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Nightwing watched Artemis walk off with Kaldur, then he looked at Wally, "We're through the hard part, they're in." Wally scoffed at that.

"Who are you kidding? It only gets more dangerous from here," Wally said back. The two turned to leave before the crash of a trash can lid got their attention. The two were instantly off the roof and onto the ground, hoping they could catch the person who had heard and now knew the secret only the four should know

. A shadow ran across and Nightwing pulled out a batarang and aimed to throw it at the creature. It came into the light, revealing itself to be a soot black cat obviously just looking for a bite to eat.

"Just a cat," Nightwing said calmly, putting his weapon back into his belt, and checking to make sure his scanner hadn't picked up any humans in the area. He was again relieved when it hadn't Wally relaxed slightly, and turned with his best friend to leave. Suddenly feeling the strange urge to take a final look at the cat, Wally looked back and a flash of orange on the cat's leg caught his eye.

"Wait a second," using his super speed, Wally raced over and grabbed the cat before it had a chance to move. He then ran to the edge of the dock and much to Nightwing's confusion, dunked it into the water. The cat let out a hiss of anger at being suddenly wet.

Wally pulled the cat out of the water, which had washed the soot from its body, and took a step back, showing Nightwing, who ran over to him. They both gasped when the cat was revealed to be none other than Klarion the Witch-Boy's familiar, Teekl.

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Teekl POV

I was in Bludhaven, hunting for mice like I loved to do. Klarion wasn't so fond of letting me go to a place without him, or being without me so I was rarely allowed here. It had taken me all day to finally convince him to let me come. But Bludhaven had the fattest, juiciest mice so it was worth it.

When I had arrived, I immediately took some precautions. I moved a little away from the small portal Klarion had made and hid it that so it wasn't found, except by maybe mice I would hunt later. I rolled through black soot until it covered me. I knew Klarion would be mad at me for getting soot all over in his tower, which looked basically like a darker version of Nabu's, but I couldn't risk getting recognized.

Then I started to hunt, starting near the bank, because that was near a dumpster where a lot of leftover food got dumped. I prowled around for a while before I saw my prey. I ran out from behind the trash can, but I had moved too fast. The lid fell to the floor with a loud clang.

The mouse ran and I jumped back into the shadows. Two figures came over, looking ready for a fight. I recognized them as Nightwing, one of the Brat Team's leaders and Dumb Kid, from when Klarion tried to take the Helmet of Fate years ago. I needed them to leave, so I strutted across the alley in my brilliant disguise, hoping they would think it was only a mere cat looking for food, which it kinda was.

I was relieved when my disguise worked, and they turned to leave. I stepped in a small puddle. I was, like all other cats, not a big fan of water. I shook the water off my leg. Dumb Kid turned back around to look at me and his eyes went wide with confusion. He took off at a speed so quick I couldn't see him. I looked at my leg and only had time to see some of my orange fur had been revealed before I was scooped up and dunked in the bay.

I hissed at the dunk. Dumb Kid pulled me back out of the water, and both he and Nightwing gasped. I looked down to see I had been revealed and recognized.

'Shoot, Klarion is gunna kill me' was my only thought as they carried me away, despite me clawing at their faces and squirming, back to the Brat Team base.

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First chapter! What will the Team think of Teekl? How will Klarion cope without his familiar? Find out in the next chapter! I will update next week, if not sooner.