Chapter 15

"Why do seagulls live by the sea?" If I couldn't get an expression on Torture's face after this one I was going to scream. He was so silent the whole night. I could never get his eyes to meet mine. He leaned back in the wooden chair with his arms crossed at his chest. His wavy black hair hung at the edges of his face.

"Because if they lived by the bay…they'd be bagels!" I finished my lame joke. Torture sat stone still. I scrapped my fork against the plate to get the last noodle of macaroni. I put my fork down louder than I meant to with a sigh. I looked around Susan's logged cabin space. Flames licked at the edges of the fire place and warmed the room. Susan had turned in for the night, and Torture was on guard duty. Even here I didn't have complete freedom, but it was better.

Last night, Susan was surprised to find me wandering into her house. She thought I was going to be in a different living arrangement. Nevertheless, she invited me to stay as long as I needed to. I thanked her. I looked through the window at the dark sky. I spent all day inside and lazily reading a book I found lying on a shelf in the house.

"Torture, what's up with you?" I asked as I glimpsed in his direction. His silver eyes closed as if he was willing himself to keep my voice out. Oddly, I felt hurt by his actions.

"Is something wrong? If there is, I-" Words stopped spilling from my mouth after his silver eyes split open, and his head turned towards me.

"What are you doing?" His voice was crisp. It was such a strange question to ask.

"What are you talking about?" I answered his question with another question.

"What is it you intend to do?" His face was tense. I could see his jaw clenching. I heard a raw anger in his low voice.

"I…" I trailed off not knowing how to respond or what type of answer he was looking for.

"You've been going through life with tunnel vision. Do you see the lives you affect? Do you see the ones who die or risk their lives because of your choices?" I stared at Torture's piercing silver eyes that were turned in my direction. My mind twisted. I directed my eyes to the ground and away from his accusing. My heart squeezed as I saw truth in his words. The legs of my chair scrapped against the floor as I slid it back to stand up. I turned my back on Torture and headed to the room I was staying in.


It wasn't hard. The window opened with no protest at all. I wore a thick black pair of boots. I received them from Susan along with other hand me downs from girls who lived in the village. I slipped through the window. Dirt clung on to my fingers as I pushed off of the window frame. My foot landed oddly, and my right leg bent. I caught myself with my hands then held still. I was clumsy. My hand automatically went to my side where I'd recently been stabbed. It had healed remarkably well, but it still caused me some pain. I waited for Torture to come out and catch me doing a terrible job of trying to sneak out, but after a few minutes I declared myself safe.

My breath fogged in the mildly cold night. I regretted not putting a sweater over my black long sleeved shirt. I hugged my arms across my chest and began to walk. I could now walk on my own, and I only woke up yesterday. The thought of Zane's blood healing me scared me a little. Most of the lights were off in the small village, but others still held a couple of them on. The moon hid behind a few clouds. As I walked, I put myself in Torture's shoes.

What did he see when he looked at me? A girl who didn't know how to fight. A girl who was always saying whatever it was on her mind. A girl always shadowed by danger. A girl who didn't know what she was doing. A girl who had no idea what-so-ever. I didn't know what I was doing. I came to the end of the first row of logged cabins. There was a bench turned toward the forest. I slowly sat down. The wooden bench was cold. I pulled my legs to my chest.

I needed to pull myself together. I needed to find a plan. What did I need to do? I glanced at my boring hand, empty of any jewelry. I found myself angered when I realized I lost Revenge's ring. It wasn't there when I'd woken up the other day. I needed to help Revenge. If the princess was a traitor, I could foresee future fights or maybe even a war. I needed to get Revenge out of The Court of Radiance. My heart beat grew just thinking about him. I missed his hand holding mine.

"Blair." The voice spoke with confidence and ease. I flinched away from the sound startled. It was unrecognizable. My arms fell from my legs. My feet hit the dirt ground. I searched the darkness for a figure. He was standing beside the outside light of the cabin behind me. I twisted around in the bench and moved my legs onto it.

"The likeness…" he said as I caught his forest green eyes.

