Chapter Eight

I sat beside one of the standing guards. Zane and all of the others had a surprise meeting, and he didn't have time to drop me off at his place. I ended up going with. I couldn't be in the meeting though, so I was sitting outside the double doors and waiting for it to end. I had tried to walk off down the hall, but the guard almost killed me. I stopped trying to escape.

Torture was the first one out of the meeting. He marched up to me, and I backed more into the wall intimidated by his large form.

"Stand up," he ordered in a very commanding voice.

"Excuse me? Who are you to tell me what-" He gave me a deadly stare. With a sigh I got to my feet. His hand shot out and grabbed my right wrist tightly.

"Ouch! You could have done that more gentle! I like having my hand! I don't need it amputated thank you very-"

"So he did," he said as I finally peaked at what he wanted my hand for. He was looking at the mark Revenge had given me. The simple silver ring was elegant. Torture's hand gripped onto my wrist tighter.

"Take this off, and you will regret it." His hand took out an object from his pocket. Before I knew it, he was dropping my wrist. My wrist had a new accessory.

"Oh no! Not you too!" The initials G.D. were engraved into the shiny silver bracelet.

"You don't even like me!" I whisper yelled as I glimpsed down at the mark Torture gave me.

"It is not just about you. Revenge is weakening. He may need my help, and I don't need that little ring he gave you to cause conflict with others." The stone I imagined on Torture's soul disappeared. He gave me a mark to back up Revenge's protection on me.

"Torture… what's wrong with Re-"

"Hellooooo, beautiful!" An arm came crashing down on my shoulders.

"Dax, you're going to break me one day if you keep insisting on doing that." My heart stopped as I glanced at the double doors that now stood open. The meeting had officially ended.

"Well, you are my slave, so I can do what I want." Dax's voice was playing mildly in the background. Zane was standing in the entrance with a breath taking beautiful woman. The dress she was in shimmered in the lighting. It was white and hugged to her body; it brushed against the floor. Her brown hair cascaded down her shoulders in beautiful spiral curls. On her head, she wore a shiny tiara. She tilted her head to the side and her soft pink lips smiled at him. Her eyes were brilliantly silver.

"Stop staring," Dax said lightly in my ear, "it's rude." I crossed my arms over my chest. I was so beyond caring. Zane was staring at her with a gentle smile on his lips. My insides tingled, and I knew I just didn't like her. Revenge showed up in the entrance way. He nodded toward the woman, and she smiled back politely. Zane stepped away so Revenge could get past them. His walk was slow as he made his way towards us.

"Dax, Human," he greeted us with a small smile. I looked beyond Revenge and at Zane. The woman had a hand placed lightly on his arm. The temperature in the hall got hotter. My hand fisted at my side.

"I would like to ask if I could talk to you alone." Revenge's smooth voice drifted over to me. I slowly drew my eyes away from Zane, and Revenge looked at me with a knowing expression.

"Hmmm… since I'm your slave owner… I say no." Dax smirked happy about his answer.

"You never said when the three days were, so technically…no you're not." I pushed his arm off my shoulders. I was not in a good mood.

"And it's a week not three days," he mentioned with a smooth voice.

"I wasn't trying to escape, so it's three days," I called back to him annoyed and angry because of Zane being in close proximity with that woman.

"Oh, really? What could you possibly have been doing then?"

"Looking for him." I pointed and walked to Revenge's side. He glanced at me with narrowed eyes.

"Revenge," I stood on my tiptoes to whisper, "help me, please. I'm feeling protective." I glanced over at Zane. Revenge threw a glance at Zane and the woman then concentrated on me again. I brought up my shaking hands. He was mine. I didn't like that woman touching him at all. Revenge's grip on my hand as he started to walk away. It hurt to leave Zane like that. I felt angry at Revenge just because he was the one pulling me away.

"Your mother is not doing too well." His breath was close to my ear as we continued to walk where ever it was he led me. I was just trying to stay calm.

"Human," He stopped in the hall pulling me to a stop too. "I need you to promise me something." I glanced up at his silver blue eyes and watched him. He looked so weak. Something was wrong with him.

