Chapter Thirteen

Water. Ice cold water hit my skin and made me gasp. As I blinked, a drop of water fell from my eyelash and streamed down my cheek. I immediately hated whoever just woke me up because I was in pain. My left cheek was pressed up against a cold cement floor. I coughed as I shifted my arm a little. They hadn't cleaned or looked after my injuries. My arm was covered in blood, and a long cut extended down the inside of my right arm. The memory of Sin's knife pressing into my skin made me wince. The cut was deep.

"Look who has joined us, Zane." Sin's voice made me want to curl in on myself and try to disappear, but hearing Zane's name made my eyes open wide.

"How are we feeling, Blair." I coughed again as I tried to get a grip on where I was. I wasn't going to let my condition make him feel like he was winning. My whole body shook.

"Wonderful," My raspy voice let out the word slowly. I used my left arm to push myself up. I groaned when my dislocated finger had pressure put on it.

"Be careful, Blair. You wouldn't want to hurt yourself."

"You've already done that," I said as I sat up. My insides turned over when my eyes caught sight of him. His wrists were locked directly to the wall in silver cuffs. Blood ran down his wrists; the contact of silver on skin was too much. I knew silver keeps a vampire from healing immediately. His ankles were bound to the concrete wall he stood straight against, but they weren't as bad as his wrists; he had sweat pants on that shielded him from direct contact. His shirt was off, and a thick chain of silver hung around his neck and brushed against his muscles. Wounds bleed out where the silver touched his fragile skin. His blue eyes had a small tint of red in them as he glanced at me. Blood masked part of his sharp face. Our eyes connected until Sin spoke again.

"Zane, Blair says she doesn't know anything at all. Is that true?" Sin's voice was mocking. Zane didn't answer. His eyes fell on me once again. Something had shifted in our bond. It was stronger. I could sense the way he was looking at me. I recalled giving him my blood. His look had a deep feeling placed in it, but I couldn't seem to figure out what exactly that feeling was. It seemed like I could figure it out, but an imaginary wall was blocking me. A splintering feeling hit my chest as I took in his injured appearance.

"Yes," Zane answered late. I so badly wanted to get up and rush to his aid. I couldn't stand sitting there and feeling like he was helpless. Zane was too strong for what was happening. My mind couldn't seem to wrap around the idea of Zane being trapped. Zane was the hunter, not the hunted.

"But… you of course know everything." Sin's voice was excited.

"I will not betray my court." Zane's head lifted as he spoke and his eyes shifted away from me and toward Sin. I pushed my back against the concrete wall behind me. I had lost a lot of blood. I was weak.

"Even if it has betrayed you?" Sin asked. I saw Zane's jaw clench.

"I knew that Fade was a traitor," Zane stated and chose to glimpse at me with a sense of meaning. If Zane knew that Fade was a traitor…then he had to know Revenge and I had killed Fade for a reason. He had to know. So why didn't he help me? Why did he leave me in The Court of Radiance cell waiting for my death sentence? I was just as confused as to why he decided to help me when Sin was hurting me. Why did he help at that moment and not when I was on death row? Zane's actions centered around my confusion. I wanted answers so badly.

"So you did? How interesting." Sin's hands were clasped behind his back as he paced back and forth in the small square room.

"But," Sin said as he stopped pacing and turned to face Zane. His lips started to pull up into a smile. "did you know the Princess who your court holds so dear is a traitor?" His words shocked me.

"Do not accuse her of such things." Zane was trying to dismiss the thought. Suddenly, I saw the truth in it. The actions of the last two weeks fell into place. Realization clicked on, and I answered some of my questions.

The princess had let me out of the cell. Why would she do that? Because Fade had told Sin that I was valuable in some way. Somehow Sin communicated with the Princess and told her to hand me over. And why was I valuable? Because the man chained to the wall across from me cared for me. The bond was stronger now. I could sense what he was feeling when he glanced at me. Why did it matter that Zane cared about me? Because now I was Zane's weakness. Perhaps Zane didn't care if he had to die for his court, but by the angry glint in his eyes when they scanned over me I knew he cared if I did. I wasn't something he could sacrifice. I was a danger to Zane's security. If Sin asked Zane questions about The Court of Radiance and held me captive, Zane might answer them to ensure my safety.

