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Artemis walked around the cave in her civies, bored as can be. Robin was with Batman in Gotham, and the rest of the Team was on a mission she hadn't arrived in time to join. Wally promised her that as soon as they got back he would take her out to eat though. After their New Year's kiss, the two had started dating, but they still had their arguments, so not much really changed around the cave.

She walked into the common room and sat on the couch with her journal. She knew that if she had nothing better to do, she could start on her English report. Artemis noticed a stranger device on the coffee table; it was blue, and looked like a TV remote, but with fewer buttons. She picked it up and looked at the back. On the back, was the mark of Dr. Fate.

She continued to turn it in her hand, careful not to press anything in memory of what happened when her boyfriend had picked up the strange alien gun. It had gone off and destroyed two large walls and most of the kitchen. It had taken the Team, with some assistance from the Justice League, weeks to finish rebuilding. In addition, the Team had also been banned from missions until the cave was finished. The League told the locals that it was merely caves or tunnels in the mountain collapsing from old age, and that nobody was hurt in the accident. They had also recommended that people stay away for their own safety to keep away prying eyes.

Artemis was pulled from her thoughts by the computer announcing that Batman and Robin had arrived in the cave. She set the object on the couch and stood up, hoping to join them on a mission. Batman entered the kitchen and started to search with Robin right behind him. Artemis walked over to them, accidentally hitting a pillow on top of the device.

"What are you looking for?" Artemis asked the Dark Knight. She then asked Robin the same question, having received no answer from his mentor.

"I don't know, Bats forgot something here that we need to fight someone in Gotham. He hasn't told me what though." Robin stated coolly, shooting a small glare at Batman at the last sentence.

"Oh, that's, um, cool. Who are you fighting?"

"Sportsmaster and Cheshire, they are attacking some warehouse. No hostages." Robin said. Batman growled at that, mad that he was searching and not there stopping the villains. He exited the room and headed down a hallway.

"Really? Mind if I join you? The rest are on a mission I didn't get to join, because I had to help my mom." Artemis hoped she wouldn't be left here.

Robin opened his mouth to answer, but a 'no' was shouted down the hallway from Batman. Robin frowned.

"Come on, please? She could be a lot of help. Besides, if Klarion is there, we need all the help we can get with Dr. Fate off-world." Artemis thought about the device.

"Klarion is there?" She walked over to the couch. She moved the pillow after not immediately seeing it. "You wouldn't be looking for this, would you?"

"Maybe." Robin took the device from her and walked into the hallway, then stopped and turned around. "Suit up, then I'll ask Batman." Artemis nodded and ran off. Robin called Batman back into the room. Robin held up the device as his mentor entered. "Is this it, Bats?"

Batman nodded. "Let's go."

"Not without Artemis." Robin avoided Batman's hand when he had tried to take it. Robin jumped over the table and sat down on the couch. Batman shook his head 'no'. "Come on, Arty could be a huge help… Please Bruce, just this once?" Robin looked at him with puppy-dog eyes, knowing that they would work, even with the mask. Batman sighed.

"Alright, just this once." Robin jumped back over the table and hugged him. Batman hugged him back. They stood for about a minute before Batman pulled away, and Artemis walked back in, ready to go.

"Let's go," Robin said cheerfully, handing Batman the device as he walked by. He grabbed Artemis' arm and excitedly dragged her towards the zeta-beams. Batman followed them out, and the three unknowingly headed to what was going to feel like the longest mission of their lives.

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