"I need you to tell me that you won't escape, no matter how easy or tempting it might be." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Because I am going to take you to see your mother, but I am not in-" My heart flew in my chest when I made contact with him and wrapped my arms around his stiff body. It was like this every time I touched him. He always froze up then melted.
"Thank you," I whispered against his chest. Hesitatingly, his arms came up to wrap around me.

I was sitting in the backseat of a car. A blind fold covered my eyes in what Revenge called 'a safety precaution'. He was clever. Now, I couldn't see where we were going which meant I couldn't look for an escape route for another day. We were only an hour into a four hour drive. Sneaking out wasn't hard at all. All Revenge had to do was walk past all the guards with me, and they didn't say anything. Revenge blindfolded me when we go closer to an exit of the Court of Radiance. I could hear the faint sound of other cars passing us.

"What if someone sees me back here? You look very suspicious with a blind folded girl in the back seat…" I said with a disapproving voice.

"This car happens to have limo tints on the windows." His voice was playful. I had to think of something else. Five minutes later, I spoke again with a new idea.

"If I could take my blindfold off, we could make time in here better by playing the ABC game," I told him with a sneaky happy voice.

"Human, your obvious tricks are not going to work," he mentioned lightly. I could hear the smile in his voice.

"I guess I'm just going to have to use the not too obvious tricks then," I said with the stupid blindfold still covering my eyes. I promised I wouldn't take it off until he said so.

"I don't believe you have any of those," he replied with a laugh. I was shocked at his words. I didn't think I had ever heard him make fun of me in any sort of way.

"Revenge! You just made fun of me! You should feel terrible about your actions, and let me take off the blind fold." His soft laugh filled the empty car.

"It is not coming off, human." We sat in a silence that was very comfortable. Revenge was just comfortable to be around. I never felt like I had to entertain him, or fill the silence with noise. I leaned on the side of the car and started to drift off into dreams.

"Is the temperature ok?" he asked before the real world collapsed around me.

"Colder?" I mumbled. I heard the faint noise of the AC kicking in. Sleep took over.

"Human? Human?" Something soft dragged across my eyes. My eyes crinkled together then opened. Revenge's face stared down at me as the afternoon sun cast rays into the dark car. His pale face was streaked with a worn out presence. His face disappeared from above me. I sat up with a yawn and a small stretch.

"I got you this." His faint voice startled me. I skimmed my eyes over his hands. He held a black cap and a hair tie in one hand and a pair of sun glasses in the other.

"I'm going in disguised?" He nodded his head as I grabbed the objects from his hands.

"I don't know whether to feel super important or slightly annoyed." I gathered all of my brown hair together and twisted it back to pull my cap over it.

"Try the first one. It might make you happier." I pulled my sunglasses on then glanced over at Revenge. I watched his silver blue eyes stare at me, and his lips form a smile. With a clenching in my chest I realized that I really cared for him. His dark hair looked more tossed than usual.

"What is it?" He held out a hand to me, and I took it as I snapped out of the trance I'd been in.

"Why aren't you turning into ashes? Or sparkling… or I don't know?" I asked with confusion as the afternoon sun touched his pale skin. I scanned my brain trying to come up with answers. I couldn't find a good one.

"The sun just weakens me," he answered with an amused edge to his voice. I hopped down from the seat. I let my hand go slack and was going to pull my hand away from his, but his hand tightened on mine. Startled I threw a side way glance in his direction. Once he noticed my stare, he slightly tipped his head in my direction and smiled.

My attention snapped to the huge brown bricked building in front of me. The hospitals plain face sank into my memory. The automatic doors pushed away from each other and let us through. It was normal. It was so normal it scared me. People walked around freely, and for some reason it seemed odd to me. My norm had changed. The way I lived my life had changed.

"I already know of the room number," Revenge mentioned quietly at my side. We walked through hallways that were trying to look nice and positive but for some reason seemed dull and plain in my eyes. Small art statues would show up every now and again. Paintings of angels and the ocean showered the walls. I walked a few steps the jerked to a stop. I noticed that Revenge was behind me and not in step with me. His hand gripped mine tightly.

"I need to tell you something before you step into her room." His voice was quiet as he looked to the door behind me.

"Ok," I said with a nervous breath.