Why would the Princess become a traitor? What was in it for her? And why didn't she have the knowledge Zane did?

"Zane, the Princess is the only reason you're standing here today. Princess Kalia was kind enough to give me this girl that you find so amusing." Sin took steps toward me. He stopped only a foot away from my tired body. I wanted to stand so badly, but I was dizzy.

"All those years of your heatless actions, all of the killings that you proceeded with, all of the countless times I found myself wondering if you had feelings at all…Frankly, I was disappointed to find you had a new weakness. The Court of Radiance isn't supposed to be as cruel as you are, Zane. It was inspiring. And all for a human girl…" Sin's blue eyes searched over me. It was the most inappropriate time to do so, but I laughed. It bubbled up from my throat and empty into the small space.

"What is it that you find so funny, Blair. If I were you I wouldn't be laughing at all." I was laughing because Sin was overly dramatic and he had brought up the whole heartless vampire thing I just found funny. I looked past Sin and to Zane. I saw his head tilt to the side in the way it always did whenever I did something amusing; he couldn't figure me out. I didn't answer Sin's question, I only stopped my laughter.

"Don't you feel his pain, Blair?" Sin asked me as he glanced over his shoulder at a very tensed Zane.

"I have heard from others that through the bond a pair can feel each other's pain, but I don't think you would laugh if you know what he was going through right now." Any traces of a lingering smile disappeared from my face. I couldn't feel Zane's pain at all. I could sense his pain and his emotions, but I couldn't feel them. We were in a bad situation. A horrible one. Sin was suddenly absent from where he had been standing close to me and he had appeared next to Zane.

"Fade told me that you were looking for the carrier. Blair is obviously not a vampire, so she is eliminated from that. I need the vampire women who can produce vampire offspring, Zane. There are some who even say that there are two carriers, and they are twins. Who are they?"

"I don't know," Zane said. I watched in horror as Sin pulled out a knife and stabbed Zane on his right side. My heart fell at the sight, and I hurriedly pushed myself up from the floor using the wall as support. Dizziness swarmed around me as I stood on my two feet. Sin removed the knife only to stab him on his right side again. Blood collected and ran down the side of his body. I watched as a blood trickled down and fell to the floor.

"Do you know the answer now?" Sin asked as he kept the knife in Zane's side. I was going to tear Sin apart. I wanted to kill him. I didn't care how much blood I had to spill. I needed him to be dead because he had just hurt him. Zane's red eyes met mine as he said the one word.

"No." Although he was answering Sin's question, his eye contact told me no, Blair. Stay there. I pushed myself away from the wall. I was never good at listening. I only took one step forward before I dropped to one knee. I was too weak to walk. My insides screamed at me. I was so sure I was going to throw up, but I didn't. As Sin stabbed him a third time, I decided I couldn't take it anymore. Why couldn't Zane just tell him! Why in the world was he suffering so much for this carrier?

"Zane, just tell him!" I couldn't take him getting hurt anymore. It broke my heart.

"Listen to the girl, Zane," Sin added.

"I…can't," Zane replied as his head hung in a way that his eyes faced the ground. Sin brought back the knife and was about to stab him for the fourth time.

"Wait! Stop it!" I screamed with my voice scratching my throat. I looked toward my injured wrist when I felt a sudden pull. I was chained to the wall too. I just hadn't noticed until just then.

"Yes, Blair?" Sin held the knife in front of Zane whose chest was rising and falling with labored breaths. Blood trickled down his body and onto the floor.

"I just…" I trailed off trying to find words to distract him with. Sin turned to me with Zane forgotten for the moment.

"I've heard you've got two brothers. Ahhh.. What were their names…Jason? Does that sound familiar?"

"Don't you dare." I wanted to cry. There was no way he was dragging my brothers into this.

"That sounds like a challenge, Blair." Sin's hand clutched onto my arm and pulled me to my feet. A sigh of pain past through my lips. My body hurt so badly. All of the sudden, I started to feel Zane's pain start to sink into me. I was starting to physically feel it.

