Reid's POV

I had been swimming for over two hours, drowning out the outside world. I went to flip at the wall to add on another 500 yards to my workout when I felt myself come to a screeching halt, and not on my own accord. I jerk my head from the water, my eyes darting around to see who used on me. My eyes fall on Tyler, who's eyes quickly change back to his normal brown color.

Feeling myself fill with anger, my powers course through me as I begin to lift him off the pool deck.

"You have ten seconds to tell me what the hell you're doing using on me Tyler," I seethed. "I would expect this shit from Caleb, but not you my friend... Now speak up!"

"Dude calm down, I come offer good... no good is not nearly a strong enough word for the type of news I'm bringing you," Tyler smirks. "Besides you're one to talk, put me down or I won't give you what's in my pocket."

I let my eyes drain of the darkness and power, dropping Tyler from five feet and letting him fall on his ass. I laugh as he lets out a short string of swears.


"Alright just tell me what you have for me," I say as I climb out of the pool and reaching for my towel.

"Well, not that I really want to be involved or get between you and Pogue," the more Tyler talked the sooner I put two and two together.

"Does this have to do with Karleigh?" My eyes lit up. My heart pounded in my chest as I waited for his response.

"Yes, but she told me I couldn't say much. All I can say is we talked, or rather I talked she wrote, and she wanted me to give this to you."

Tyler removed a purple envelope out of his coat and held it out to me. I grab it quickly, almost ripping the envelope in half. I freeze, looking at it for several minutes. What if she doesn't want to talk, or that she doesn't even what to see me ever again. I'm shaken from my thoughts when Tyler speaks up.

"Just open it! Jeez, if I don't get back to the house soon, Pogue and Caleb are gonna suspect something. They think I'm in Karleigh's room." I stare at him briefly after his last statement, but I push the thought from my mind.

My fingers tore the top of envelope, only to find a single white card, with a few words written on it, in Karleigh's elegant script.


Please meet me outside the Parry estate gate at midnight tonight.


PS. tell no one, not even Tyler.

I look from the note to Tyler, back to the note.

"Is this real?" I say it more to myself than to Tyler.

"Its real, what did it say. What are you two gonna do?" Tyler pried, this reassured the validity of the note, know Tyler didn't know what it said.

"I can't say." I dipped the note in the water, and the ink began to smudge beyond legibility.

"Come on, Reid, we tell each other everything. Tell me!"

"I can't Tyler! But as soon as I can you'll be the first to know," I smile to myself. "No you need to leave, make sure Pogue and Caleb don't figure out where you've been."

Like that, Tyler was gone. I let out a shout of joy and fell back into the pool.

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