Forced Sky Chapter One: Falling Tsuna

Forced to be the next sky acrobaleno, he goes to the past because of Verde's new invention called Bazooka ver P. He lands 400 years in the past, but he's in his 5 year old body, he's 18 not 5! Giotto can't believe that this 5 year old just came from no where!

In the First part They are specking Japanese, then in the past Italian.

Edit: 11/13/12 (Bah…. I made this go so fast… damn it… well that's why I'm editing it! XD…. D: Sigh… I was going to update… but I wanted the speed of the story to slow down and also I changed the rating to M because of a small lemon tht my friend asked. But I will always warn you when a lemon happens)

A gun shot could be heard miles away. Tsuna slammed the door open seeing Uni on her side with a bullet hole on her chest.

"Decimo.. No.. Tsuna ... Gomen... You have to be the next sky for them too.…" said Yuni. "H-here…" She handed Tsuna her pacifier that was glowing. "Gomen… I hope to see you a-gain.." Her eyes slowly closed.

"No! YUNI! PLEASE!" Tsuna yelled until Uni took her last breath. "Why…. Did you have to die…. This wasn't suppose to happen…" A orange pacifier was dropped in his hands, and became the new Sky acrobaleno. ".. I'll do my best Uni, for you. My best friend…"

Verde walked in holding in his tears. Withen those couple of years, Uni helped Verde with many things. "S-she died… didn't she…"

Tsuna could only nod. When he tried to stand up he just fell again but at that time Lambo ran in the room with Verde's new invention called Bazooka ver P. "LAMBO!"

Sadly Lambo fell and the bazooka landed on him. "Tsuna-nii!" Lambo yelled. "I'm an idiot! Of all the times I tripped!" Lambo cried out. "And Uni-"

"TSUNAYOSHI!" Verde yelled. But he was gone. "At least I know it works… now how will I tell Reborn and the rest? Ugh… Lambo… get… over… here…"

"GUYAPA!" Lambo yelled. "I don't wanna die!"

~400 Years in the past~

"Ha…" Said a blonde. "G…. I have finished my paperwork~!" Giotto cried in happiness. He swore he finished the paper 1 hour ago. He only went to the kitchen for a snack and coffee when another large stack was given to him by G.

"I'm going to take a LONG walk." As he was walking in the garden his Hyper intuition was nagging at him.

"GIOTTO!" Yelled G. "We are coming with you! Last time you went walking to this shitty place at the most shittiest time!"

"Ha… fine…." replied a annoyed Giotto.

"Maa Maa!" Asari laughed. "At least we found him!"

"YEAH!" G growled. "In a pile of JUNK."

"I remember that.." Lampo yawned. "Didn't he go to like a…. what you call it.. Oh! The new sweets store called 'Chocolate Illusion' with Daemon and Elena."

Giotto laughed softly. "Well it was good…"

G smirked. "It was funny seeing the Pineapple getting hit by his own girlfriend when he was hitting on another girl."


"Where am… I?" He looked up and saw it was midday. But something was annoying him. He felt like something was loose on him. Then he noticed his clothing didn't fit on him. He shrunk into a 5 year old. "Oh please.. No…"

He looked in his little orange bag (only sky flames can open it) that Yuni gave him. It fit him like a messenger bag. 'Good.. The pacifier is still there…' He put in his ring, contacts, headphones, and mittens in. He only wore his large button up shirt. Thankfully his wallet was packed with money from this time because of Reborn and his bossiness. He also tied his underwear with a piece of cloth on his hip.

He trip over many things, making him look even more dirtier then he was.

He walked to the nearest town which was about 0.2 miles away from where he was and asked a lady. "Do you know where I am?"

"Your in the Town called Rome where Vongola Primo protects everyone!" Said the young woman.

"Thank you." Tsuna walked back out of the town. "I'm in the past… It's been over 20 minutes, and I'm a kid… Great just great. Thank god I wasn't younger when this happened." He noticed some people walking and talking so he hid behind a tree.

"Giotto! Come on! Really?" Said a pin-.. I mean red head man.

"Herbivores…" Alaude growled.

"G… Come on! That Oro Famiglia can be helpful! They can find lots of-" replied the Blonde.

"Yeah, right…" G cut of Giotto when he noticed a brown puff of hair behind a tree. "WHO'S THERE!" he yelled.

"Ah!" squeaked Tsuna. He attempted to run away but G with longer legs caught him

"Who are you, and why are you spying on us?" growled the pinkie.

"… M-my name is Sawada Tsunayoshi… I was here before you came…" he replied quietly while trying to hid his face with the orange bag.

"Hn… Tell us the truth." said Alaude.

"I'm telling the truth!" Tsuna replied, he was holding on his bag tighter. They noticed (Finally) that the kid wasn't lying and was only wearing a shirt, and oddly no pants.

"Hello Tsuna.. Where are you from?" asked Knuckle. "You might get an infection with no pants with those cuts!"

"I-I'm from Japan…" Tsuna whispered. "Can you please let go? I want to leave…"

"No…" G stared at Tsuna and saw his face. He looked to Giotto, then closely back to Tsuna. "GIOTTO YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU HAD A KID!"

"what… wait WHAT?" yelled Giotto. "I'm ONLY 22!" Then everyone started to look at Tsuna's blushing face. "… It's true… You look like me…"

"Please stop…. My papa and mama are both dead… so Mr…"


"Giotto can't be my dad…" Tsuna was trying to get G's grip on his shirt loosen. "Please let go.." Tsuna was starting to cry. "Wahhh!" His small hands was wiping the tears that rolled on his pale white face. In seconds he fainted in Giotto's arm.


Next Chapter:

"…I can't open this bag…"

"Me too…."

"Really? Let me try."

Oh noes….