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I chased after the fading figure clad in white and brown.

He would often turn around and stick his fingers in his ears and bug out his eyes in an attempt to annoy me. It worked.

I kicked harder at the ground and dodged the trees that seemed to blur before my eyes. My shoes had molded to the shape of my feet and made running and hiking much more comfortable but even from this distance I could see this bare feet pound at the ground as he taunted me on.

He snickered and made a quick left. I shifted my direction and cleared a log I think he was expecting me to trip over; I looked over at him to see if he saw my jump and tell him off when I realized his real purpose before it was to late.

I ran right into the spiderweb that spanned the range between two trees. I screamed and tripped on some roots before falling into a heap at Sesshomaru's feet.

"Well what do we have here?" I grabbed at his legs but he easily danced out of my grasps.

"You little bastard!" I slammed my hands down into the dirt and tried to push myself up and when I did I swatted at my pants and placed my hands on my hips before staring my captor in the eye.

"Well at lease I'm no adventuress." He said it with a smile and I gasped with outrage before hissing under my breath and leaning in to tell him off.

"I wouldn't dream of ever-"

"Why would I care?" He spun on his heels and started walking away. I deflated and had to stop myself from calling out to him to tell me where he was going. "By the way, that spider on your shoulder is a Crab spider and it's poisonous."

I frowned and looked over onto my arm before squealing and batting the creepy thing off my arm but in the prosses of doing that I had started hopping on one foot and caused me to lose balance and fall, again, on my face.

"Never mind, just a harmless cane spider. Come and catch me princess." He took off again into the jungle and I jumped to my feet and followed him quickly. He made a few turns before stoping all together.

He spun around and salute me before crossing his arms over his chest and blowing me a kiss and falling backwards. I screamed and tried to skid to a stop before falling down whatever he had.

I locked my legs but I couldn't stop quit enough and ended teetering on the edge before falling in. The blue water was only a few feet down but when I hit, it felt like a pound of bricks had been slammed down on my chest.

I broke the surface and grabbed blindly for any ledge and when my hands wrapped around a rock and I pulled myself onto the slope. I sputtered before standing up only to meet the eyes of Sesshomaru.

"Well princess, you look like a drowned cat." He smirked and I puffed up, ready to tell him off for how horrid this day was going, when he leaned down and kissed me-

Then pushed me in.

"Sorry, I have to give myself time to get away, ya know?" He said and for a minute as I sat treading water in the center of the pool, I could very much imagine him as a feared pirates son.

"Thanks for showing me water." I muttered, my voice full of sarcasm and he just smirked again.

"Thanks for the kiss sweetheart."

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