon we will be married and this will be common, if you can't handle this than..." He smirked and I could feel myself wanting to vomit and it only made it worse that Sesshomaru, his brother, and my sister both had to watch me being attacked. His hand clutched at my dress and I let out a distressed scream and pushed at his chest. His lips crushed mine and I gagged as his tongue slopped lazily over my tightly closed mouth. I tried kicking his shin but the dress wouldn't allow it. "Stop fighting, your father is down having coffee so we are all alon-"

"Get off her!" Sesshomaru pulled Henry away from me and I fell into a sobbing angry pile.

Henry stuttered and looked distortedly at the two men and one woman that seemed to sprout from the woodwork. A flash of lightning outside illuminated our faces and made the sharp planes of Sesshomaru's face seem even more defined.

"You little whore! sleeping around with the help, you wretch!" He looked around wildly and spotted the key to my doors lock. He made a grab for it. We all rushed forward to stop him but at that moment hail rained down and the french doors shattered and glass shards scattered around the floor.

In all the confusion, Henry slammed the door shut and the heavy thunk of the bolt sliding into place indicated we had no way out. I ran over and banged my fist on the solid wood.

"You can't do this!" I screamed but my argument was lost in all the chaos.

I threw all my weigh on the door and soon we all we were slamming out bodies against it. It refused to budge.

"Hey guys...I think you should look at this!" We all walked out on the balcony and squinted to see what InuYasha was looking at.

We all froze at the huge wave that was swiftly making its way to the ship. I snapped back into action the fastest, looking for all possible escape route. I was spinning around when the ledge that juted out over the living area caught my eye.

"We could jump..." I was talking to myself more than the others but they all looked at me as if my sanity had been blown away with the wind. "We could span the distance to that overhang and get inside and get to the life boats!" They looked to slab of rock and InuYasha climbed onto the rocking rails and easily jumped.

"Attention, attention, a rouge wave has been sighted, repeat, a rouge wave was sighted. Please make your way to the safety rafts on the right sides of the ship." We all looked horrified at the thing that was going to destroy this ship.

Sesshomaru leaned down and picked up both Kikyo and I around the waist and easily made the jump, just like his brother before him.

"Where you chimpanzees in a past life?" I squealed and refused to look down.

"Not that I can think of." He sat us both down and we all ran to the front door.

We threw all of our weight on it and on our forth ram the wood around the hinges splintered and shattered. I picked up my dress and ran to the lower decks where all of the life boats are. As we threw open the door leading to more stairs, something caught my eye.

"Look, it's a boat!" I threw off the cover and quickly looked over it before turning around and yelling at the others. "Why is it over on the left side of the ship?"

"Most cabins are on the right side so they didn't worry about installing them on the left. This one is fine but I looks like they were trying to replace the vinyl, so that's why it's just sitting over here." InuYasha said and ran his hand over the side. "It looks usable!"

"The boat was hooked up to a rope and pulley system that two people can lower!" Kikyo said. "What, I studded ships before coming out here!" She shouted at our shocked expressions. "Anyway, as I was saying, they must have it ready to lower so if the carpenters wanted to test its ability to float!"

We all waisted no time jumping in the boat and both brothers unhooked the ropes and lowered us down. The wave was coming right at us. I tossed a paddle to Kikyo and was both started rowing like our life depended on it, which they did.

We cleared the edge of the hull when the wave hit.

It was like nothing I have ever experienced before, it was wave, yes, but not of water but power. It was massive and you could feel the huge pull it carried.

Then I started to drowned.

Water started to fill my lungs and as hard as I tried to reach something that could help hold me up above the suffocating ocean, I couldn't find a thing. My vision got blurry and when the cold set in it almost felt relaxing. Besides the dying part.

I was shocked out of my death trance by a hand around around my wrist, it was warm and inviting but I had lost the strength to open my eyes and see who it was. All I could tell was that it was pulling me downwards. Maybe it was a sea creature, a mermaid or a siren. I smiled to myself.

'What a beautiful way to die.'

That was the last thing I thought before Sesshomaru broke the surface with me in tow and I passed out.

The light was blinding and I moved my arm up to block it. Everything ached.

"Well that rules out death, no way could it be this painful." I muttered under my breath and sat up and looked around.

My lungs still burned from all the salt, but what was on my mind fist of all was my surroundings. I peeked out through dry eyes and squinted at the bright light. I itched my head and sand was dislodged and ran thought my fingers. I shakily got to my feet and wanted to scream in happiness. So I did.

"I'm alive!" The island appeared to be nice enough, with a huge beach and dense jungle but for the time being, I wanted to focus on the good things. Like the fact that I was not just another floating corpse whos life was swallowed by the sea.

"I will live. For my mother." I hiked up my skirt and hoped to see another survivor along the beach.

Phew! That was long! This started out as an assignment for my creative writing class but I thought I would write a full story for it instead...