"Your mother has been drifting in and out of a conscious state. When you go in there, she may not be responsive." I squeezed his hand, and swallowed back fear.

"Ok," I said plainly.

"That's her room. I will wait out here for you." His eyes hit the door behind me, and his hand let mine go. I turned around slowly, afraid. I sat still as my hand hovered over the door knob. My feet swiveled around as I turned to face Revenge once again.

"Why are you doing this for me?" I asked in a rush of words. Silence.

"You have collided with my world, Blair." His voice saying my name sent a pang through my chest. "There is no backing out. You need to say your goodbyes. I never had the chance to say mine." His smiled turned sad. His eyes searched mine. I watched him in amazement. I never thought that this would happen. I never would have believed that I would fall so deep into this world or that I would care about the ones in it. I was satisfied with his answer, and my hands grabbed for the door handle. I twisted it and pulled it open a crack.

"Human," Revenge whispered, "I can only give you twenty minutes." I stepped into the dim room. My eyes fell on the top of the bed first. Her face had scratches on it, and a bandage was wrapped around her head. Her brown hair fell past her shoulders. A rack of IVs sat next to her bed and linked into her arm. A steady beat echoed into the quiet room. Her arm was in a brace of some kind, and her leg was too. Her body was covered in a blanket. My eyes locked onto her hand. A strong hand engulfed hers. I followed the hand up to the body.

He was holding his head with his other free hand. The chair he sat in was pulled up right next to the hospital bed. His eyes were closed, but a worried wrinkle appeared between his eyes. His brown hair was cropped short in a buzz cut. My eyes scanned the stubble growing on his face. I took more steps forward. I tripped over the other chair that was sitting a few feet away from the foot of the bed. My brother's head shifted a little in his hand. It was his elbow falling off of his knee, which made his hand fall, which made him drop his head that woke him up. He was lazy with his movements as his eyes opened. His eye lids only looked like they were open half way. He looked up at the ceiling then, as if sensing something was different, his green eyes snapped to me.

There was a long moment of silence and eye contact.

"Blair?" His deep voice sounded strained.

"Jason," I answered with my older brother's name. His eyes widened.

"Are you seriously here right now?" His disbelieving eyes wandered over me.

"I hope so," I answered with a small voice. The chair creaked from his weight as he pushed the chair back then got to his feet. My older brother was six feet two inches and a good one hundred and ninety pounds. He worked out at the gym every day for two hours. At least, he used to. I didn't know any more.

"What-where have you been?" He tripped over his words. I stared at his troubled expression.

"I um- I came to see mom," I said without answering the question. He stopped a few feet in front of me.

"Everyone was giving up hope, but I never did. I knew it. I'd go looking for you even when the town stopped the searches at night. I'd still go searching cuz they said you could've been dead, but I knew you weren't." He took the last few steps forward and wrapped his arms around me tightly. It was hard to breathe.

"I can't breathe!" I said in a small voice. His arms loosened and let go. His hand came up to ruffle my hair in a gesture I hated.

"Blair, you don't understand. Dillon he… he doesn't… we need you. I never even realized it really, but you're everywhere when you're nowhere." At the mention of my little brother's name my heart broke.

"Blair, what the hell happened? We need to go get the police and-" I stared into his green eyes that were darker than my own. My eyes shifted away from his and to my mom's still body.

"I'll tell you soon. We'll do all that later. For now, can I just hold moms hand?" Jason looked at me doubtfully then slowly nodded his head. My mom's hand was pale against the white of the blanket. I took the seat Jason was sitting in minutes ago. I sat down slowly, and I picked up her hand. It was soft in the worn out type of way. Her nails were plain which was unusual for my mom. She usually always had her nails painted. My eyes traced the edges of her face. Only a few wrinkles had collected on her face over the years. She looked younger than the thirty nine years she was.

"When did this happen to her?" I asked while I watched the screen beside her bed.

"Three days ago. She got into a horrible car accident. She was drinking, Blair. She was drinking, and I yelled at her because she was blaming herself for loosing you. Then she left with the car, and I tried to stop her I really did. I should've…I should've…" He didn't finish. I stared at her again. I missed her. I missed home. I missed everything, even my uneventful life. Her hand was limp in mine. Unresponsive. I sat in the silence of the room thinking about what I would be doing if I wasn't in the hands of vampires. I wondered if she would be here. I knew she wouldn't.

