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Chapter 24


"Aro, you don't seem happy to see me. I expected a better welcome than that. You have a lovely home."

"Carlisle, I won't say this again. Get that girl out of here." Aro screamed.

"Aro we really have no place to go and if you don't want Stephan and Vladimir to come knocking on your door, you are going to need us on your side." Carlisle pointed out.

"Carlisle I have been alive for over a thousand years. At this point I could care less if the entire vampire world comes to Daytona Beach and sparkles in front of the human race. I just want to live. And that girl is death."

"Amazing." I heard Marcus murmur.

"What is that Marcus? Can you mine and Isabella's bond?" Edward asked happily.

"Yes, I see your bond to her. It is amazingly strong. But she has no bond to you. None at all. I have never seen anything like it."

"What are you talking about? It has to be there."

"Her bond line goes off into the distance. It is stronger than your bond to her. Hers is reaching out and bringing her mate here. She must leave. At once."

These Volturi are smarter than I have been giving them credit for.

"Aro, you are being incredibly rude. You have met Paul. You remember him right? Don't you think Marcus should have the same opportunity?"

"Carlisle, I am warning you. Get her out of here or my guard is coming to burn you all."

"Not going to happen Aro. If you want more of your guard lost bring them on. But I think you have figured out that the the Wolves are coming here. DO you want to face them alone or would you rather have us on your side?"

"Damn you Carlisle. We will give you shelter. But once the wolves are done, I never want to see you again. Ever."

"I think that can be arranged Aro. All my family wants to do is live in peace."

I had to snort at that.

"Something you would like to say Love?"

"Yes, darling Eddie. For a peace loving family of pacifist you all have been quite violent lately. Gathering armies, picking fights with other vampires, kidnapping innocent humans. The list goes on."

"Perhaps we can settle in. Why don't you have one of your guard show us to our rooms Aro?"

"I suppose. Eric!"

"Yes Master?"

"Show the Cullens to rooms. They will be staying a while. I suppose we will have to get human food for Bella as well."

"Uhm Aro?"

"Yes Bella?"

"If you have a pen and paper I can write out a list. I will also need a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hair brush and some pajamas. I normally sleep naked but I don't really trust Eddie here not to get handsy. The grocery list won't be long. I don't plan to be here that long."

"And where do you think you are going Bella?"

How dense can you be?

"My Paul will be collecting me shortly dear sir. And when he does and you are all burning piles of ash, I plan to fuck him like a mad woman in every room in the castle. Do you happen to have a suit of armor around?" I said in my best British accent. I can't really do Italian. I come off sounding like a hooker from the Sopranos.

"Uhh, no Bella I don't believe we do." Aro stuttered.

"That's really too bad. Eric can you be a dear and pick up a suit of armor and a corset and long skirt for me? It's kind of essential to my role play fantasy I have in my head. And Eric dear, Paul is going to need an extra large cod piece, if you catch my meaning."

"Edward can you please gag the bitch?"

Oh hell no.

"Rose you don't ever get to call anybody a bitch. Ever. Not happening. Emmett I see you are back under her thumb where you belong. Does it feel nice to be home again?"

Emmett and Rose glared at me. No sense of humor those two. Aro looked more scared by the minute.

"Demetri, check the walls and place the guards in defensive positions. Expect the Wolves to arrive at any minute. I don't know when they will be here but I don't want to take any chances. Carlisle, get her out of my sight."

I felt Edward's hand around my waist. "This way Bella. We need to get to our room and you need to lie down and rest."

"Our room?"

"Of course darling. I have some theories about how to break the bond you have with the dog. It is time to put them into practice."

Okay that sounded scary. I looked at Rose and noticed she was looking away. All the Cullens were.

"And what would these theories consist of Eddie?"

"You will find out shortly."

That did not sound good. I looked over at Amber. She looked worried as well. She looked at me and saw uncertainty in her eyes for the first time ever.

"Edward, I agree I need to sleep."

"Excellent love. It's time you realized I know what is best for you while you are in this state."

"What state would that be Edward?"

"You have obviously been having these delusions because you weren't with your true mate love."

I didn't argue with him. Now was not the time and he had obviously gone way past the point of reason. Eric showed us to a large room with one bed. The room was beautiful. I would definitely be fucking Paul in this room.

I laid down and felt Edward lie down next to me. I felt his cold arm go around my waist. Time to appeal to his Victorian sense of honor.

"Edward I don't believe this is appropriate."

"What is that dear?"

"I'm a married woman Edward."

"You will be a widow soon enough darling."

"If you kill Paul, I die."

"Ahh but I have some theories about this. Marcus confirmed my theory. I believe my bond to you is so great that I can pull you back from Paul. Once he is dead and you survive your bond would be broke and we can turn you."

"Edward I don't want to be a vampire."

"Bella dear how can I put this in a way you will understand? I don't give a fuck what you want anymore. You have been chasing what you want for the past year and a half. You have let vile men touch your body. Strangers see you nude. You have defiled yourself with a dog. You have marked your beautiful skin with brands and tattoos. And you gave birth to another man's child. What you want has not been good for you. It has led you from the path you were meant to be. The lady you were meant to be. I will have you. I am not here to convince you Bella. I am convinced enough for the both of us."

