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It took a minute before Elyse and Steven were able to move after Alex rushed outside to go to the hospital. Neither of them knew what to do or how to help Alex. This was going to be something difficult for him to handle.

"Steven, he's panicking! What are we going to do?" Elyse finally asked. Steven shook his head.

"I don't know Elyse; we have to do something before he rushes into the hospital in his state of mind and disturbs everybody in there." Steven replied. They walked into the kitchen where Mallory and Jennifer were sitting at the table.

"What's going on in there mom?" Jennifer asked.

"Yeah, I heard Alex screaming." Mallory chimed in. Steven sat at the kitchen table and Elyse stood behind him with her hands on his shoulders.

"Girls, Ellen won't be coming to see Alex." Elyse stated and took a breath. "She had an accident coming from the airport. She has been in a coma since Friday evening. Her parents didn't call us because they didn't want to worry us before they knew for sure that that's what the problem is." Jennifer looked between Elyse and Mallory.

"Oh no. Is she going to be alright?" Jennifer asked and Elyse nodded.

"We think so Jen." Steven replied. Mallory crossed her arms.

"So that's why Alex was so upset. I thought some of his stock has lost some of its value or something." Mallory stated biting her lip.

"Girls, we have to go find Alex. He's shaken up and heading for the hospital. Can you take care of Andy while we go get Alex?" Elyse questioned.

"Of course we can watch him." Jennifer responded.

"Thank you so much. He's upstairs asleep. I don't know how long we will be gone." Elyse stated. Mallory nodded.

"Don't worry about that. Jennifer and Andy are in good hands." Mallory replied and pushed her parents towards the living room slowly.

"I'm scared Steven." Elyse stated.

"So am I." Steven replied. They walked towards the door and grabbed their coats and walked out the front door.


The hospital wasn't a very long walk for Alex and so it wasn't difficult for him to get there in a reasonable amount of time. He walked into the hospital and over to the counter.

"Can I help you?" The receptionist asked him. At first Alex didn't respond. He couldn't even look her straight in the eye. "Excuse me? Sir?" Finally, Alex spoke up. He ran his hands through his hair.

"Yes, oh yes. Could you tell me which room Ellen Reed is in?" Alex whispered to her.

"Ellen Reed?" She typed Ellen's name into the computer. Then she looked at Alex. "Can I ask you how you know Ms. Reed?" Alex leaned on the counter.

"I'm her boyfriend." Alex said quietly. The woman nodded.

"She's in room 358." She replied and Alex nodded. He mundanely walked through the hospital, up the elevator and walked towards Ellen's door. When he walked inside it was dark. Ellen's mother was sitting there next to her daughter holding her hand and crying. Alex turned on the light.

"Hey, hey! Mrs. Reed! What's up?" Alex asked. She looked up at him.

"Alex? What are you doing here?" She questioned through the tears.

"I came to see Ellen." Alex smiled. "She couldn't come see me so I came to see her." Her mother took a deep breath before replying to Alex. She could tell something wasn't right.

"Alex? You know that Ellen is in a coma right? I talked to your parents." She stated. Alex nodded.

"Yeah, my parents told me. They never wanted me and Ellen to be together. So I decided I would come see her." Alex sat down like nothing was wrong. In reality, Ellen was sitting there with an IV and tubes coming out of her nose and she was hooked up to more than one machine; but Alex didn't see any of that.


Steven and Elyse ran in the front doors of the hospital. Elyse slid right into the counter.

"Hello." She said practically out of breath.

"Have you seen a young man come in here?" Steven asked.

"I have seen a lot of people today sir." The receptionist replied.

"He's a young boy; he's got short dark hair." Steven stated.

"Oh, I had a dazed young man come in and ask about Ellen Reed." She responded. Elyse and Steven nodded.

"That's Alex." Elyse exasperated.

"Why are you looking for him?" She asked looking them square in the eye. "Is he some kind of psycho?" Steven shook his head.

"No, of course not; he's just upset because Ellen is in a coma and she was coming to see him." Elyse explained. "What room is Ellen in?"

"She's in room 358." The receptionist replied. Elyse and Steven walked away from the counter and walked towards the elevator.

"Well, looks like he's not doing any better." Elyse said looking up at Steven.

"I would guess not Elyse." Steven replied. When they got up to the hospital room, they saw Ellen's mom and dad sitting outside of the room. They walked over to them.

"Hello?" Steven asked. They looked up at them. Ellen's father stood up.

"Steven and Elyse Keaton; it's nice to see you." He shook their hands.

"Where's Alex?" Elyse asked quietly. They all four looked into the room where Alex sat holding Ellen's hand.

"Do you remember the last time we were together before you left for Paris? You told me that this wasn't permanent and that you would be back?" Alex paused and laid his head on her arm. "I have tried to make you keep that promise. After all these months you finally came home and then this happened." He leaned up and took her hand in both of his. "Come on Ellen. Wake up." Alex started crying. "Look at me Ellen! Don't die, you can't die!" At this time Elyse, Steven and both of Ellen's parents rushed into the room.

"Come on son." Steven walked over to Alex and helped him out of the chair. Alex wouldn't let go to Ellen's hand.

"Alex, we need to be going." Elyse stated getting him up. It wasn't easy, but he finally stood.

"Why wasn't it me? Why did it have to be Ellen?" Alex asked crying with tears in his eyes.

"Alex." Ellen's mother said quietly. Her eyes were watering.

"Come on Alex. We have interfered in these nice people's lives long enough. Ellen hasn't woken up in three days." Steven replied. The room became so quiet that you could hear a pen drop.