Chapter Nine

I spun the bracelet around and around on my wrist. I was deciding if I wanted to take it off or not. The decision turned out to be extra tricky. Did I want Torture's mark? No. I hated the mark. I just couldn't find it in me to take it off. He said he was doing it to protect Revenge. My thinking shifted to a different question- just how much was I willing to sacrifice?

"Just take it off then," I mumbled into what I believed was empty air. My fingers wrapped around the slim bracelet then dropped away unsuccessful. I didn't think I could do it.

"Debating?" Zane's controlled voice jumped into my ear as his hands reached towards me. His fingers brushed against my wrist.

"Problem solved," he announced calmly as he moved away from me. My marks were gone, both of them.

"Hey!" I protested, but he didn't even turn to look in my direction. He started to pace back and forth in front of the couch I was stretched out on. My head was on the arm rest as a pillow, and my right leg was crossed over my left as I lay down. I was going to continue my protest and go on about how I needed the ring, but I was taken aback by Zane. He looked so deep in thought that I decided to remain quiet and see how long it took for him to speak. He was oddly relaxed today, and was wearing something different than his usual clothes. His whole 'I'm the serious leader' look was gone. He was wearing black sweat pants and a light gray and blue shirt that really brought out his blue eyes. It made him seem more like a regular really hot guy who was-

"I have been thinking for a while and-"

"Yeah, no kidding. I've been sitting here for like five minutes watching you." I didn't mean for it to sound like I was checking him out or anything, but it ended up sounding that way. His head tilted as his blue eyes sank into mine. His perfect white teeth showed as he smiled.

"Amusing," he stated simply then sat down next to me. My heart stuttered at the nearness.

"Also… I'm mad at you," I stated easily. My arms crossed over my chest. Instead of him reacting in a negative way, his eyes lit up.

"Really? And why is that?" A small smile started at the edge of his lips.

"You punched Revenge and took me unwillingly."

"Revenge did something he shouldn't have. He deserved more than what he got, and as for you… I don't see why I need your consent."

"You need my consent because I have free will!"

"I don't see why we are discussing this unimportant matter." He closed the argument with that single line which made me want to start another one. I unhappily dropped the subject.

"What would you like to do today?" His voice asking that question made me look at him oddly. Don't question it, I told myself.

"Look at the building's blue print then go visit Revenge," I answered after a brief pause. I gave Zane an innocent smile. I watch a frown mark his face as he glanced toward me. His fast frown dissolved itself into a smile.

"How about I teach you how to throw knives?"

"Ummm…because it sounds dangerous!" Zane was up and entering the code before I could protest any more.

"Let's go," he stated easily

"What? Where are we going?" I asked confused.

"To the training room."

I threw the knife. Like the many other times I had attempted this, the knife didn't hit the target. It didn't even dig itself into the wall for that matter. It just clinked onto the ground announcing to all the guards in the training room that I was a failure. I looked over my shoulder to watch a few guards who had their attention on Zane and me. I had felt eyes on me the whole time I was there.

"You keep on holding it wrong," Zane said frustrated. My heart just wasn't in it. Throwing knives wasn't something I believed was fun. He stepped in front of me; our bodies were only inches apart. His hands grabbed my right hand and yanked it open. His skin touching mine sent a spark through me.

"You are supposed to hold it," he began as he positioned the knife's hilt into my palm, "like this." I was too busy staring into his blue eyes. Why were his eyes blue while the others had silver eyes? My inner question became reality.

"Zane, why are your eyes such a pretty blue?" I asked as he was still standing in front of me. His laugh greeted my question.

"And what has made you ask this question now?" His curiosity sparked into his eyes.

"Just tell me," I said growing impatient. He leaned in and his breath whispered against my ear.

"Because I am half human." I flinched back a little startled.

"What?" I sighed in disbelief. Someone chose that exact startling moment to interrupt.

"Zane." I turned my head away from Zane's blue eyes and toward the speaker.

"Torture, what is the issue that has sent you searching for me on my day off?" Zane asked with a hint of annoyance. That explained his very relaxed manners. He had his day off today.

"There has been an assassination attempt. Unsuccessful, of course." Torture's hands were clasped behind his back.

"Was the suspect captured?" Zane's posture went from relaxed and carefree to rigid and guarded.

"No, they were not."

"They?" Zane's whisper was stern.

