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Let's Kill Tonight

Jade was going to hurt Tori Vega if she didn't nip this in the bud right now.

The ache in her teeth had yet to numb as Jade stood as far away as possible from Tori in their little circle of friends. Jade was practicing a self-control she didn't realize she had. She dug her nails into her palms as Tori's heartbeat thudded against her eardrum and her scent flooded into Jade's nose.

This was going to kill her. She needed to have a snack before she lost it.

Mangoes and Cayenne Pepper was becoming the most appetizing thing she could ever think to eat.

Jade shook her head slightly and she scolded herself. No, if you drink from Mango girl you won't be able to stop. And you know it. Control yourself Jade.

Maybe if she went to Sikowitz's class early she could have some the old geezer for a snack. She'd been drinking from him since she came to this school. He was a little crazed which gave his sweet coconut blood a slight bitter taste.

However, his mental health was one of them main reasons she drank from the teacher. If she ever took too much and caused him to snap, people already thought he was a lunatic so it wouldn't surprise anyone if he started raving about vampires.

It worked out perfectly. She got something to tie her over everyday so she didn't go on a massacre and the man wouldn't out her. It was a win win situation.

"What do you think Jade?" Andre's voice pierced through her skull and Jade was brought away from her thoughts.

Jade licked her gums and shrugged, "I don't know. I have to go to Sikowitz's class for a minute, I'll be back."

Cat skipped to her side and smiled, "I have to talk to Sikowitz, too. We should go together-"

Jade turned on Cat her eyes flashing brightly, "No!"

Cat jumped back, frightened by Jade's reaction and Jade took in her expression and she sighed, "Sorry… I just, I need to talk to Sikowitz alone Cat. You can talk to him after class, ok?"

Cat frowned slightly, her brow furrowing, "Alright…"

Jade began to walk away and she heard her voice, "Who's Sikowitz?"

Jade's ears prickled as Beck answered, "He's our acting teacher. You meet him later today. He's cool. A little strange, but cool."

Jade turned the corner and she listened to Tori's response, "Oh… Does Jade hate me?"

Her black boots stopped just outside Sikowitz's door and she waited for the response, "Jade's… different," That was Andre.

Cat replied next, "She just needs some time to warm up to you."

Jade could hear Robbie's feet shuffling, "Yeah, it took her almost a year to tolerate me."

Tori's heart thudded thickly; Jade could tell she was disappointed, "Oh… Ok."

Beck patted Tori's shoulder warmly, "Don't worry about it. You'll get used to her."

Jade shook her head and stopped listening. She loved being different, but she hated not being normal. If that made any sense.

She opened the door to see her strange teach sitting cross-legged on top of his desk. He sipped from a coconut and her stared down at a sheet of paper, probably a role list. Jade closed the door quietly behind her and grabbed the key from the nail beside the door. With fluid hands, she locked it quietly.

Turning around she saw Sikowitz smiling at her with the straw from the coconut between his lips, "Jade West! To what do I owe this pleasure? How are you?"

Jade's eyes became a pale blue as she advanced toward the oddly dressed acting teacher, "Shut up. I'm hungry."

Sikowitz's mouth snapped shut tightly and he automatically tilted his head to the side. Jade's stalked over to him and pulled his woolen scarf away from his neck. She was so glad the man was a hippy, all he ate was organic, top quality food products and it made his blood to die for.

Jade stared down at the hypnotized and she couldn't help but think about the thin, tan Latina. Her mouth became flooded with saliva as she could practically taste the mangoes on her tongue.

Sikowitz sat perfectly still as Jade's hand gripped his bony shoulder. Sikowitz was going to be especially loopy today after Jade was done with him. He would be getting more visits from her in the morning if Vega was going to plan on staying around her.

Jade pulled her black locks away from her face and into a loose ponytail behind her back. She couldn't afford to make a mess.

She grabbed the tuff of hair on the right side of the teacher's head and yanked her head further to the side as she drew her lips back from her lethal teeth.

Jade's daggers sank into his withered neck with terrifying ease. His blood flooded her mouth and she groaned as soon as the thick liquid splashed onto her tongue. She felt Sikowitz relax into her grip and carefully measured the amount of blood she took from him.

Although, the taste of coconut was yummy Jade was craving a different tropical delicacy and she didn't know how she was going to handle being around Tori. Jade lapped at the blood and she sighed as her icy body began to warm. She was halfway finished.

Jade closed her eyes and the image of the Latina was burned into the back of her eyelids. If she wasn't careful, Jade would hurt her and she did not want that to happen.

She would have to distance herself from Tori. For the girl's own good. She really didn't want to. What she really wanted to do was listen to her heartbeat.

