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Chapter One: The Dream.

It had been one year… One year since the plane had crashed, one year since Simon and Piggy had been murdered. One year since Ralph was hunted down, and one year since the boys & Ralph… No, the savages and Ralph were rescued. One year. A lot can happen in one year, but for Ralph Harrison (A/N I made up a last name for Ralph because he never mentioned it in the book or the movies) it was the exact opposite. His days were uneventful. Ralph was a straight D student, barely passing his classes at Sherborne School. (A/N It's a real boys boarding school in England… You can look it up to see what it looks like if you like) Many boys reached out to attempt befriending Ralph, but gave up after Ralph gave many frightening glares towards them. Night after night the blonde sat quietly in his room, staring at his books. Sometimes, he thought of Roger. He wondered if Roger had changed at all…

Ralph's POV

"Kill the beast, slit his throat, spill his blood" Is all I can hear. I'm tearing through burning trees and creepers shriveled from the fire. I leap over a fallen log as if it's all I've done my whole life. Crawl, jump, run. Crawl, jump, run… It's a continuous cycle that has kept me alive for this long...

After repeating this cycle numerous times, I realize something… I'm not controlling my own body anymore! I can only see and hear… The two things I could live without right now. I run towards light, breaking out of the burning trees. I see the large tree root a few footsteps away, but I can't leap over it! Instead, I plummet to the blistering hot island sand. My breath is knocked out of me as I land on my back. 'No… This isn't it! I can't die!' I scream in my head, only to receive no answer. 'Not like this…' I try to stand, but it feels like I'm super glued to the ground! I shift my eyes to see an upcoming shadow… Jack. Jack Merridew. That's who the shadow belongs to. In his boney, blood stained hand he grips a long, sharply pointed stick. 'Surely that's not for me.' I try to make myself believe. But I'm quickly proven wrong. He grins and motions for the rest of the savages. They circle me… All wearing the same sadistic grin, matching Jack's own. All except Samneric. They're standing back slightly. This gives me a sliver of hope. If only I could… My thoughts were cut short as Jack stabbed his murderous weapon that killed Simon into my stomach. Jack spat on my dying body, and the rest of the savages kicked sand on my face. Jack bent down, about to say the line I knew oh-so-well. "Looks like I'm the new chief, Ralphie…" But it never came, because I woke up screaming. "NO! YOU'LL NEVER BE CHIEF, JACK MERRIDEW!" I roared, clearly pissed off. Then, I became aware that, for the three hundredth and sixty second time, it was just the same horrible dream replaying in my damned haunted mind.

xChapter Endx Sooo, that was the first chapter of my LOTF fanfic 'Haunted'. It will eventually include RogerxRalph. (No lemon… I'm just old enough to be on this site. I'd be disturbed by myself if I wrote lemon). RobertxMaurice will be in this too, along with some SamnericxRalph fluff. Maybe even slight JackxSimon… This will be a fluffy fanfic as it progresses…It's really hard to ship without making the characters go OOC slightly, I'm not sure if this fandom hates OOC or not. Sorry. It'll get better by the second chapter, I promise. IF you review please don't be mean whilst you go about it… I'll update soon. (Simon never died in this… Instead they killed a random Little'un)