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~Chapter Seven: In Love~

About 2 weeks past and Tsuna was near his original height, just 4 more inches. One week ago he finally told Primo and his guardians about him but not everything.

~1 week ago~

"Gio-nii…" Tsuna whispered.

"Yes Tsuna?" Giotto replied.

"Can I talk to you and all of your guardians?" Tsuna begged.

"O-okay? Why?" Giotto asked.

"Because…" Tsuna sniffed. "I can't?"

"Primo!" G yelled. "What do you want?"

"I needed or Tsuna needed to talk to us all." Giotto smiled as all of his guardians willingly and not willingly sat down.

"Hai.." Tsuna took a huge breath. "I know everyone was wondering why me and my friends were growing really fast."

"Duh that wa-" Lambo face was slapped by G.

"And?" G glared.

"…Well somehow… Me and my friends were…" Tsuna paused and started playing with his small fingers. "no… well…"

"Nufufufu." Daemon laughed.

"Some how we became kids… It happen a bit after I became the sky arcobaleno." Tsuna looked down. "One by one we fell in the Vongola mansion. I don't know who did it… But I was scared you wouldn't believe me about this…"

"…." Giotto looked at the sad Tsuna. "It's okay.."

"Bu-but." Tsuna sniffed. "I didn't tell you guys!"

"Well It's okay!" Asari grinned. "You told us now! And I understand! Everyone does."

"Nufufufu. You aren't our enemy." Daemon replied. "And.." He went closer to Tsuna. "You're cute."

"Hiie!" Tsuna squeaked.

"Get away from the Herbivore." Alaude growled.

"Oya Oya.."

Well you know what would happen with them and Tsuna in the Middle. While they were fighting Giotto grabbed Tsuna out of the room and they started walking to the bedroom.

"T-thank you." Tsuna whispered.

"No Prob Tsuna." Giotto smiled.

"It's so hot…" Tsuna said softly as he put the cup of 'tea' given by Daemon down.

"Gio-nii?" a blushing Tsuna knocked on Giotto's bedroom door.

"Come in."

"Are you busy?" Tsuna asked. He started blushing even more when he saw Giotto naked only with a towel around his waist. "G-gio-N-nii…"

"Tsuna?" Giotto asked.

"I'm fine…" Tsuna walked in while closing the door. As he walked in he tripped on the carpet and landed on Giotto. "Mmp!"

START OF THE LEMON SKIP THIS PART Of THE CHAPTER IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT This is a short lemon (seeing that I have no time)

Lip locked, Tsuna eyes widened. Giotto without even knowing started kissing Tsuna. "mmmn.." Tsuna blushed as a tongue started entering in his mouth asking for a dance. "Gio-nA~!"

Giotto started kissing him more. "Tsuna…" He noticed the dazed state. "Sh*t…. I shouldn't ha-v-" Tsuna hugged Giotto begging for more.

"Giotto…" Tsuna looked up looking lustful. "More…"

"Bb-ut…" Giotto looked down at Tsuna who was twitching. "Then take off all your clothing."

Tsuna slowly nodded. He felt so hot, he needed something but what? His body begged more kisses. He slowly took off his shirt, then his pants, and lastly his blue boxers with a small tuna fish sewed on the side.

Giotto held Tsuna, bridal style to the bed. He laid Tsuna down, making his back to the bed, and legs slightly spread. First thing first, he kept kissing Tsuna, and started playing with the pink nipples. "Ahh~!" Tsuna moaned.

He pinched and rubbed the hardening nubs. "Giotto!" Tsuna moaned his name.

"Wait a bit more Tsuna. "Giotto replied. He grabbed Tsuna's leaking member.

"GiAHH!" Tsuna yelled while Giotto started stroking his small comparing to Giotto's member. Soon making him cum all over his stomach.

"We aren't done.." Giotto whispered in Tsuna's ears.

He put 4 fingers in front of the lusting Tsuna. He started licking the long fingers like a child licking a lollipop. Until Giotto deemed it covered enough Tsuna kept sucking.

He took out his fingers from Tsuna's mouth and put one finger in Tsuna's tight hole. "Hur..t..AH!"

He brushed against Tsuna's prostate. One by one he added 3 fingers in the stretched hole. But he soon took them out making Tsuna whimper feeling very empty. "Giotto… more…"

He found lube and popped it open spreading it all over his member. "More is coming." He positioned his member at Tsuna's hole.

"AHHHH!" Tsuna yelled. He was holding Giotto like he was his lifeline. Red nail marks decorated his back. "M-more… I n-need more… ahh~!"

He started to trust into Tsuna's prostate. "F-faster! H-harder! Naahhh~!"

Giotto could feel Tsuna getting tighter. "Ng… Tsuna… so tight."

"I'm G-going to -c-cum!" Tsuna moaned out.

White ribbon flew in the air covering Giotto and Tsuna, and then white sticky cream filled Tsuna up.

"Ti Amo… Tsuna…" Giotto whispered.

"Ti Amo…" Tsuna smiled. "Giotto…"

The two new couple fell asleep.

!LeMoN eNdEd! YoU NoW CaN sToP aNd StARt Too ReAD!~

"Giotto!" G slammed the door open. He saw two people one with blond hair and another the smaller person with brown hair.

"What G." Giotto growled. "You-"

G ran away. "Giotto?" Tsuna yawned.

"Good morning Tsuna." Giotto smiled to the blushing Tsuna.

Tsuna looked at the bed. "G-good Morning Giotto."

"Here." Giotto handed Tsuna some clothing.

"Thank you.." Tsuna started to put on the orange shirt, black pants, and yellow hat. "Giotto…"

Giotto quickly kissed Tsuna. "Nope that was all real. Ti amo."

"Hiee!" Tsuna blushed even more. "Really?"

"Yes I do." Giotto smiled some more. "Lets go and get some breakfast.

Giotto helped Tsuna get up. "Itee…." Tsuna softly said. He tried to walk but wobbled. So Giotto Picked Tsuna up, bridal style and walked to the dining room, shocking the whole population in the room.

"J-juudaime?" Hayato stuttered because G told him something odd.

"A… Hayato.." Tsuna smiled. "I hurt myself so Giotto helped me, but then I fell asleep in his room."

"OH!" Hayato beamed. "Okay!"

Giotto put Tsuna down on his chair near his own, and sat down. The table was filled with food, to soups, to bread, and coffee to milk.

~Lazy ending~