"Blair," Jason's voice held an angry note to it. "I need to know where you were."

"I want to tell you, Jason, but I just can't. If I told you…" I trailed off at the end.

"Tell me," he commanded as he grabbed my wrist.

"Jason…please don't do this," I whispered as I let go of my mom's hand. I knew my time was up. Revenge was waiting for me in the hall. I stood up with my brother's hand still squeezing my wrist.

"Do what? What the fuck am I doing?" he spoke through his clenched teeth. I didn't even hear the door open, but it had because Revenge was suddenly standing beside me. His hand gripped my free one.

"Who the fuck are you!" Jason yelled as he pulled me toward him. My hand jerked away from Revenges, and I went tumbling into my brother. Jason wrapped his arms around me protectively. I closed my eyes then put my arms on his chest and tried to push away. I was breaking inside.

"Jason, listen to me. This is my friend. I need you to let-"

"He looks like he's fucking twenty. Is this what happened? You left with some guy?" Revenge took a small step toward us with a hand up.

"Get the hell away man, I swear to God if you even think about touching her-"

"Jason, calm down!" I screamed.

"Human, we have to leave now." Revenge's smooth voice was relaxed.

"Jason, that's not what happened. I love you, but I can't stay." My words only made his grip on me tighter. His arms pushed me against his chest.

"You're not leaving again. I'm not going to let you." His voice was so sincere and determined. It made me feel horrible. A prickly sensation built behind my eyes, and then it happened. Water collected itself in my eyes and flowed over the rim on my bottom eye lid. I told myself that no matter how hard it got I wouldn't cry. I was crying.

"Stay back!" Jason screamed as he pulled me to the side so that way half of his body shielded me from Revenge.

"Jason," Revenge said calmly, "I need you to go sit down and go rest. I was never here, and you never saw me." Jason's arms started to loosen around me. I could sense the resistance in his eyes though. Revenge was doing mind control. I could tell by the tone of his voice.

"Jason, please go sit down and sleep," Revenge spoke again. That time Jason let go of me. I followed his dizzy steps to the chair. He sat down and was about to close his eyes.

"Goodbye, Jason. I love you," I whispered to him as he drifted off. I turned my attention to my unaware mom. She was still sleeping. I ran my hand over her smooth forehead to move some of the hair off of her face. I watched her for a moment then turned around.

Revenge held his hand out to me again. I took it without a word. I was distressed when he opened the door to exit the room. As the door shut, I looked over my shoulder at my past life. I knew that there was no going back. Not anymore. I had to do something about the humans in the cells. For some reason, I felt the need to save them. My life wasn't just about me or my family anymore. It was about people I didn't even know. There was only one nurse at the nurses' station.

"Have a good day," Revenge said to the dark haired woman. She gave him a dizzy looking smile and returned the saying. We were yelling pretty loud. I wondered how she didn't hear us. I thought about it then didn't question it. I quickly wiped away a last tear while we were walking. Revenge's hand tightened on mine. When we walked outside and to the car, I took slow deep breaths.

"Human, I am not sure what I should say. All I can say is that I'm sorry." He opened the car door for me. I took the hop up then let go of his hand. I watch it drop to his side empty. "But it doesn't feel like enough." He sat with the door still open and looking at me. I followed his eyes down to my hand where his ring was wrapped around my finger and Torture's bracelet hugged my wrist. His black hair fell in his face a little as a slow smirk grew on his face. I wondered what he was thinking.

"You're so cute, Revenge, you know that?" I said with a tired smile and a yawn. The small tears I cried made me tired.

"I um…" he started. I laughed at the nervous tone to his voice. He gave me a shy smile as he watched me laugh a little. It felt good to laugh.

"You don't actually have to answer that question, silly. Go ahead and blind fold me up," I said surrendering to the circumstance. I handed Revenge the blind fold. He held it in his hand loosely then glanced at me with a knowing smirk. In a slow motion, his hand let the blind fold fall. It dropped to the ground slowly then was blown away with the wind.

