Aquarius – Chapter 1

"I wanna take you to dinner," he pronounced in a pleased, but calm and level tone while smiling broadly across their conjoined desks. They'd only just begun to acknowledge their attraction and Dani remained shy about work place talk of it. He hadn't said it loud enough for anyone but her to hear, but he anticipated her reaction and decided to have some fun with it.

"Not here," she hissed in reply.

"No, of course, not here," he played dumb, "some place nice, with good food."

"I mean - not now, Crews," she growled.

"No, of course, not now," he continued to tease her mercilessly. "It's not even 10AM."

"Crews," she warned glowering fiercely.

He leaned across the desk, lowered his voice and told her suggestively, "Now see that would be far more effective if I wasn't imagining you in a little black dress and low light," he brazenly posited.

She stood, stared and stormed out.

He chuckled. She'd eat dinner with him – she'd want to, but this was new for her and it scared her – just a little.

He found her in the break room stirring more sugar into her coffee than usual. She was distracted and he was the source. Ensuring they were alone he stepped close in behind her and leaned close rumbling in her ear in a gravelly tone, "you okay?"

She didn't start and he realized a moment too late she'd seen him approach in the glass of the window in front of her. A smile played across her features and he sighed in defeat. "There's no surprising you is there?"

She shook her head in response and grinned.

"I still wanna take you to dinner," he growled into her ear. His hands rested lightly on her narrow waist. He desperately wanted to kiss her and she knew it.

"You better get your hands off me," she warned, "before I hurt you Detective."

He smiled and stepped back keeping his hands to himself. "Have it your way," he conceded – "for now."

Tidwell leaned in and yelped, "Crews – Reese,", "211 in progress – Bank of Los Angeles," he was gone again.

They looked at each other in shock.

"Are you okay to go there?" she inquired.

"Yeah," he replied, "yep, uh yeah, sure," he continued stammering like an idiot. Then he realized it and shut up.

"Charlie?" she asked diving into personal territory in concern.

"Yeah, I'm good," his masked slipped into place. Gone was the playful potential lover and in his place stood a steely-eyed killer. "Let's go," he was all business now. Like the flip of a switch he'd changed. As they walked to their lockers to grab their vests, they exchanged a look and she knew he was still in there – her Charlie, but he was hiding deep in a foxhole like a soldier on the frontline.

"It'll be okay," she said softly.

"Yeah?" he looked down at her, "right... I mean - what could go wrong?"