A searing pain hit my left side, and I screamed in shock. The pain pierced through my body and sent my heart racing. My eyes slowly dropped down to my side. Sin had just stabbed me.

"Blair!" Zane's protesting yell felt muffled in my ears. The sound of my quick heart beat drowned out the sounds around me.

"It's her!" Zane continued to yell, and I heard a grunt. Sin lazily dropped my body to the floor. My body smacked against the concrete and fell in a heap. Their voices only seemed like whispers, but I knew their voices were loud. I wanted to fall asleep. My body felt numb.

"Zane, who is it?"

"I just cannot-" The sound of chains hitting the concrete wall made my green eyes open. Zane was pulling against the chains trying to free himself; his red eyes were on me.

"I'll stab her again, Zane," Sin said as he took a small step toward me.

"She's the fucking carrier!" Zane screamed as he pulled against the chains binding him to the wall. Sin's eyes cast toward me.

"The human?"

"Unchain me now!" I never heard Zane so angry.

"Blair is the carrier?"

"She's dying! Blair! Stay awake, Blair!" My name leaving his lips felt weird. It was relaxing and nice. I heard the creaking of the door opening somewhere close by me. When Zane spoke again he seemed relieved.

"War, kill Sin then unchain me from this wall!" Zane's voice was growing softer like I was turning down the volume.

"Yes, Zane," I heard War's kind voice.

"I have my spies too, Sin." Zane's voice sounded like a whisper. My eye sight started to fade. A hand moved strands of hair out of my eyes. A hand shook my shoulder. I heard fighting somewhere in the background.

"Blair, stay with me. My name is Ash. I'm here to help you. I need you to stay awake, Blair." I willed my eyes to stay open as my numb body wanted to crash. I could only see a blurred outline. It was a struggle to keep my eye lids open.

"Blair, Dax and Torture are here." I liked those names. They made me happy. I wanted to stay hi, but the sound only came out as a grunt.

"Come on, beautiful, stay awake." Dax's hand wrapped around mine.

"Move!" Zane's commanding voice flooded the room. Dax's hand was ripped from mine. I frowned.

"My human, I'm so sorry." Zane's voice was so caring and soft I had to open my eyes to just get a glimpse of him. I heard the unsheathing of a knife.

"Zane, I'm not really sure if that's a good idea. If-" Dax was cut off.

"Do not speak," Zane said as my head was suddenly lifted from the floor. I groaned. I didn't want to move; I just wanted to lay there and fall asleep. My mouth was being opened, and the familiar taste of his blood started to fill my mouth. My eyes squinted open to see Zane holding his bleeding wrist over me.

"My human, you have to drink it…you have to." His voice sounded so broken. I began to swallow. Relief immediately spread through my system. The skin on his wrist made contact with my lips, and I started to take greedier gulps. Somewhere in the back of my mind I realized I was drinking blood, but it didn't seem important at the moment. All that seemed important was survival, and I was feeling more alive.

"Zane, tell her to stop." I knew that distant voice, but I didn't stop to place it.

"Zane! Stop!" His wrist was pulled from me, and I groaned in displeasure. I was starting to feel so much better.

"Ok, Zane, let me carry her," a soft yet deep voice announced.

"Torture, if you come anywhere near to touching her I will kill you." Zane's voice was right above me. With closed eyes I reached out to him. I needed to touch him. His bare arms wrapped around me and brought me to his bloodied chest.

"Zane, do you realize how weak you currently are?" I heard Torture ask.

"I'm not weak." I leaned my head against Zane's chest as he answered. He began to walk with me in his arms. My mind was starting to drift off. Zane suddenly stumbled with me still wrapped tightly in his arms. He fell to his knees.

"Zane, give me the girl." Tortures arms wrapped around me and pulled me out of Zane's strong grasp. Reluctantly, he let go.

"Torture, I need her." Zane's voice was so soft.

"Dax, War, help Zane," Torture called. Dax and War rushed over and grabbed a hold of each one of his arms. They pulled Zane up from the floor. I closed my eyes.

"Rest, human." Torture's words sent me into a deep sleep.


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