Hunting without Katniss doesn't feel right. Usually we're catching squirrels or showing her how to do a snare. But now it's just me. Just me catching squirrels. Just me doing a snare. Just me alone. She will win. I know she will. Now, I do her a favor and feed her family.

I check my snares. An opposum. Out of ten snares I get one opposum. This day just keeps getting better and better. There's a rustle behind me. I turn quietly. A buck. I focus my bow and arrow. I'm not as good as Katniss, but... I got the buck right in the head.

The kill makes me wish Katniss was here. But she will be here at some point. I clean up the buck, so that it can be eaten. I split both of the carcasses in half. It will keep the Everdeens fed for a long time if they don't eat it all. My family will be fine. Now, I just need to get home in time to see the Games.

At Gale's house...

Wow. Is she on fire? How is that possible? Is she alright? Peeta's on fire, too. They're holding hands... I'm sure that's just something to show the Capital. Everyone else is acting like the Games have already started. President Snow's stupid speech. Yay, we don't care about why we deserve this! Finally, he shut up! President Snow is stupid and a coward. There's rumors that he poisons his enemies. There's even a rumor that he's poisoned himself just so no one would suspect him. He keeps those white roses around him to mask the smell of blood.

The interviews. One of my favorites. Katniss you are hilarious! I eat lamb stew by the bucket full? Oh, Peeta. This is my chance to know you better.

'Well, lots of people like her. (Peeta)

I'll tell you what; win the Games, you'll be rich, she'll have to like you! (Ceasar)

Winning won't help in my case. (Peeta)

Why ever not? (Ceasar)

Because-because she came here with me!'

"WHAT?" I'm really angry, now. "DIE, PEETA!" I yell. My siblings are staring. I walk out for fresh air. What will my Catnip do now?