"Three of them," Torture answered after a moment of hesitation.

"Very well." Zane glanced over the training room. Some of the guards had stopped what they were doing and looked toward our small trio.

"My human, if you would excuse me." Before he turned to leave his hand grabbed mine. He took the knife from my palm and in its place left a smooth ring. Our eyes made contact, and I held the contact until he turned away. I sighed in relief and slipped Revenge's ring back on my finger. I wasn't the only one who watched Zane's back as he left the room. As soon as the door shut, the whispers started. I glanced around only to notice Zane left me in Torture's care.

"Hello there, Torture," I announced as I watched him unclasp his hands from behind his back.

"What is it about you that fascinates so many of my kind?" He sounded as if he were asking the question to him rather than me.

"Ask your kind not me," I said as I put my hands up to surrender.

"Revenge would not stop asking to see you," he whispered as the chatter around the room focused on the assassination attempt. My heart fluttered at the mention of his name.

"Well where is he?" I pushed the question as I took a step closer to him. I had been worried about him all day and night. I wanted to talk to him so badly since Zane had so rudely punched him in the face. Zane. Half human.

"Dr. Barrett's," he answered softly. My hand was suddenly plucked from the air by Torture.

"Why? Is he ok?"

"Where is the mark I gave you?" His eyes scanned over my plain wrist.

"Do you always have to be so rough?" I asked as I pulled my wrist from his grip. His silver eyes narrowed in on me.


"Zane took it from me," I answered with a hiss as I rubbed at my now bruised wrist.

"I gave it to you for a reason. I do-"

"What reason, Torture? Just tell me what in the world is going on with Revenge… please?" I watched Torture look down at the wrestling mats we were standing on. His silver eyes shifted up to mine after a minute of silence.

"I don't believe it is my place to tell you."

"Please," I asked in desperation I hated to show.

"He's sick," he murmured. I froze for a moment before I spoke.

"So… he's at the doctors and they can just fix it… but… why haven't they fixed-"

"Blair, it isn't something that can be fixed." My green eyes met Torture's very serious silver ones. I glanced away after a moment. I looked around the room that now seemed different to me for some weird reason.

"Take me to see him." It came out as a statement; not a question.

Doctor Barrett was a middle aged man with balding hair and a happy smile. I tried to smile back a few times, but it always turned out to be an unsuccessful action. I watched his silver eyes scan over the monitor beside the spacious bed. He scribbled something down on a clip board. Revenge had a very nice room. It even had a window that looked out to a colorful lit up garden below. The room was a calm shade of blue with wooden floors and white furniture. I sat on a white wicker chair with a not too comfortable cushion. Revenge's pale hand was in mine. His hair was a mess, and his face looked thin and pale. A shade of black shadowed itself around his eyes.

"Human, I don't believe he is going to be responsive today." I glanced over at Torture sitting on a chair further away from the bed. I turned my attention back to the man on the bed. I watched his chest rise and fall and wondered about his sickness. I learned from Torture that Revenge was diagnosed with cancer before he was turned. I thought about the spark of blue in his eyes. Blue… my mind tried to piece information together. Could it be that he was half human too?

"Sometimes he will sleep for days. It is what happens to us when we get severely hurt or injured. We slip into a phase called the hold. It is a deep sleep that helps our body heal itself." I didn't respond to his explanation. I only stared down at Revenge's still body. He looked so fragile.

"My human, I am taking you back to your room. You have been here much too long." The voice startled me, and my head lifted from the bed. My eyes opened to a dark room. I searched the shaded space to see if Revenge's eyes had opened; they remained closed.

"I'm fine here," I said to the man whose voice made my heart stutter.

"It wasn't a suggestion." I didn't hear his footsteps, but Zane's hand suddenly gripped mine. I tried to shrug out of his grip, but I didn't have the strength or energy.

"Please, my human. I do not want you to fight me about this." I didn't look up and meet his eyes. I just kept on staring at the white sheets pulled over Revenge's body.

"I promise to retrieve you once I am told that he awakens." I watched the monitor beside the bed. The numbers stayed steady.

"You have been here for hours and need rest. Doctor Barrett will kick you out if you insist on not coming with me," Zane continued to speak to me even without my response. I finally met his pleading stare. Just seeing him made my heart squeeze. His silver hair shined as the moonlight from the window hit it.