"Oh, it seems like I no longer have a blind fold." Revenge's eyes looked at me happily.

"Ummm… yeah, that was a terrible accident," I added after him. We shared a smile then he shut the door. I buckled my seat belt then stared out of the window. As we drove out of the parking lot I heard the click of the AC turning on. A young girl was driving her car and laughing with whoever was talking to her on her phone. It felt strange to me. It was total freedom. We were on a thin road, and a forest surrounded the lanes. I stared out at the green blurs of the trees passing.

"We should play the ABC game. Although, it may take a while to win because of how empty this road is," I suggested in a sleepy voice.

"I am not really sure how to play this game of yours."

"Well I'll teach you then! Aren't you excited?"

"Very," he answered, and then I started to explain the rules.

I promised Revenge I would keep my eyes closed as we got closer to the Court of Radiance. I couldn't break my promises to him. He had done too much for me. Revenge won the ABC game ten times. I won once. The car stopped. The door beside me opened. I jumped down the little ways with my eyes still closed and knocked my knee on the door. I let out a small sigh. Revenge's hand found mine fast, and I took it while my eyes were still shut. We walked straight a little ways, and then we walked up a stair case. I tripped a few times, but Revenge always kept me from falling. A door creaked as it opened, and I felt the air around me change.

"Okay, you are able to see now." I opened my eyes. I stared out at the tops of trees. We were on the roof of a building about five stories up. The nights refreshing air brushed against my skin in a welcoming gesture I loved. The air my lungs collected was fresh. I held out my arms and smiled.

"This is amazing," I sighed. Lights lit up the building we were standing on top of. The yard was also lit up with flowers and a fountain.

"Where are we?" I asked as I looked out at the trees that surrounded the huge building we were standing on.

"On top of The Court of Radiance," he whispered.

"What are we doing up here?" I walked toward the edge of the roof as the wind pushed my brown hair behind my shoulders.

"I like it. I come up here when I need to relax and just… get away from everything. I pretend that none of my problems exist when I am here." I stopped walking as I got to the edge and looked out at the lawn that stretched a long ways to the tree line. I turned my head toward Revenge who was standing beside me. He seemed tired. His stance was sloppier than usual. I soon realized that he let his guard down up here. He was peaceful. I sat down and dangled my feet over the edge; Revenge joined me.

"I need to tell you something." His head turned towards me when he spoke.

"hmmm?" I answered curious. He paused then smiled.

"You make me feel happy." His words made me glance toward him with a smile. I stared into his silver blue eyes. Suddenly, I realized my lips were so close to his; his breath brushed against my lips. My heart thumped in my chest. I took my eyes away from his lips, and they landed back on his eyes. With a quick motion, my head snapped away.

"I..I just.. Umm…" I stumbled through my words as I tried to think of something to say. I was just afraid. That's what I wanted to say, but I couldn't say it.

"Human," His voice blended with the slight breeze as I cast my eyes down. "you do not have to hide." His words startled me, and I glance back up at him.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I whispered softly then watched my hair fall in front of my face as I looked down and away from him.

"You are allowed to cry, Blair." Just him saying that made water collect in my eyes. I had been holding so much in, and I was close to my breaking point.

"You can think about your family or friends. You don't have to erase them." The first tear fell as I glanced up at Revenge.

"My little brother's name is Dillon. He's fifteen and plays football. I had only missed one of his games last season." I took a deep breath and tried to clear my eyes of the water, but it was impossible.

"What position did he play?" Revenge asked softly. My chest fled with warmness at his words. His arm wrapped around my shoulders, and I leaned into his body. My head rested on his shoulder.

"He's a wide receiver, but sometimes they'll have him play corner too. He has so much energy. It makes him annoying, but I can't help but laugh when he makes fun of me sometimes." My tears started to dry. The night's calm breeze brushed against my skin.

"And your older brother? What is he like?"

"He's protective. If I ever brought a friend home who was a boy he would harass them. It was frustrating, but I couldn't be mad at him. He just cares about me so much. He loves cars too. I never know what he's talking about when he goes on tangents about a car or something." I had stopped crying, and I felt so much better.

"Thank you," I whispered to him as his eyes met mine.