Shit he has completely gone off his rocker. This is so not good. I had thought I could reason with him long enough for Paul to get here.

"Edward please take your hand off of me. No matter what you think I am married and you touching me in a familiar way is not appropriate."

"You would prefer I dress you in a G string and place dollar bills at your feet?"

"Fuck you Edward."

Owww. His hand hit my cheek and my face hit the mattress. I could taste blood in my mouth.

"That was a tap Bella. I don't want to hurt you love but you will respect me. The time for this streak of independence is over."

"Edward, you just made the biggest mistake of your undead life." I spit blood at him. He flinched, but slowly wiped it off his face and licked it off his fingers.

"I have been mentally preparing myself for that little trick Bella. It won't work. I won't kill you. Unless I absolutely have to. But trust me if it comes to that I will follow soon after."

"Are you trying to tell me I won't even be rid of you in death?"

"That's exactly what I am telling you love. Now clean yourself up. I have a bag ready for you. There is a lovely nightgown in the bag. Take a bath and dress in it. Tonight I am going to give you something you wanted when we first met. I am going to make love to you. Whether or not you have to be tied up is up to you."

He was gone before I could say anything. I looked at Amber. She was pissed. Good so was I.

"What do you think Amber? How the fuck are we going to get out of this one?"

"Baby the time for us to be apart is over."

"What do you mean?"

"Jake told us once we would have to accept both sides of us. To be one to be as strong as possible. It is time we accepted each other fully. We have to be one. We will need the strength for what is to come."

"I know. I accept you Amber. I will no longer be the weak doormat I have been in the past. I will not let others make decisions for me and I will not rely on others to give me self worth."

"I accept you Bella. I do not have to be a bitch all the time. I can be strong and still love. I can be stronger through love. I can rely on others for help. It doesn't make me weak. And I will open my heart to others."

"Thank you, Amber."

"Thank you, Bella. We are one. Always remember that."

And she was gone. I felt better. I didn't miss her. I felt her. I felt myself. We had come close in the past year to becoming the same person. It was finally done. Neither of us needed the other anymore. The wolf and the woman had become one.

I laid down and dreamed about Paul. My dream took on a strange feel. I saw a mist and out of the mist walked Old Quil.

"What are you doing here, Old Quil?"

"I had to check on my favorite pale faced spirit warrior."

"You're not dead are you?"

"Not yet. I'm just taking a nap. Thought I would check into the spirit world and here you are. You look different. You have finally accepted your wolf, hmmm?"

"Yes I have."

"Good, now you are complete."

"Yeah I am also majorly fucked. Literally fucked when Cullen gets back."

"Child no one can touch you who you do not want to. Have you not figured this out?"

"I know that no one can touch my mind. My body is another story."

"There is no difference. You can protect those you love as well as yourself."


"You will know when the time comes. And the time is coming quickly."

"Great. I thought you couldn't tell the future?"

"Ehhh, I have my moments."

"How is Emmy doing?"

"I just came back from Sue's. She spit up on me. It was gross."

"Welcome to my world old man."

He laughed. "I miss you Bella. Come see me when you get back. We can commune with the spirits together. Just don't let our husband find out. And come up with a better excuse than you found it on the ground."

"Will do Old Quil. Thanks for the visit."

"Now wake up child. Your husband is almost there to collect you."

I awoke feeling more at peace than I should considering the circumstances. I knew that had not been a dream. Old Quil was a weird guy. He is gonna have to teach me how to do that.

The door opened and in walked Edward. Oh Jesus Christ he was wearing a bathrobe Hugh Hefner would wear.

"Hello love."

"Hello Eddie."

"I see you haven't dressed as I instructed you too. Have you decided whether you are going to be a good girl or will I have to tie you up to keep you from hurting yourself?"

"I think you have bigger problems to worry about than whether you are into bondage or not Eddie."

"And what would that be dear?"

I felt the explosion before I heard it. It almost knocked Edward off his feet.

"How about, my husband is here and he is not very fucking happy with you at the moment?"

Paul POV

I watched Peter light the fuse to the dynamite by the castle door. That was a fuck load of dynamite. He said he made his own. For a dead guy he isn't half bad. The blast rattled my teeth. As soon as the smoke cleared we charged. All of us, leech and wolf. I could feel Bella in there. The urge to claim my mate was so strong I could barely stand it. But I had leeches to kill first. And I was starting with Edward Fucking Cullen.