"Who the heck are you?" I asked quietly and with force. I was suddenly wishing I would've grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

"I am supposed to speak with you," he said as the crunchy sound of him striking a lighter filled the silent air around us.

"Smoking is terrible for you," I announced.

"Well, I suppose it's good I'm immortal then," he said smoothly as he stepped away from the wall of the cabin and stood up to his full height. His blond hair contrasted with his green shirt. I looked into his forest green eyes and narrowed my own.

"You got me there," I replied. He smirked back at me. He couldn't be a vampire… his eyes were green. A small puff of smoke wafted into the dark night.

"Blair, what's your favorite candy?" he asked me as his smirk still touched his lips. I laughed at the silly but welcome question. It felt like the most normal question ever. It was a safe one.

"Easiest question in the world, of course, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups," I replied as I rolled my eyes. I didn't ask him why he wanted to know.

"If I asked a favor of you, would you see it through?" He scanned his eyes over me as his smirk diminished. He confused me with his speaking. First he talked like he's a modern day guy, and then he switched over and spoke like he's old and formal.

"Depends on what it is," I said to the strange guy who stood in front of me.

"I need you to tell Ash to contact Prince Adrian about you."

"I haven't even met Ash yet," I responded with a small frown and a questioning glare. The cold breeze brushed against my skin and a chill clung to my bones.

"Then I guess you get to meet him today," the stranger added. There was something about him. The way he spoke was with such clarity, and his voice was smooth almost perfect. His face defined itself with sharp angles.

"Ok. That's it. What are you?" His perfect lips smirked at me.

"So now you ask the right question. What am I, not who am I," he replied. His smile disappeared as he looked beyond me.

"Why don't you go ask your friend?" His eyes locked onto the space behind me. Confused, I turned around but only saw the darkness of the infinite space around me.

"What?" I asked him.

"Goodbye, Blair," he announced. Like sugar in a glass of water, he vanished in front of my eyes. I felt my heart jump in shock. I took a step backwards and calmed down. What. The. Hell.

"What did he want?" A deep voice spoke beside me. I turned my shocked face toward the new speaker. He had probably been following me all night, or he had just tracked me down. He obviously hadn't been able to hear the conversation.


"I asked you a question, human." He sounded so serious it scared me. I met his eyes.

"I need to tell you I'm sorry first!" I yelled a lot louder than I meant to. He stopped speaking. My arms were crossed, and I rubbed my hands on the outside of my arms to keep them warm.

"Because I am," I added lamely. I shifted my eyes toward the ground.

"I don't know what I'm doing. I just- I'm not-I don't know where to start, and I can't-" I surprised myself when a sob slipped through me and cut my sentence short. My eyes slowly left the ground as I felt a layer of clothing thrown over me. I cast my eyes toward Torture who stood with only a dark T-shirt on. His huge long jacket was around my shoulders. I let out a nervous half laugh, half cry. Torture had tried to comfort me.

"Torture, what the hell do you want at one in the morning in this place that's so import-" Dax's voice stopped as he spotted us. I laughed a nervous laugh again.

"Beautiful, what happened?" Dax asked as his arm wrapped around my shoulder.

"She's crying," Torture said in a low voice.

"Well, no shit," Dax replied.

"I don't know," I said aimlessly as I wiped tears from my face. Dax pulled me closer to him.

"Blake was here," Torture told Dax. Dax let out a stress filled sigh.

"Okay, let's go to Susan's. We'll talk there," Dax told us as he turned us both in the direction of the cabins. I let him lead me through the night, and I trusted his every step. A low buzz sounded. Dax sighed and dug through his pocket pulling out his cell phone. He let out a steady laugh.

"Zane already knows something happened. He's asking if you're alright." Dax typed a reply. I didn't ask what he wrote back. A silent tear ran down my face. The feeling of tears against my cheeks was becoming all too familiar.


"And then he asked me what my favorite candy bar was." I was in the middle of telling Dax, Torture, and Zane what had happened. I told Dax to tell Zane not to come. Zane insisted. I heard Dax chuckle besides me.

