Things would never be the same... The last time I was home, it was as if we were all a different group of people. Before I went away, we were like a puzzle, fitting perfectly together, but now we're more of a broken mirror with little pieces missing.

I'd been away for four years, only being home for several days every other holiday. And the day I left little room for a happy reunion. I suspect only my parents and brother will be meeting me when I arrive at the airport in the cold, cloudy town of Boston.

At the age of 14, I had left for a prestigious performing art academy over in California, where I had specialized in singing. But due to recent events, I had stopped singing, but much more, I had stopped talking all together. There was an incident, which landed me in the hospital, and my best friend in worse condition than me.

My parents wanted me home, they were worried about my "mental state", saying that me staying at school wasn't a good idea. So now I was on a plane back to the small town of Ipswich.

I knew that after what I had just gone through my life would never be the same. I would never have another night of restful sleep. I would never have an normal relationship again. I would never be myself again.

I looked at myself in the little mirror in the even smaller bathroom on the airplane. I had a little bit of time before my flight landed, and I need to try to conceal the dark circles under my sleepless eyes. I knew it was pointless in trying to sleep for the last 45 minutes of the flight, knowing it would just result in more pain the my sleepless body already held.

When I finally settled on my appearance, recovering it to an almost normal unified shade of paleness. I tucked my dark blond waves back behind my ear before tying it back into a loose ponytail at the nape of my neck, leaving a few stray hairs to frame my face. I applied some light eye makeup before leaving the bathroom and returning to my seat. One of the nice things about taking an early morning flight was that everyone was to tired to function. I moved about the sleepy cabin, back up to first class, compliments of my parents. Just as I took my seat, the captain announced our descent into the Boston area.

Upon our plunge back down to earth I thought about how my last interactions with my brother and his friends went, but was interrupted mid-thought by the stewardess asking for any garbage I had, I shook my head to indicate I had none, and she continued on her way.

I knew once I landed, I had another 45 minutes of uncomfortable silence because of the drive from Boston to Ipswich. As the plane pulled into the gate, I felt my heart's pace quicken. I tried to calm myself over the thoughts of us all being different now, but that only brought back my nightmares, making me relive them again.

It was true I was a different person, but seeing someone killed in front of you will do that to you.

Pogue's POV

It had been four year since Karleigh had been home other than a few holidays. When she last left, two christmases ago, there was a bit of a blow up the attention me and the boys get from our parents. While she had working so hard while she was away at school, our parents only focused on me and the boys, due to our powers. It was hard to smooth over the topic, considering she doesn't know about any of us having these powers.

I stand there with Caleb since neither of my parents could be there to pick her up with me. I had filled him on the situation, what happened to her and her roommate, during the drive to the airport, as I reminded him that she would be in a very fragile state.

Caleb and I were talking about the up coming swim meet, when the plane pulled in. She was one of the first few people off the plane, she didn't look the same as she did two years ago. She had obviously grown up quite a bit since I last saw her. But it was more than her just growing up that changed her appearance, it was kinda like how Caleb looked after the incident with Chase.

I knew beneath all that though, she was still my little sister, and she was in pain.

Karleigh's POV

I nervously looked around, when my eyes met up with my brother's. Pogue's eyes seemed to be looking deep into my being as if he was trying to figure me out, before asking. He'd always done this ever since we were kids, but this time, he wouldn't be able to fix things for me, he wasn't going to be able to make things better.

As I head over to him, I notice Caleb standing right there with him, and my parents no where in sight, figures. Even when I'm down at my lowest, my parents weren't even there for me.

"Karleigh," my brother breathed my name as he hugged me. For the first time in a while I felt a little safe, but I didn't loose my composure.

I hugged him back and then motioned for us to leave. We quickly picked up my luggage and loaded it into Caleb's car, since Pogue traded his car in for his Ducati. They were taking me back to Ipswich to get away from my painful experience, when really where I was had nothing to do with anything, because nothing could take away this pain.

Well there it is, my first chapter to the first story I've written in about four years. I know I didn't reveal very much about what happened to Karleigh, but it'll all be explained next chapter. So stay tuned! Also, I don't own anything other than Karleigh's character. Please leave reviews in that lovely little box below.