Deidara Iwa seemed to be the only person to use 'Katsu' sign, until one day, Itachi and Kisame came home with a dirty-blonde haired girl under their arms. They were breathing hard and looked beat up. "She could see through my sharingan!" Itachi said. "She deflected my samehada!" Kisame whined. "We eventually knocked her out, but somehow, we couldn't kill her!" "I told you not to kill her." Pein said. "I wanted you to bring her here so we could recruit her, fools!" "There's one strange thing about her, though!" Kisame panicked. "She can use Katsu!" Pein stared at Itachi "WHAT?" "And it's even more powerful the Deidara's!" Pein shook his head. "Impossible! That's just impossible! How the hell can she be stronger then Deidara?" "It is possible!" The girl suddenly opened her eyes. "AAAAAH! SHE'S AWAKE!" Kisame screamed. She wriggled out of Itachi's arm…forcefully and flipped her short hair out of her pale-gray eyes. She grinned. "Hello, there…Leader." Pein smirked. "Just as I thought, you know who I am. Tell me your name." "Kanon." She said. "Kanon Saki of the village hidden in the clouds." Pein smiled. "Show me your art." He said confidently.

"So, you are aware I'm an artist." She said, slitting her finger and taking out her paintbrush. She dipped the brush in her blood and drew some symbols on the floor. She then did a one-handed symbol that looked very close to Katsu and yelled "HAI!" Suddenly, the blood was in burning thick flames. "I can control all elements, with just blood and a paintbrush." She said calmly and she spread more blood on the floor. "HAI!" She yelled and water suddenly appeared, putting out the flames. "Only I can put out this fire." She explained. "I can also use manipulation and clay bombs, just in case my 'paint' doesn't work." Itachi and Kisame looked at her in shock. They had never seen anything like this before. She grinned. "Where do I sign up?" She asked. Pein flicked a ring at her. "Overcoats are in the back." He said. Suddenly, she took out a kunai and slashed the headband that was wrapped around her wrist. "Smart." Itachi commented. "She knew what to do…" Deidara walked in right as Kanon walked into the back room. "I heard yelling, un. What the hell was it, un?" Itachi pointed to the back room of Pein's office. The girl walked out, her black overcoat unzipped, showing her net shirt overlapped by a dark-blue low cut v-neck and black short-shorts. "Perfect that you came in here." Pein said. "This is your new partner, Kanon Saki." Deidara looked at her.

"You look like a perfectionist, un." Deidara mumbled. "Well, you look like a girl." Kanon mumbled back. "Well, I'm not, un!" Deidara said. "Same with me. I don't care for perfection." "AND WHAT KIND OF PERSON GETS STUCK WITH THE NAME 'KANON', un?" "I DO, 'DIE'!" "DON'T MAKE FUN OF THE WAY MY NAME SOUNDS, un! It's DEI, AS IN DEIDARA!" Itachi facepalmed. "Oh, Leader-sama, what have you done?" "Take it outside, you guys." Pein said. "YES, LEADER-SAMA!" They yelled at the some time and ran out of the room. "I know very well what I'm doing." He said. "They have very high potential. We will use those two to destroy the Jinjurrinki." There was suddenly a series of huge explosions outside the window. "My eardrum just popped…" Kisame mumbled, holding his ear.