"And thank you." I wanted to ask him why he was thanking me, but his eyes were looking straight into mine. I noticed my heart thudding in my chest, and then he leaned closer and then his lips were on mine. A sense of panic washed over me but disappeared quickly. His lips were soft. It was secure. It was a safe kiss, a slow one. It didn't last long at all. My heart raced. He pulled away fast as if realizing what he was doing, and then stared into my eyes.

"I am sorry. I just couldn't control what I was-"

"You don't have to apologize for that," I said with a smirk of happiness on my face. Revenge felt right.

"Enjoying the night?" The cold voice made my heart sink, and my smile slipped off my face. I turned to look at him slowly. His eyes hit mine and made my blood run cold. They were red. Zane's eyes were red. His presences took away my thoughts, and I hadn't even noticed Revenge had stood up until he blocked my view a little as he stepped with one foot in front of me.

"Do you think you can just take her away from me?" His words stung me. Zane's voice was so cold and calm. He wasn't calm. It was his eyes that gave away what he was feeling.

"Zane, I need you to calm down," Revenge said slowly as I got to my feet. Zane's smile scared me.

"You have broken the rules, Rev." Zane threw all his weight into the punch. When his fist made contact with Revenge's face I felt like the world was slowing. The sound was loud. Revenge stumbled back and dropped to one knee with his hand holding his face. I was going through a state of shock. My heart pounded in my chest.

"My human, you really have got to stop disappearing all the time. It makes me uncomfortable." Zane's arms were suddenly around my waist as he stood behind me. His hands gripped my stomach. Zane's smooth laugh echoed in my ears. I watched Revenge as he sat on the ground breathing heavy. Blood dripped from his face and onto the concrete roof. Zane's arms went under my legs as he picked me up. He took a couple of steps carrying me bridal style before I snapped out of it.

"Zane! Zane! Stop this!" I yelled so loud my voice scratched against my throat. My hands were no match for his anger as I tried to free myself from his arms.

"You are mine," he said with his eyes cast down on me with anger.

"I am not yours!" I screamed at him. My arms reached for his face, and I placed both my hands on the side of his cheeks. With a jerk, I pulled his head down, so his eyes would meet mine. His feet stopped moving. My chest was rising and lowering with my nervous breaths. 'I'm not…" I trailed off softly as I stared into his eyes. The red was vanishing as I stared into them. His blue eyes tossed the thoughts around in my head. I couldn't think straight when I was around him. There was a spark from somewhere inside of me that was trying to contradict my words. His hand came up and touched the back of my hand on his face. I glanced at him confused.

"You say that, yet I see you look at me like this." He brushed my hair out of my face. I dropped my hands from him.

"Zane, put me down."

"No, you do not understand how insane you make me, do you?" he asked with frustration.

"Put. Me. Down." He didn't. He didn't put me down even with me kicking and screaming all the way back to his apartment. Zane even ignored all the weird glances that mostly came from the guards. Once he did set me down, I turned to him with anger.

"What the hell is your problem?" We stood frozen as he looked at me silently. He skipped answering my question.

"Thinking about what you have lost doesn't make you better. It holds you back, like it has held Rev back." His words made me ache for him. He really didn't get it.

"Zane, it doesn't hold you back," I whispered as I turned my back on him and started to walk to the room I was staying in. "it makes you feel." I placed my hand on the door knob, but Zane's hand came from over my shoulder and landed on top of mine; it kept me from opening the door.

"Feelings get in the way," he said with an edge to his voice. I stood still for a moment before I turned to face him quickly.

"What do they get in the way of, Zane?" He stared at me with a blank expression.

"Talk to me if you ever find an answer," I said as my hand behind me reached the door knob and twisted it.

"It gets in the way of what I need. I find myself thinking about you at times I shouldn't, and it holds me back. I am not supposed to want for myself." His hands grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. Energy ran through my body, and my thoughts caved into nothing. All I could think about was where his hands touched me and his blue eyes staring at me as if deciding something. He leaned close, and somewhere in me I knew what was coming. I backed into the door and shifted away from him.

"Zane, you can't just do that," I whispered into the silence that surrounded us. Before he could say anything or hold me back, I slipped into the room. My heart was still pounding.

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