Hi! This is my first submission to this website, so don't be too harsh on me. I wrote this for an english assignment where we needed to write some from of a monologue for either Claudio or Hero after the failed wedding.

I recieved a GCSE grade A for this, the highest in my class.

Of all the people in Italy, such a disaster would only happen to me. This shame, which has destroyed my life, will never leave my heart or mind. The things he said, the false accusations he made, are a creation of which will never break away from me.

I never deserved those words. I was pure; I am pure. Whatever led him, the one who promised himself to me, to defame me in such a way is surely an unhallowed source. I know nothing but the truth, and the truth is this: I do not know the heat of a luxurious bed. Never have I slept with any but myself.

But even those who love me believe these indictments true.

Despite everything I still have emotions I shouldn't have. He hurt me, almost killed me, and yet I still get this feeling, deep inside my chest, whenever I think of him. I can't have these emotions, but I still do.

I wish he would see the truth. Whoever he saw that night, it wasn't me. I wish he would understand how wrong he is and how much he has rotted my heart. His blows have infected my body and soul with sorrow.

I feel so frightened. Beatrice has tried to help me, to talk to me, but she doesn't understand. She can't understand. She's never been in this position. I'm scared I'll lose my wits, start hallucinating and stop remembering the joys of life.

It was the friar's idea to send me away. Everyone who attended the wedding now thinks I am dead, and now I will make passage to a nunnery so as to avoid shame here in Messina. It will be so hard for me to leave behind everyone I love. I'll miss Beatrice and my father, my uncle, Margaret and Ursula… and Claudio. I'll miss him the most. He may have defamed and abused me, but I will remember him for the good things. I'll never forget the wonderful, yet ludicrously short time I spend with him.

I know now that I've taken my life for granted. I'll never have my cousin's love again. I'll never have all those lazy afternoons, out in the fields with food and wine; never having to worry. I wish I could have those things again. My life would have been wonderful. My life should have been wonderful. Had he not said those words, done those things, I would be so happy now. My life would be complete.

But it will always be his fault that I must leave the life I love. Loved. I'll never forget that he ruined me. But I can also never forget, will never forget, the joy he brought to me. Although most importantly, I will never forget how he broke me and I will be punished for that. They say life is not fair, but that's not quite right. Leaving your life because your lover has wronged is not fair. I know what is true and right; this will never be either of those. No matter how had I try, that will not leave me, and I can never forgive him for doing that me.