Peter and Jasper led the charge surprisingly. We followed them into a corridor that went underground. Peter went for my old friend Aro. Jasper went for some blonde headed vamp. About 6 more vamps came down from the tower. Sam and the guys, and Leah of course engaged. The blonde and Alice Cullen joined in as well. I stopped in the middle and saw them. Carlisle and Esme and Rosalie and Emmett. Esme went to attack Sam when Charlotte jumped her. They fought and Carlisle went to help Esme. I attacked Carlisle. I got my teeth around his back and pulled him off. He turned and swung at me, nearly hitting me. The blonde bitch was heading my way screaming Carlisle's name. I was about to turn when I caught Alice Cullen attacking her from the side. I faced Carlisle. He had a look of panic on his face. His eyes kept darting back to Esme and Charlotte. Yeah I know what it feels like when one's mate is in trouble. I jumped him while he was glancing at her. I got my teeth around an arm and pulled. Emmett jumped on me but then he was gone. I saw Jasper pulling him off. Jasper was trying to talk to him. He didn't want to kill him. I knew we couldn't trust these assholes! But then Peter came from behind and tore Emmett's head off. Rosalie screamed when Emmett's head was torn off. This gave Alive an opening. Alice jumped her and wrapped her legs around her waist. You would have thought they were making out when Alice leaned her head into Rosalie's neck. Until Rosalie's head came off.

Carlisle dove at me and tried to hit me with his one good arm. He missed and I grabbed a leg as he shot by, ripping it from his body. Charlotte had Esme with a knee in her back and her arms pulled back. She pulled and Esme was armless. Carlisle shouted sitting up off the ground and Sam came by and took his head off. I looked up to see Aro in pieces. Marcus sat in his chair seemingly amused by this. Vampire body parts were everywhere.

"Jasper can you take care of Marcus?" I heard Peter ask him.

"Of course. He wants to die. I will make it quick."

"Paul where is she?"

"Two hundred yards down that corridor. Cullen is with her I'm sure."

"You get your girl and I will get Cullen. I hate that bastard."

"Bullshit, Peter. Cullen is mine. He took my mate."

Peter looked a little sad.

"Fine but I am coming with you. I really don't like that prick. Charlotte burn the bodies. Jasper and Alice shouldn't have to burn their old family."

"Consider it done sweetie. Hurry back."

I ran to the end of the long hallway and busted through the door to a bedroom. And there was my Bella. And Edward Cullen had a hand around her throat.


Thank God Paul was here.

"Stop where you are Paul. You move and I bite her."

"He can't talk back to you Edward. And you can't hear his thoughts can you?"

"No Bella I can't. I guess Jasper's theory was true. But I can hear your thoughts Peter. You have destroyed the Volturi and my family. Are you and Jasper planning on talking over?"

"Nope, we was just looking for a fight. You know it's over right Cullen?"

"No Peter I don't. I am going to bite Bella and change her. We are going to walk out of here. If anyone makes a move to stop us then I will snap her neck. I won't live without her."

"If you bite her she dies."

"I guess we will see."

He moved to bite me. I could see panic in Paul's eyes. I didn't need him jumping us. I winked at him. And I pulled everything I had in me.

"Get the fuck off me!"

I could feel it. The shield that protected my mind was around my body. Edward's head jerked back before his nasty cold teeth could touch my neck. I felt him lose his grasp on my neck and I dove out of the way. Before I knew it I was in Peter Whitlock's arms in the hallway. Paul jumped on Edward. Edward was holding Paul back from underneath. Paul was pressing his head towards Edward. Edward was snapping at Paul. I could see Edward losing strength.

"Come on Paul. End this."

He seemed to get strength from my words. With a very loud growl Paul raised up his head and crashed his jaws back down on Edward's head and bit. The sound of marble breaking filled the room. Paul rose up and spit Edward's head at my feet. Peter rushed in and began tearing Edward's body apart. Paul phased to human and ran to me. I felt so good in his arms again. "How did you do that baby? How did you push him off?"

"What can I say baby? I got skills."


"Yes Peter?"

"Would you do the honors ma'am?"

I walked up and took the lighter from Peter's hand. I stared at the pile of body parts and looked into Edward's eyes. I should have shown compassion. I know the bond wasn't really his fault. But what can I say? I was pissed.

"Enjoy the other side Edward. I'm sure you will get exactly what you deserve."

I let Paul hold me while I watched Edward Cullen go up in flames.

"Where are the others?"

"Burning body parts."

"Who came with Peter?"

"Alice and Jasper and Charlotte."


"Yeah she killed Rosalie."

"Huh, how about that? I guess living with that bitch for so long would drive someone to want to murder her."

"Baby you ready to go home?"

"Yes Paul. I had hoped to have sex in some of these rooms but I want to go see my Emmy and contact the spirit world with Old Quil."

"Let's go home and get our girl."

"I love you Paul."

"I love you Bella."


And that's all folks. I thought about adding an epilogue but I may want to come back to these characters someday and don't want to tie myself into some quick timeline ten years from now. Besides I always find it's better to imagine how their lives turn out rather than just adding a paragraph to describe it. Thanks to everyone who followed this story. It got a lot more response than my first story. Please, Please, Please drop a line or two and let me know what you liked, didn't like, what could have been better, what lines or parts you liked. Anything. Thank you to all the readers who dropped off reviews. Your encouragement has me dreaming of my next story already.