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Ralph gave a look that shot daggers at Roger. "Classes start at eight… Don't be late, or will be sure to sit you at the front of the class so that she can humiliate you all year." he replied to Eric.

Ralph fixed his hair in a matter of seconds, before heading out the door. The wooden door shut behind him with a slam that made Samneric jump out of their skin. "Roger, was whatever you said to Ralph really necessary? I mean" Eric started. "It's bad enough that he has to be around his worst nightmare every day. " Sam finished.

Roger pushed himself up from the bed into a standing position. "Yeah, it was necessary."

(Scene change. Moving onto where our dear old Ralphie boy has gone.)

Ralph stormed down the hallway, barreling straight through a group of boys talking near Simon's dorm room. Bloody hell… Won't Simon just be so pleased to hear about Roger's arrival? Ralph barged into the younger boy's dorm room without knocking. Simon's roommate Maurice was used to Ralph's daily barge in… Simon always listened to Ralph and gave him advice whenever he needed it, which was quite often. Besides, Maurice was usually at Robert's room next door by 6 am.

Simon poked his head out of his closet. "Ralph, is that you? Did something happen?"

Ralph sighed as he slid down the wall to a sitting position. He hugged his knees and hid his face. "Yes, Simon… Something- err… Someone did happen."

Simon eyed Ralph. It was a usual thing for Ralph to be upset, but… something was different this time. He shrugged it off and went to kneel down in front of Ralph. "Tell me… Who's done it this time? Russell? It's Russell, isn't it?"

Ralph lifted his head, eyes cold. "Roger." He deadpanned.

Simon's breath hitched. "Wait, THE Roger?" Simon's voice cracked.

"Yeah, and I was fortunate enough to have him as a roommate!" Ralph said sarcastically.

Simon scooted next to Ralph. "He-he tried to KILL us!"

Ralph shut his eyes. "Yeah, I know…"

Simon gasped. "What if he tries to drop a rock on you and then sets the whole school on fire and"

"SIMON! Not helping!" Ralph shuddered.

Simon sighed. "Well, we never really saw Roger without Jack, right? Maybe he's different without Jack! Maybe Jack just brings the worst out of Roger…"

Ralph shook his head vigorously. "No… Just, no… I already had a lovely one sided conversation with Roger. He said some horrible things to me, as if he wanted to make me relive the island again…"

Simon placed a reassuring hand on Ralph's shoulder. "It'll be okay… Just spend as much time you can away from Roger. Just come and do your homework here! We have all of the same classes any way. Heck, even join a sports team! You can play sports, can't you?"

Ralph blinked. The thought of trying sports never really came across his train of thought… As a matter of fact, nothing really just came across Ralph's mind. "Hockey season has started… Perhaps I could try hockey or football? (A/N: Football in England is what American and Canadians call soccer… They don't really have American football. They have rugby. I'll be using English vocabulary from now on, since I have to get used to it anyway. People look at me like I'm an Australian when I talk because I'm used to Canadian language!) I don't really like playing football, though. I'll just stick to trying hockey."

Simon flashed Ralph a thumbs up. "Go for it! I'd try it with you, but I don't really like sports… Oh, Ralph? Do you know if anyone else came too?"

Ralph turned his head to face Simon. "Eh? Well there's Samneric, and when I was half asleep, I heard Roger complaining that he wasn't in the same room as someone… Who was it? Gah! I can't remember. Doesn't matter though, surely we'll see the new kid around… Possibly at breakfast in a half hour."

Simon licked his lips. "Mm, food…" Ralph playfully punched Simon's arm. "Goof…" Simon was about to respond but was interrupted by a loud thud against the wall the two boys were sitting against, followed by a crash and some cussing.

Ralph flinched at the sudden sounds. "Looks like Russell has gotten a new roommate to torture…"

Ralph couldn't be more wrong with that statement.

Next door with Jack and Russell:

"GINGER'S DO HAVE SOULS!" Jack screamed in Russell's face, whilst pinning the other boy to the wall. "GOT IT?"

Russell nodded. "G-got it…" Jack smirked. "Good." He then released Russell, and dusted himself off as if nothing happened just a moment ago. (I'm not making Jack magically 'fixed'… Sure, he's better, but he still has his moments and such. One can never truly be fixed after such an experience.)

"Anyway, where's the dining hall around here?" Jack said in his obnoxious voice. (Is it called a dining hall? I don't honestly know. Whatever, it's called a dining hall in this fan fiction.) Russell growled at Jack. "Don't you start thinking that I'm your bitch, boy."

Jack rolled his eyes. "Yeah yeah whatever. Just show me where it is before things get physical."

Russell gulped. He knew who Jack Merridew was, the same with all of the other psychopaths from that island. Now, Russell wasn't the brightest crayon in the crayon box but he was bright enough to know picking fights with Jack Merridew wasn't the best idea.

"Whatever…. Just follow me." Russell forced the words out of his mouth. What he would've liked to have said would go like this: "No way, freak! Go find the dining hall by yourself! I'm not your bitch!" Proceeded with a kick to the freak's groin. Just not a punch. His punching hand had been broken by the other freak, Ralph.

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