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_Line Break_

Artemis awoke with a start, coughing to get the water out of her throat. She wiped the liquid off her face and out of her eyes. She then looked in front of her to see Robin standing, his gloves soaked, his uniform slightly burnt. She glared at him, then noticed behind him, the Witch-Boy was sitting unconscious against a tree; there were burns on his suit as well. Artemis looked back to Robin.

"What is going on? The last thing I remember is fighting him," Artemis nodded towards Klarion, "then a bright explosion." She coughed out.

"I don't know. I was the first to wake up though. The Witch-Boy woke up next, said some things, tried to use magic to leave, but when he couldn't, he freaked out. I told him to get traught before he attracted any unwanted attention, but he wouldn't calm down. So I knocked him out." Robin said in a slight whisper. Artemis nodded. "That was about half an hour ago. I was surprised you didn't wake up then."

"So you splashed water all over my face?"

"Yup." The archer groaned, and then looked around. They were surrounded by trees, though the one Klarion was leaning against was obviously the largest. She didn't see any water though.

"Where did you get the water?" (Sorry, I don't know the geography of Neverland)

"Just through those trees," He pointed to the trees opposite the Lord of Chaos. "There is a small creek." Robin offered his hand to help Artemis up. She took it and was pulled to her feet. She then noticed her arrows were gone.

"My arrows!" Artemis exclaimed. Robin covered her mouth and brought a finger to his lips.

"Not too loud, and all of our weapons are missing."

"That means we have no way to call for help."

"Or find out where we are." Artemis looked to Robin then to Klarion.

"Oh, there is a way to find that out," She hissed, "now where did you say this water was?"

_Line Break_

"Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean he did freak out before." Robin said insistently as Artemis walked over to Klarion, hands full of water.

"You said he can't use his powers because of that device thing Batman threw at him in the warehouse, right?" The Boy Wonder nodded hesitantly. "Then we should be fine." She said as she threw the water all over Klarion's face. He woke almost immediately.

"What the hell was that?!" Klarion choked out, having never been woken up in such a manner. He glared at Artemis, and then noticed Robin behind her. Klarion jumped to his feet then his eyes went wide as he remembered his current predicament. But before he could freak out again, Artemis grabbed him by his shirt and slammed him against the tree roughly.

"Where are we?!" She practically shrieked. Klarion narrowed his eyes as Robin warned them to quiet down. Artemis slammed the Witch-boy into the tree again and hissed, "You better tell me where the hell you sent us, NOW!"

Robin shushed them. Klarion groaned then hissed in return with the same amount of venom, "How am I supposed to know? I was going to send you annoying brats to a place you couldn't escape, but then something electrocuted me and I wake up here. Now will you let go of me." He never dropped Artemis' glare.

"As soon as you tell us where," she slammed him into the tree, "we", again into the tree, "ARE!" She once again moved to again slam Klarion into the tree before something bright flew into her face. A series of angry bells swarmed her ears as more and more of the lights appeared. Robin ran to help her but was held back by his cape, which had caught on a tree branch.

Klarion blinked many times, as his vision was blurred from his head hitting on the tree so roughly. It took him a moment to register that something was tugging on his jacket, pulling him away from the tree. His snarled slightly as he swatted at the strange bugs, trying to get free of their pull.

Though the three teenagers' attempts to get free were strong, they were extremely out-numbered and eventually over powered as they were dragged through the trees and all pushed into the shallow creek in something of a dog pile.

"Get off of me!" Klarion hissed as he had been on the bottom. The two heroes stood up then the Lord of Chaos did the same. They waded their way to the side but when they reached it, they heard laughter. The three flinched, all looking around for the source of the noise. Artemis was the first to look up and gasped as the two boys looked up and saw floating above them, another boy who was dressed in leaves. He had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and it was obvious his was the laughter that had been heard. Robin was to first to speak.

"Who are you?" He said as he and Artemis took a defensive stance. Klarion just crossed his arms and set a glare on the flying child.

The boy got a hold of himself long enough to answer them. "Why, I'm Peter Pan of course." He spoke confidently, straightening out his body from the ball it had been in whilst he had laughed at the three outsiders. "And who are you?"

When none of the three said a word, Artemis spoke up. "I'm Artemis, that's Robin and Klarion." She gestured to each boy as she said his name. (AN I'm going to keep Klarion's powers a secret from Peter and the Lost Boys for reasons that will be revealed later in the story.) None of them dropped their guard as Peter floated closer to the three, until he found himself not even a foot away from Artemis and mere inches so from the Witch-boy.

"Well, you look hungry… and in need of some new clothes," Peter stated as he grabbed the sleeve of Klarion's slightly burnt jacket. The Lord of Chaos swatted him away. "You can come to the hide out!" He practically shouted. He whistled and a small group of boys appeared from the trees. "But, so Hook doesn't find us, we are going to have to blind fold you guys." The smaller boys approached the teenagers.

Klarion glared, about to say something, but Robin grabbed his arm and said to the other two, "We need to go along with this; these people could tell us where we are." They looked to Peter who was now much higher than them with a bright grin on his face.

Artemis leaned closer to Robin and Klarion and mumbled so only they could hear, "How long till Witchy hears gets his powers back?"

"Witchy?" Klarion hissed in return.

"Batman said the affects should last for about a week." Robin spoke quietly. Both of the others groaned. They watched as the Lost Boys approached them with cloth and wrapped around their heads, blinding them. They recognized Peter's voice as the boys began to lead them out of the water.

"This is going to be a long week."

_Line Break_

Hello Readers, so I've had this chapter in progress for quite some time, but I finally found the time to finish! So, to recap, Hook found Cheshire, Sportsmaster and Batman while Peter and the Lost Boys found Robin, Artemis, and Klarion. Klarion got hit with Dr. Fate's device and can't use his powers, and everyone else's weapons are missing. Each of the adults has minor burns, plus one major injury, while the teens only have minor burns. And yes, it is going to be a long week, but hopefully not a long wait for the next chapter, but I could really use some ideas on what Peter should do with the teens during the week leading up to an attack on Hook's ship (spoiler, oops) or Hook with the adults.