"The fae folk are weird," he announced after his small laugh. I found out before my story time that the guy I had spoken to, Blake, was a faery. That explained him immortality and green eyes. I continued.

"Then he asked me to do a favor," Dax immediately stopped smiling. "And I said it depended on what it was. He wanted me to tell Ash that Prince Adrian wants Ash to contact him…about me." I ended.

"You didn't make any deals with him, right?" Dax asked beside me. I shook my head. My eyes were swollen from crying. My head pounded as a side effect.

"How the hell does a prince from The Court of Radiance know where we are?" Dax whispered forcefully.

"Go sleep. I will speak with Ash." Zane's soothing voice was controlling. I laid my head down on Susan's kitchen table. I closed my eyes. Why was it that Zane being in the same room as me affected me so much? It made me feel safe and sparked my heart rate. I knew without looking up who had left when the door clicked shut. When Zane left I felt a small tint of emptiness. It scared me.

"Let's go, beautiful." Dax helped me walk to the room reserved for me at Susan's.


I just finished blow drying my hair and doing my make-up. I was dressed in a black sweater and a plain red under shirt. I headed back to my room. I needed to think up a plan about getting to Revenge. I twisted the door knob and opened the door. His iced blue eyes captured my green ones. My heel caught the ground, and I pivoted away.

"My human, wait."

"No." I was just about to close the door between us when his hand caught my wrist, pulled it from the door knob, and dragged me into the room. It was a gentle and quick moment that scared me. My free hand snatched the edge of the door way in protest. I didn't want to speak with him. Zane grabbed my protesting hand away from the frame of the door. He captured both of my wrists and shut the door with his foot. It was that easy for him.

My still recovering body was slow and achy. He used his weight to back me into the wooden wall beside the door. The thud in my heart ached through my body. Silver hair fell a little into his face as he looked down on me. The bond scorched my senses.

"You can't run from me." The tone of his tranquil voice had a deep quality that edged it toward being violent. Icy blue eyes glimpsed at me with confidence and anger. I cast my eyes away, afraid of the feelings his eyes brought me. Electricity ran under my skin where his skin pressed against mine.

"I find it unsettling the way you think about where my intentions stand." His body became close to mine as he whispered in my ear. The closer he came to me the harder it was for me to think. The very slim swirl of red started to tint his eyes.

"Zane…" I trailed off with lost thoughts. "Zane…" I repeated again because it was the only word I could think of.

"Quiet." His voice caught my aimless speaking.

"I need to know if you truly believe I am using you because you're a carrier." A moment of silence past. His lips were so close to mine. I couldn't think straight. I didn't know the truth about Zane. I didn't know what he wanted.

"I-I…Can't-" I slowly inhaled. My heart jumped in my chest, and it suddenly became clear that I needed to kiss him. Was it the bond that was making the decision? Or was it me? Would I really have time to ponder over it if it was the bond? Wouldn't I just do it?

I tried to close the small gap between us. Instead of him leaning toward me to meet my lips, he backed away. I glanced toward him confused. A small smirk tipped his lips into an amused expression. It surprised me when I let out a tiny groan in annoyance.

"Let me speak to you on the matter. You see, I was searching for you as part of The Court of Radiance. They wanted the so called "carrier" in order to make their court more powerful, and I was theirs to command. I didn't know you were the carrier when I took you. I have treated you the same way since, though knowledge of you being carrier or not," he finished his small speech. My mind reeled. His lips hovered only mere centimeters from mine. I waited for him to make the first move. A smooth whisper crossed his lips.

"Do you trust me now?" The question didn't have an immediate answer. I let the question hang in the air. He grew angrier the more time went by without my answer.

"Answer me, my human." I couldn't answer him because I knew it wouldn't satisfy him. His breath brushed against my lips, which let past my abnormally fast breaths. He sighed and dropped my wrists. His fists bunched up and he brought them on each side of the wall around me.

"Your silence is answer enough." He pushed himself off of the wall and his further proximity helped my heart slow.

