"Tighter." She commanded her ladies-in waiting who were tightening her corset. Mother will surely be pleased. She is always complaining of how I don't lace my corsets tight enough but today is a special day after all.

There was a knock on the door and she saw, through the mirror, Sasuke enter the room. Her ladies gasped in surprise and shock.

"My lord, you shouldn't be here, it's not-" One of her ladies tried to say but Sasuke simply smirked and put one finger in his mouth. As arrogant as always

"Shh." He said, walking towards her and all her ladies got out of his way.

Sakura hadn't moved from the position she was in when her ladies were tightening her corset, she was watching him and their eyes locked through the mirror in front of her.

"Leave us." Sakura commanded her ladies.

They tried to protest, saying it was not proper. "Leave us, I said." Her tone left no room for questioning her order. They would not dare to disobey me.

When they were alone Sasuke placed himself behind her and started playing with her hair. "You look beautiful, as always." He said. Trying to charm me are you?

Sakura laughed. "I'm not even dressed."

Sasuke took a strand of her hair and rolled it in his finger. "You always look beautiful, even more when you're not dressed."

She analyzed him through the mirror. "You look quite dashing yourself." She complemented him. It was his turn to laugh.

"I always look beautiful, too." He said, grabbing the laces of her corset to tighten it.

As she watched him one thought came through her head. "I don't understand the person who invented corsets, they are such a pain." She complained.

"Well, they are quite beautiful too." He said, laughing and she rolled her eyes.

"Then you try wearing them and see how you like it."

Sasuke stopped tightening her corset and soon was doing the opposite, unlacing it.

"Don't wear it, then." He whispered in her ear.

"Mother would be furious." Sakura told him. Me showing up without a corset, mother would throw a fit.

Sakura thought he was just joking when he started unlacing her corset but he was reaching the end and he showed no signs of stopping.

What is he planning?

Soon the corset was completely unlaced and Sasuke let it fall to the floor, exposing her upper body. Their eyes met through the mirror and Sasuke placed his hand in her hair, moving it to the left side and exposing her neck. He then placed his index finger on her neck and traced an invisible line from there to the bottom of her breast where he stopped. Her breath hitched and she felt herself become aroused. Oh God, that feels good.

Sasuke started fondling her breast, tracing, with that same finger, the bottom of her breast and, as soon as he started, he stopped.

"Look what you did." She said, as if nothing had happened. "You are going to have to help me redress, now."

Sakura bent down to grab the corset and gave it to him. She was still aroused and his hands on her weren't helping at all.

She brought her tights together but that only made it worse, she had to grit her teeth to keep from moaning. It felt nice, very nice but it was frustrating since she couldn't act on her desires.

"There" He said, patting her corset. "All done."

"Call in my ladies, please." Sakura asked him.

Sasuke moved to the door and called her ladies who were waiting just outside the door. They got in but Sasuke didn't.

"I'll see you at the feast, love." He said, waving his hand in goodbye.

"I'll see you." She responded and didn't miss the looks some of her ladies gave him when he was leaving.

Written for sasusaku month, July 31st, Prompt: Festive