I don't own YJ! Warning you now that some characters might be OOC, esp. Wondergirl, she is kind of a Captain Obvious or Oblivious, which ever you prefer, in this story. So, sorry if you like her. She'll get better.

_Line Break_

Teekl stood frozen, eyes shut tight, the sentence echoed in her head. What a cute kitty! The last words a cat hears before he or she are scooped into the arms of a cat-lover and squeezed with the strength that can only come with a certain excitement. Knowing where she was, the said strength could be 100 times worse. But luckily for Teekl, Klarion would never do such a thing, not even to mess with her, and she was currently behind the bars of a cage.

"Wondergirl, wait!" The Martian's voice rang out. Teekl slowly opened one eye to see her worst nightmares come to life. In front of her was a blonde-haired, teenage girl with her arms outstretched for the orange tabby, only telekinesis holding her back. Teekl was faintly aware that when the Martian had redirected her attention, the mental link had been broken.

"I'll go get Nightwing," Superboy called and ran off.

"Can I hold it, pleeeaaaaasssseee?" Wondergirl pleaded with Miss Martian, who only shook her head. "Come on M'gann…"

"Miss Martian," the alien stated harshly, cutting Wondergirl off. Looking both ways, as if someone was listening in to the conversation, she lowered her voice and elaborated. "That cat is Klarion the Witch-Boy's familiar. Kid Flash and Nightwing captured it when Nightwing went to tell…"

She trailed off and gave the blonde a look, causing Wondergirl to become somber and the Martian continued, "Anyway, so they captured the cat and brought it here. Superboy and I were keeping an eye on it and I tried to look into its mind to figure out if it has seen the Light's partner. But when I did, I spoke to it… and it spoke back!" Wondergirl went wide-eyed. Teekl hissed.

'Enough with the 'it' already!'

"Can I speak to it?"

'NOOOOO!' Teekl shrieked, but unlike Klarion, they couldn't indefinitely understand her.

"I suppose while we wait for Superboy to get back with Nightwing." The blonde squeaked with excitement. Teekl made her way to the corner of the cage and curled into a ball, awaiting the terrible feeling of her mind being invaded.

(AN- this next bit of conversation is all in Teekl's head and since I'm too lazy to tell you every time who is speaking, Teekl's thought are in italics, Wondergirl's thoughts are underlined, and Miss Martian's thoughts are italics and underlined)

Alright, we are in its head.

Cool, when will it start talking?!

How does right now sound?

Did you hear that?! Hi kitty!

Hello, by the way, for the billionth time, I am a girl, of the female gender, NOT AN IT! Also my name is Teekl, not Kitty.

Hey Miss M, kitty…


…sounds upset.

She probably really misses the Witch-Boy.

Not as much as you would think and I really don't appreciate my mind being invaded.

Oh, she sounds so cute annoyed.

Shut up you blonde…

Kinda mean too.

She is a criminal's pet.

Companion, not pet… and quit messing with this infernal cage!


Yes, you are and… *suddenly sweet* hey, blondie, you wanted to hold me right?

Of course, I thought you understood English.

Wonder, be careful.

Well, why don't you take me out of this cage and we can cuddle on the couch and you can pet me, and even dress me up in those pretty outfits. We could match!

Ha, nice try, but I'm immune to that kind of trickery.

What trickery?

Hey, Con- Superboy is back with Nightwing, I'm going to turn off the mental link.

*back to being annoyed* Good, I'm sick of you two morons in my head.

Now back to the real world! Well, the YJ real world anyway.

"Miss Martian, Superboy said you had something to tell me." M'gann proceeded to tell the story about Teekl. Whilst they spoke, nobody noticed Wondergirl getting slowly closer to Teekl's cage. Finally, the alien girl finished her story then she and the two boys turned to leave to find Batman and possibly Dr. Fate.

"Come on Wonder."

"Coming!" Cassie shouted back but before she left, she turned to the orange tabby and whispered quietly, "I'll be back later." And with a wink she ran off to join her friends.

'Oh boy.'

Well, that's another chapter done. I'm so sorry about the wait. It seems every time I sit down, somebody else needs something from me. But you don't want to hear me complain. So I'm thinking about putting something about how Klarion is reacting to Teekl missing. Let me know if that's a good idea or if I should just leave Klarion alone. Thanks for Reading!