The Mishaps of Akatsuki 2nd Generation

"Auntie Deidara? Can you tell me where Akira is?" Deidara grumpily glared at the boy. It was Tobi's kid, Shinju. "First, stop calling me Auntie, yeah." Deidara said peevishly. "Sorry," Shinju was about thirteen, and almost EXACTLY like his father, yes, that hyperactive moron. "Dad said to call you auntie." Shinju was wearing a cat mask, and NEVER took it off. "Akira's busy, yeah. Go away, runt, yeah." Deidara mumbled as he molded some clay. Akira ran by. "Dad! Hide me! Shinju's trying to kiss me!" Said the orange-haired girl. "Have Rei hide you, yeah. She's the stealthy one around here, yeah." "But Daaaa~d! I can never find her!" "So, you're telling me you can't find your own sister, yeah?" Rei and Akira are Deidara's twin daughters. "Last time I saw her, she was hanging out with Yuki!" "And when was that?" Akira rolled her eyes. "Here's a gift, dad. Give it to Shinju if he passes by." She handed Deidara a little clay sculpture. She then ran off when she saw Shinju coming. Yuko walked up next to Shinju. Yuko was Zetsu's multiple-personality-disorder (Self-claimed) Kid. Yuko looked just like Zetsu, only without the Venus fly trap. "When are you gonna tell Akira that you like her?" Yuko asked. "When she stops running away from me." Shinju sighed. "Last time, she blew me up." Yuko nodded. "She seems only interested in that player, Kouki. He's not all that great. Besides, He rejected both Noriko and Ayono, not to mention Hachiro. Who knew he was gay!" Yuko started laughing. "Oh my god…the look on Kouki's face when Hachiro asked him out was PRICELESS!" Shinju started laughing, too. "Yeah, that was funny!" Yuki walked up, crazy silver hair and all-looked just like Hidan, only with pink eyes, which he got made fun of for. "What's so funny that I don't know about?" He asked. "It's a straight person thing." Yuko laughed. Yuki walked away. Yes, he's openly gay. Hidan's kinda mad at him for that.

Kenshin is Kisame's son. He has blue skin, gills, and grey eyes. The only other Akatsuki that accepted him was Hachiro, Itachi's son. Hachiro had neck-length black hair and red eyes. Yuki often showed interest in him after he asked Kouki out. Kenshin was hanging his head in sadness; he hasn't talked to anyone all day, not even Hachiro, who was burning random shit with Rei. "I know that's all Chiro-chan is doing with Rei-san. He isn't interested in her!" Kenshin said, talking to himself. Yuki walked by Kenshin and said "hi." This was unusual, and Kenshin said "hi" back then stared in shyness, because of his social-rejectiness. (Yes, rejectiness. I invent words) Suddenly, Yuki went flying backwards and Rei and Hachiro came charging in. "DAAAAD! WE CAUGHT THE HOUSE ON FIRE!" Hachiro yelled. Kenshin sweatdropped.