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Jade's eyes opened swiftly. She'd heard something. Something other than the song Alice in Chains that was playing softly from her stereo. Something other than the slow, steady heartbeats of the teenage boy and girl that were sleeping soundly next to her in bed.

Sunlight had yet to enter Jade's room and the Goth looked above the sleeping at the digital clock on her nightstand. It was 6:30 the time that she usually woke up for school. She'd guess she should thank the person downstairs before she killed them. If they hadn't woken her up she would have slept in and been late.

The deadbolt to Jade's house was being unlocked. She stood in a blur barely jostling the bed and the sleeping forms on it. A light groan sounded from the male to which the female snuggled closer into his unconscious body. Jade peered down at the pair still listening intently to the noise of the door opening.

It was a human. A fellow vampire wouldn't be that noisy when breaking into a house.

The pair of stray humans were very beautiful creatures. Their bodies were fit and healthy, not overly muscular, not drowning in ridiculous amounts of fat either. As she observed their expansive skin, Jade's dangerous mouth twisted in unhappiness.

She'd been lazy and careless last night.

Bite marks were riddled all over the pair's skin. She'd forgotten to heal them after she'd gotten what she had wanted. It wasn't just two little perfect puncture wounds at their jugulars it was numerous full thirty-two teeth tears in the flesh of the teenagers.

Jade sighed, but then ran her tongue across her temporarily blood stained teeth. At least she had not killed them. This time anyway.

The human was walking up the hallway now, directly towards Jade's room. Jade wasn't concerned anymore, she knew who it was just by listening to their heart beat. Strong, slow, and steady.

The knob to Jade's door turned and she decided to grab her robe of off the floor. The Japanese silk danced across her skin sending her enhanced sense of touch into overdrive. She knotted the strap loosely around her body as the human entered the unkempt room.

Jade felt a smile coming to her lips when she heard an exhausted sigh, "Jade…" Beck's voice was edged with a small amount of disappointment.

"I made a bit of a mess, didn't I?"

Jade looked around the room. A bit was just a slight understatement.

Blood trailed from the door to the bed and was splattered onto the black walls and the merlot furniture. Cushions from the couch that was about twelve feet in front of the bed were strewn all about the room. Empty bottles of liquor and alcohol set on Jade's furniture and broken glass crunched under Beck's feet as he advanced towards Jade.

He stood slightly behind her and off to her right side staring down at the two unconscious bodies on the bed. Smalls splashes streaked across their skin and onto the dark sheets that dressed the vampire's bed. Worry grew in a dark pit in his stomach until he saw the woman sigh and roll away from the man who in turn groped at the air where the woman had previously been.

"At least they're alive. Alice in Chains, huh?" Beck gestured to the expensive stereo.

Jade shrugged, "I've been in a dark, grungy mood recently. Will you help me clean this up?"

Beck sighed and nodded, "I'll start with the broken glass. You start with the lumps over there on the bed. Two people last night? Are you really that hungry?"

He went to the closet grabbing a broom and a dustpan and returning to the most recent havoc Jade had created.

Jade shrugged and began jostling the two people awake, "I couldn't decide if I wanted meat or if I wanted to be a VAGetarian for the night. So, why not both and be an omnivore?"

Beck sighed, shaking his head as he dumped the glass into the small bin in the southeast corner of the large high-tech room.

"The life of a vampire must be so difficult." He ran a hand through his black locks and began picking up the empty bottles routinely.

Jade scoffed, rolling her eyes. She turned her attention to the now fully awake blood bags on her bed and made sure their attention was focused only on her. They stared at her with blank expressions and Jade licked her lips closing her eyes before reopening them to reveal her icy blue eyes.

The pair breathed in sharply at her eyes and their expressions and reactions sort of reminded Jade of what a fly must feel like when it's caught in a spider's web. It pleasured her to know that she was most definitely the spider.

"Look at me. I want you to do exactly as I say wait until I say the word 'Leave' before you act. I want you to get dressed and leave this place. After you leave and return to your homes I want you to forget everything that happened last night. Forget you ever saw me. If anyone questions you about the marks on your arms or neck tell them a pit-bull attacked you. Do you understand? Nod, if you do." Jade's eyes refracted the light back into the eyes of her meal and they began to nod slowly.

"Alright. Do what I said, or I'll find you." A malicious smile graced Jade's lips and she ran her tongue across the back of her teeth, "Leave."

The man and woman got up mechanically and began dressing slowly before leaving, just as they were asked.

Beck shook his head, "You're too good at that. Now, go get ready. Don't want to be late for school. I'm driving."

Jade smiled at Beck and moved to kiss his cheek, but he turned away from her and put a hand lightly on her chest to stop her.

Jade cocked her head to the side, slightly confused by his rejection. Beck usually loved kissing her.

"I would, but I'd rather not kiss you while you taste like people." He made a circle with his finger pointing towards his mouth and Jade looked in the mirror.

Her hair was a complete rat's nest on top on her head. Her eyes were the haunting color of icy blue that they changed into when she induced her suggestions into peoples' brains. Her cheeks were flushed pink as her incredibly slow cardiovascular system was still struggling to distribute all of blood she'd taken into her system to the rest of her body leaving the extra to rest in her cheeks.

Her mouth…oh… so that's what Beck had been talking about.

She had been a messy eater last night. She observed her mouth and noticed that she even had a few splatters of blood on her nose. She dried blood smeared around her lips and dry trail ran down her chin and it was so shockingly red against the pale column of her throat it made her look like the evil monster that she was.