"You better come get me," I mumbled in a sleepy voice. With clumsy steps I got to my feet.

His hand still held mine as we walked through the long halls. I didn't care about paying attention too much anymore. After a long walk, I saw the door to Zane's apartment. He entered a code, and this time I didn't even try to see what the numbers were. I started to pull my hand away from his as I began to walk toward the room I was staying in. I was pulled to a stop when Zane didn't free my hand. I slowly rotated around to face him.

His iced blue eyes shined in the darkness of the apartment space. I noticed that he was still in his sweat pants and blue shirt.

"My human…"

"I. Am. Not. Yours," I said with an angry tone and a tired voice.

"It has occurred to me that I should no longer hold back." I moved a piece of my brown hair out of my green eyes. I skimmed over his face expression.

"Yup. Give everything your all. That's great, Zane, but I would really like to go and get some sleep so-"

"You." The one word said so precisely aimed at me made me stop talking. I grew silent as I watched him. His hand on mine grew tighter as he pulled me closer to him. My heart slammed down in my chest, and a tingle was sent down my arm.

"Ignoring you doesn't help me. It just makes it worse." His voice was gentle in the room. It was the first time I had ever heard his voice sound so fragile. I had no idea what he was getting at, or what to say.

"I try not to feel for you, but the harder I try the more I feel." The rise and fall of my chest grew off beat at his words. My mind had nothing to focus on but his blue eyes that watched me intently.

"Do you want me to show my feelings?" His question made my breathing hitch, and I couldn't bring any words out of my mouth. His presence in the quiet room made my mind suddenly go blank. Mine, I thought as his hand came forward and brushed down the skin of my arm. His touch left tingles in its wake.

"Zane…I…" I couldn't even finish my sentence; being that close made my mind fuzzy. His breath brushed across my lips. He stayed frozen as if he were asking for confirmation. I stood frozen and unable to think straight. My heart jumped in my chest too fast. His lips met mine.

Electricity singe through my body, and I found myself drawing closer to him. He was mine. The problems in my world faded to become nothing. All I thought about was where his hands touched my skin. His hands touched my stomach. I felt my nerves tingle where his skin touched mine. I leaned into the kiss. His hands moved on my stomach and a popping noise made me take a moment to breathe. As I caught my breath, I looked down at his hands. A button was missing from the bottom of my button up shirt. His hands were tight on the bottom of my shirt, and I could imagine the second one popping. I snapped back to my mind set and said the first thing I was able to work up to say.

"Wow… I ummm... Look! My button is broke! I should go get that fixed right now. It's important."

It was hard to, but I pushed off his chest, so he would drop his hands from mine. Instead the hands on the bottom of my shirt tightened.

"My human, I don't see what you are trying to do. I am going to go insane if you keep on doing this to me." I stared into his intense gaze. His blue eyes were bright in the dim room. My mouth opened, and the next words I could think to say poured from my mouth in rushed sentences.

"I'm going to go get some chocolate. I feel like chocolate. You know? I'll just go get ice cream and-"

His hands released my shirt, and I stumbled back some.

"What do you want from me?" And like almost every question these days, I didn't have an answer. I found his eyes staring at me with a dim redness behind the brilliant blue. He appeared to actually look in disarray. He turned around and slowly walked to his room. I heard the door click shut quietly. I glanced down at my hands. After standing still for a few moments I took a step in the direction the room I was staying in was toward. A constant pattern hit my thoughts. Zane. Zane. Zane. Revenge. The names repeated themselves. The recent events burned in the back of my memory with my heart still pounding.

"Human." The sound of the strong quiet voice startled me.

"Torture?" I murmured as I picked my head up from my pillow.

"Zane has told me to get you. Revenge has woken up." I jumped out of the bed in my pjs.

"Well what are you waiting for! Lead the way!" I ushered.

"Revenge!" I yelled into the room after Torture had dropped me off. Revenge's slow movement startled me as he sat up on his bed.

"Human, it is good to see you." His smile brought a bit of life into his eyes. I stared at him for a few quiet moments. The dying sun's rays pushed themselves through the cracks of the shades and danced on the wooden floors. I took in the blue walls, and I noticed that the monitor that had sat next to the bed was turned off.

"Revenge… why didn't you tell me?" I saw the bright smile on his face fall a little as he broke eye contact with me.