However, right now another heartbeat flooded her senses. She had almost gone past her teachers limit and with incredible difficult she managed to stop drinking and bite her tongue, allowing her precious blood to heal the gash she'd created in Sikowitz's neck.

Hopefully, this would tie her down for the rest of the day until she could go out tonight. She huffed, wiping carefully at Sikowitz's neck.

She licked her lips carefully and she began walking out of the classroom, "Drink your damn coconut and forget what happened to you."

Jade smiled, she didn't even have to look him in the eyes he was so weak.

Jade couldn't fathom how she had gone throughout the day with out pouncing on Vega. She'd impressed herself with her self-control.

Her lips twisted unhappily, unfortunately, she had to push the beautiful girl away in order to keep her safe. It actually kind of pissed Jade off. She liked the girl, more than she liked most people when she first met someone.

Maybe it was just Vega's blood.

Either way, Jade couldn't allow herself to get close to Tori. Despite how much she wanted to. Being near Tori made it difficult for Jade to even breathe, not that she had to.

As soon as the dismissal bell rang, Jade was the first one out of the school. She couldn't take being in the school much longer. She needed something to eat, before she lost her mind.

At this moment, around 11:18 p.m. Jade was perched on top of The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. She sat close legged, looking down onto the busy street beneath her for her prey. It would be the second time she indulged herself today. That wasn't a good sign.

She spotted the perfect candidate. He was a Goth boy dressed in red and black and Jade saw that he wore a True Blood shirt. She smiled; she would probably make his wish come true tonight.

She jumped down from the building into an alley way and blurred around to the front of the theatre where she had seen the lanky boy. He was leaning against a street light, his head craned over his phone. He didn't know it, but the action displayed the thin veins in his throat and it made Jade's stomach rumble slightly.

Jade found herself staring at him for a moment. Like a lion staring at a gazelle.

The boy must've felt Jade's powerful gaze burn into his back because he turned slowly and looked directly at her. His pulse picked up slightly when he caught her pale blue gaze.

The funny thing was Jade couldn't tell if his heart began beating faster because of fear or lust.

Probably both.

With that knowledge, a cocky smirk found its way to her mouth and she strutted over to the Goth whose phone was held loosely in his hand that was now by his side. His boring brown eyes that were lined with thick black make up never left her as Jade wandered up to him.

Jade came up to him and touched his arm lightly; it was scalding compared to her cool touch, "Hey."

He opened and closed him frantically, clearing his throat before trying to give a sexy smile. He failed miserably and settled for a bored look, "Hey."

Jade nearly rolled her eyes; she was a master of the bored look. Jade didn't need to be a vampire to tell that this boy was interested in her, either.

"Sup…" Oh, so he was trying to act uninterested.

"Nothing. Just looking for a meal," She bit back a laugh and she raised her pierced eyebrow waiting for his probably ignorant response.

"That's cool."

Jade was done playing with her food, "I'm a vampire and I want you to come with me."

The boy gave her a look and Jade's finger tips on his arm turn from a soft touch to a strong unbreakable grip. His brown eyes widen and he slowly begins to smile, "Oh my God! You're really a fucking vam-" Jade's empty hand slammed over his mouth, his snakebites felt odd against her flesh.

She stared into his eyes, "Shut up." The boy's mouth immediately closes and he stands rigid.

"I'm having you for dinner tonight."

The boy nodded and Jade leads him a few blocks away into a deserted alley. She positioned the Goth against the building, hiding the pair of them behind the large smelly dumpster.

Jade wasted no time biting harshly onto the boy's neck. He tasted alright. Like plan Lay's potato chips.

She sucked viciously and she found herself thinking about Tori and her damn Mangoes.

How badly she wanted a little taste of her blood. Just a drop. Jade found herself slurping harder on the boy beneath her. He sagged listlessly against the wall as Jade took her second pint.

She should stop before she did something she'd regret.

She wouldn't stop, though, because all that she could think about was Tori's scent swimming around in her head. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly and her teeth began to gnash onto the random victim.

Her fingers pulled angrily at his hair angling his head for better access to the piping that carried his essence. Fourth pint now. This wasn't good. She felt her frustration build up in her chest and her body reacted.

She forced the boy back against the wall drank the rest of him. Sickening sucking and slurping sounds filled the air for thirty more seconds. The crimson spilled down Jade's chin and she pulled her Raven head back suddenly. She stared down at him with indifferent eyes.

He was dead.


Jade wiped her mouth and chin on the boys shirt and looked at herself in the reflection of her Pear Phone. Once she was sure she'd cleaned everything off of her she tossed his body into the dumpster with ease.

She left the scene and ran to her deserted house.

She was a little slower than usual, the blood sloshed around in her stomach slowing her.

She'd heard you weren't supposed to eat heavily before running. Oh, well.

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