She licked her stained lips in the mirror and noticed that her teeth were still sharp little daggers in her mouth. No, she didn't have little piranha teeth. When she would feed, her seemingly human teeth would sharpen just slightly and her mouth would be come as dangerous as a lion's.

She closed her eyes taking a slow, deep breath and reopened them to reveal her not as intimidating blue-green ones. She smiled and was pleased when her teeth had returned to their boring, blunt human counterparts.

Beck smiled at her, "Much better. I'm still not kissing you with that blood all over your mouth."

Jade shook her head laughing and entered the bathroom and began showering. She scrubbed viciously at her skin watching the blood strip itself from her body and swirl in the water before lazily making its way down the drain. She washed her face and looked up into the steady stream of water, she tasted the watered down on her lips.

She opened her mouth and caught some of the water in her mouth swishing the water around in her mouth before spitting out the water that was now tinted slightly pink.

Once she was finished cleaning herself she stepped out of the large shower and looked at herself in the mirror making sure she got every last drop off of her pale skin.

She brushed her teeth with remarkable speed and did it again. She rinsed with mouth wash twice as well and flossed. This wasn't her first rodeo. She knew how to get rid of the smell.

She towel dried her black locks and left the bathroom. Beck was nowhere to be seen, but Jade wasn't worried. He was probably in his car waiting on Jade and listening to music.

She smiled to herself and shook her head at how sweet the boy was. He'd finished cleaning up her room; he even changed her sheets.

Them Bones by Alice in Chains played quietly in the background as Jade donned a Vampires Everywhere! t-shirt and a pair of her form fitting black skinny jeans. She loved being funny like that. She pulled on her blood red Vans checked her appearance in the mirror. She nodded her head in satisfaction and grabbed Pear Phone out of the charger, turning of the stereo and exiting the room.

As she walked with deliberate slowness to Beck's car, she thought about her life. She loved it obviously. She loved the danger and adventure. It definitely fit her personality.

She was content with it, but she frowned. She was content. That was not the same as happy. Jade wanted desperately to be happy. Something was missing.

She didn't know what it was. She had Beck.

Beck made her laugh and smile, sure, but was it truly happiness? Jade wasn't sure. She'd figure it out.

She had all of eternity, after all.

She closed the door to the house, not bothering to lock it. She doubted that anyone would fuck with her stuff anyway.

She entered Beck's car and plugged her Pear Phone into the USB port Alice in Chains immediately blaring through the subwoofers.

The vampire smiled when she saw a cup of coffee in the cup holder and picked it up taking a slow sip, savoring it. Beck really was a great guy.

Beck raised his eyebrows, "That's a great way to not be a stereotype. Listen to brooding music of the grunge era and wear a Vampires Everywhere! t-shirt."

"I happen to love Alice in Chains I saw them live three times in the nineties. And the Vampires Everywhere! shirt is supposed to be funny. It's ironic."

Beck rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

They rode to school in silence. It was comfortable. Well, for Beck it was. Jade couldn't help, but think about her long future. She wanted to turn someone. Have someone be there to enjoy everything immortality had to offer.

Was she sure she wanted it to be Beck though?

Sure, he was attractive. He was fun. He was different. He didn't make Jade feel passionate love. He made her feel the same type of love she felt when she'd gotten that puppy a while back. That couldn't be a good thing.

He did put up with her bull-shit though. That was good. He'd walked in on her this morning seeing her standing over two naked people. A man and a woman. He didn't even get mad. He was like a rock in the ocean. Taking every wave the sea had to offer.

He didn't engage in her bull-shit with her. Wasn't that what a good couple was supposed to do? Create havoc by each other's side?

Was Beck just going stand by the sidelines for all eternity? Wait until Jade was done fucking shit up alone so he could clean up the mess?

That didn't sound very fun for either of them.

Jade knew what she should do, "Beck."

He risked a glance away from the road, "Yeah?"

Jade turned down the volume on the radio as Layne Stanley was singing about 'denying your maker' or something. She focused her total attention to him.

"Do you even want to be with me? For all eternity?"

Beck was quiet for a moment, "I really… I really don't Jade. I just want to be a normal guy. I want to be successful in acting. I want to have children." Jade looked down in her lap at that.

"You deserve all of that, so for you, we're done. You don't have to waste the short amount of time you have on this Earth on me."

Beck drove them safely to their destination of Hollywood Arts and they parked close to the school's main entrance sitting quietly for a moment. Jade sat too still for a normal person and she looked at Beck.

"Still friends, right? You won't tell anyone about my secret." It wasn't a question. It was a demand with a small amount of threat edging its way into her voice as she spoke.

"Never." He raised his hands in surrender.

"Good. Now let's go." Jade collected her phone and her coffee exiting the car like a movie star at a premier.

Jade moved like she was on the hunt. And she was, Beck supposed, on the hunt for someone to spend her adventure filled eternity with. He knew he wasn't the one. He liked stability too much.

Beck and Jade entered the building together and Jade turned to Beck about to make some sort of innuendo about her vampireness when she smelled a certain spice.

It was blood, obviously, a rare type. O negative actually. It was different though. It had a sweetness to it, but it had a slight burn as an end note to the smell. It kind of reminded Jade of mango with cayenne pepper flakes sprinkled on it, a common treat in Latin countries.

She licked her teeth, trying to sooth the pleasure-pain that had been creeping into her gums. She wasn't sure who it was.

All she knew was that it smelled good.

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