"I use to think being sick made me weak." Revenges voice was soft. He cast his eyes down towards the blanket. I watched a smile draw back onto his face. His silver blue eyes glanced back up at me.

"But it doesn't. It makes me stronger." I looked at his now obviously fragile body. I didn't know how I didn't notice earlier. I guess that before it wasn't really apparent to me because I didn't know. Now that I knew he was sick, I could see it clearly.

"How would it make you stronger?" I said mad at the world for giving this sickness to him. Why him?

"It helps me…understand," he finished with breaking our eye contact and getting up from the bed.

"Revenge…" I trailed off unable to think of anything to say about how I felt.

"Human, everything is the same. The only difference now is that you know. There is no reason to act any different." I watched him walk around the bed. He was wearing gray sweat pants and a black shirt. He held his slim hand out to me. I stopped being a downer. I took his hand. For some odd reason I felt a puddle of guilt in my stomach.

"You didn't go eat yet, right?" he asked as we walked out of the door way of his nice hospital like room.

"Does it look like I had time?" I pointed down to my pjs. The fuzzy pants I was wearing were blue with unicorns, and I was wearing a tight pink top. We both shared a small laugh.

"So…what do the initials stand for?" I asked as I twisted the ring on my finger.

"My given name," he answered with a smirk.

"And that would be?" I added as I stared down at L.G.

"Leland Gibson. It feels…weird to say that name. It's been years since I've said it."

"Huh," I mumbled as I stopped twisting the ring.

"I had Dax check up on you mother this morning. She is doing better." I grinned at him as his black damp hair fell a little into his eyes.

"So… Why exactly do you do this?" I asked referring of course to his job. I didn't need to clarify; he understood right away.

"Zane was the one who turned me," he said with a small voice.

"Oh, he did?" I asked as I rolled my eyes. Zane. Half human… wait. Revenge. Half human?

"Yes. I had previously been sick before he turned me. I had leukemia for a couple of years, and he came up to me one night while I was in the hospital room. He was a complete stranger at the time claiming to be some long lost relative. He told me that he might be able to save me if I was willing to give up the ones I loved, if I were able to lose contact with them. He told me that it might not work, but if I was willing he would try. I was so sick of feeling pain that I was glad he had offered." I caught the weak smile from him out of the corner of my eye. I let him continue his story.

"I awoke to a whole new world, Blair." Revenge saying my name made me glance up at him. He looked so much better than when he laid still in what Torture had called 'the hold'.

"I immediately wanted to get back to my family and friends, but I couldn't. I had promised Zane that I wouldn't do such a thing if he were to save me. So, they grew old, and I watched their lives pass so fast." He paused, and we walked in silence for a moment.

"Then I felt the sickness again. I knew what was causing it immediately. Zane is half human and he has more human traits in him than I do, but when he changed me, I became a vampire and still carried a small percent of human traits. Doctor Barrett has been working with me ever since." He paused as we stopped in front of a door that needed a code.

" I told him to give up on finding a cure when a medicine almost killed me once. I have lived past the life time that I would have lived and many many years beyond that." We crossed through the door, and then I was stopped by Revenge. He turned to face me.

"I use to view death as an acceptance. Most of the vampires walk around as if they will live forever, and perhaps they will." His black hair fell away from his face in pieces when he looked up again.

"I had no reason to be upset…" His silver blue eyes peered right into mine.

"Then you happened." He glanced down, and I followed his eyes to the ring on my finger.

"I find myself angered when I think about who you are to become. The thought of me missing your life…" he trailed off unable to glance up at me with an angry set to his jaw. My heart slammed against my chest.

"I really do hate to break up your talk." The voice surprisingly startled us both. Revenge had dropped my hand and had a knife gripped in his hand at his side.

"Oh. Hello, Fade," he said once we took in the new speaker. Revenge's hand moved to conceal the weapon, and his hands dropped down to his side empty. Fade's silver eyes scanned over me from only a couple feet away.

"Revenge, I need to take the girl. I'm sorry if I'm interrupting." Fade's voice seemed formal. I got a weird feeling in my stomach. Revenge must had felt it too because it wasn't long before he started to protest.

"And what is it that you would need her for."

"Revenge this is really nothing of your concern. I would really hate to have to…I don't know...have problems with you." Fade's cold hand captured my wrist, and he tugged me to him. I jerked towards his body and crashed into his side.