"Do want me to open my feelings to you? You could feel exactly how I feel about you then," he asked. I shook my head no. I wasn't letting the bond become a part of this factor.

"Come outside with me," he said as he stared into my eyes. I looked away from him to gather my thoughts properly.

"Zane, I-" I thought about it. Maybe he would help me get Revenge. "fine." I pushed myself away from the wall.


We sat on the edge of a dock. I almost jumped in joy at the sight of the lake. Zane remained completely still as I swung my legs over the edge and dipped my feet in. I was humming a random beat.

"Not one person gives me as much pain as you do," Zane said beside me suddenly. I stopped swinging my feet and humming.

"That's terrible!" I yelled as I looked at him in disbelief. His head tilted and a smile coated his face. His blue eyes were amazing in the sun light.

"But it's true. With each being I killed, I felt pain drain from me. It was amazing. I didn't value the life of others and there are times where I still don't." He shrugged easily.

"Zane-" I wanted him to stop the whole killing thing. It was starting to scare me.

"But you. You happened. Now with each life I take, I feel weighed down. I feel like I've failed you. I dislike failure." I remained silent.

"You being a carrier isn't necessarily a pleasing thing for me. It puts you in danger. That fact bothers me. And you question my intentions toward you, so you must see why I find this so humorous." I turned back to him after he paused for a long time.

"Stop trying to make up reasons as to why I act the way I do to you. It isn't what you are, my human. It is who you are, and I very much like who you are." His words made my heart beat quicken. I had no words that sounded as good as his. I had no come back that would suit the situation. So I did what I always did. I went off topic and said the first thing I could think of.

"What if I pushed you into the water?" I asked quickly. His laugh fell smoothly into the fresh air. Amusement lit his eyes.

"For you, my human, that is an impossible task." A mischievous smirk fell onto Zane's face.

"And if I were to push you into the lake right now, what would you do?" He threw the question back at me.

"Fall into the water," I answered with my eyes glaring at him.

"And after that?" he questioned.

"Get out of the water and punch you." His smooth smile caught my eyes.

"Well worth it." His words hit me.

"You wouldn't dare!" I yelled, and then his hands were on my shoulders. I managed to catch his jacket, but he easily pulled my hands away from him. I went splashing into the lake. I let out a small scream as the cold water stung my skin. I was engulfed by lake water. As I came up for air, I spotted Zane slipping his coat off. His shirt was next to go. I tried not to stare at his perfect body as my teeth chattered but failed miserably. I only got a small glimpse.

A splash coated the surface of the water as he jumped in. When he surfaced by me, I splashed water into his eyes with a laugh. I scream when he splashed me back with way more water than I'd splashed him with.

"Not-t f-fair!" I announced as I started toward the land. It was in the high sixties, cold for swimming. Susan had told me it was April twenty eighth. I've been gone from home for three and a half months.

My feet touched the bottom of the lake soon, and I let out a surprised gasp as Zane swooped me up and into his arms. My heart pounded. My side ached with pain suddenly, and my teech clenched together as my hand went to the location I was stabbed at. I was grateful for the fabric wrapped around my skin. I couldn't image the electricity that would run through me if my bare skin contact his too much. The swooshing of Zane walking through the shallow water brought me back to the moment.

"Your wound is not healing sufficiently enough," Zane said as he gazed down at me.

"I'm fine," I replied as his foot stepped out of the water. I punched his arm as best I could, keeping true to my word. He laughed.

I wore Zane's jacket as we sat on the make shift beach. It was only a seven by seven patch of sand. My teeth still clinked together a bit, but I had expertly taken my wet shirt off with Zane's sweater covering me still. My side's ache became a very dull pain. The pain would probably soon fade all together.

"We should get back. You're freezing," Zane mentioned. I was working up my courage to ask him.


"Yes?" he responded.

"I need you to really understand what I'm going to say next."

"Okay," he said with confidence. I let the breeze fill the silence a little before I started.

"I'm going to get Revenge. With or without you, and you won't be able to stop me from doing this." I needed to keep Revenge safe. I needed to.


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