"Fade…" Revenge's voice sounded like a warning. I looked around the vacant and plain part of the hallway we stood in.

"Sorry, Revenge, I really did like you." My eyes caught the metal of a gun, and before I could even let out a breath Fade fired. The two shots were silenced. My heart constricted. A knife went flying in Fade's direction, and he ducked down pulling me with him. I heard the knife dig into the wall behind me.

My eyes rushed up to Revenge. He was still standing. My eyes brushed over his body and stopped at the side of his shirt. The fabric of his black shirt was wet with red. Revenge had just been shot. The air in my lungs emptied in a sigh. A sharp worried feeling hit my stomach. I glanced up at his eyes. They were red and staring straight at Fade.

I was still sitting on the ground as Fade was suddenly making his way to Revenge. I glanced over my shoulder at the knife Revenge had thrown to see it buried in the wall. I twisted my head back around to see Revenge struggling. With clumsy steps I got up from the floor. I peered over my shoulder. Fade held a knife in his fisted hand, and brought the knife down in a cruel slash at Revenge's face. Revenge stumbled and fell into the wall. Turning away, I gripped the knife in the wall. With gritted teeth and all the strength I could find in myself, I pulled the knife that had imbedded itself in the hallway wall. I pulled away unsuccessful. I stretched my hands with a deep breath and re-gripped the hilt of the knife. I pulled. I heard a small creak from the wall and stumbled back when the knife came out of the wall. I turned back to Revenge and Fade quickly. Fade's back was turned to me as he pinned Revenge against the opposite hallway wall. Revenge's appearance made my anger collapse into focus. I held the knife like Zane had taught me just the other day. Blood glistened off of Revenge's face as his red eyes glanced up toward me. Our eyes made contact in understanding.

The knife flew from my hand. The silver knife dug itself part way into Fade's back. Startled Fade turned toward the threat-me. With a fluid motion Revenge brought up the sword that had been laying abandoned on the floor and brought it in perfect alignment with Fade's neck. I turned my eyes away from the gruesome scene before I heard the sickening sound. My chest was rising and falling unevenly as I glanced at my feet. I was too afraid to look up.

After a short moment, my eyes slowly moved from the floor to the scene of death in front of me. Fade was dead. Revenge was slumped against the hallway wall. Blood trickled down from his face and soaked into the collar of his shirt. His eyes were barely open when I rushed over to him.

"Revenge!" I had no idea what to do. I brought my hands to the bullet wound. Stop blood flow. I saw my panicked hands shaking.

"Revenge…" I asked after he didn't respond to me. I followed his eyes to see what had him so transfixed. He was holding his hands out in front of himself and staring down at them.

"Look at my hands. They are completely red." I glimpsed at them and only found a small splotch of blood on his hand.

"What are you talking about?" I asked in a hushed voice.

"My hands are full of red. Can't you see that?" His voice grew softer as he spoke. His hands fell down. I knew what was coming.

"Revenge…Revenge!" His eyes turned towards me, and I watched as they started to close.

"What the hell!" The surprised voice fell into my ears. His black shirt with the sun/eye symbol in the corner proved that he was a guard. He stood a few feet away staring at me. I drew closer to Revenge. He had completely closed his eyes. I kept my hands on the bullet wound.

"Help!" I shouted at the guard who had a gun out…and pointed at me?

"Get up!" he yelled toward me.

"What? Help!" I shouted again. I took panicked deep breaths as I tried to calm my shaking hands.

"Code seven fifty five!" he announced into a cell phone.

"Why are you just standing there!" I screamed in disbelief.

"I am going to ask you one more time to stand up and show me your hands." Then I put myself in his shoes. One dead vampire. One dying vampire. One living human.

"You… You think I did this!" My breaths got deeper. A hand yanked on my arm.

"Stop!" I protested as I was being dragged away from Revenge. The hand on me was locked onto my arm and another hand captured my other arm. I was no longer putting pressure on Revenge's wound.

"Human," Torture's familiar voice sank into my ears, "calm down." I kicked out at him.

"Stop! I'm helping!" I screamed as I was dragged even farther from Revenge. A sudden pinch made me look over at my arm. A needle. I glanced up into Torture's furious silver eyes.

"Nooo…" I mumbled. Not again.

"Take her to the prison cells." I had no voice to protest with as I was dragged to whatever destination they pleased.

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