Ch 1

It had been over 2 years since Vicki and Henry left Toronto. Kerrie, Mike and Maggie were living happily in their house. A few months after Maggie was born Kerrie had a book published and now was working on her third book on magick. Coreen and Danny had gotten married the previous summer. Mike had been promoted to captain after Crowley was given a promotion. Kerrie had kept in contact with Henry but not to Mike's knowledge. She had sent e-mails back and forth. Mike knew that Henry had set up a college fund for Maggie but assumed that was all he had done. Henry had informed Kerrie 2 months before that Vicki had left Vancouver.

Kerrie knew it was only a matter of time before she came back for Mike. She had a dream about it a week before and knew the day would be there any day. Kerrie had seen what would happen, she would tell Mike to choose and he couldn't so she walked away with Maggie. Kerrie dreaded the day but she always knew her and Mike would not be forever. Mike was at work when Kerrie saw another vision. She gripped her computer table and let out a breath. Her vision stopped as Maggie let out a giggle from her spot on the floor. Maggie was almost a year and half. She was crawling around like crazy and even took a few steps the day before. Kerrie was happy Mike got to see that since he was at work and missed a lot of Maggie's firsts. Kerrie picked up her cell and dialed Coreen's number.

'Hello?' Danny answered.

'Can you and Coreen come over? Or if your busy I can get Maggie-'

'What is wrong?'

'Just get over here. I need to talk to both of you in person.'

'Ok, we'll be there soon.' Danny and Coreen were now working out of their house and lived only a few blocks away. They arrived 15 minutes later with their chocolate lab puppy, Louie. Kasey went over to inspect the younger dog as Danny scooped by Maggie who was giggling at him.

'Vicki is coming. I just had a vision and she'll be here either tonight or tomorrow.' Coreen pulled Kerrie into a hug.

'I'm so sorry. I can't believe this. He'll pick you, I know it.'

'Coreen, these visions have never been wrong. I'm going to ask him and he won't pick so I do it for him. I've known all along he's been in love with Vicki. I was hoping over time it would go away but once she shows up at this door it's going to be back big time.'

'But your the mother of his child. She would never have given him that plus she's a vamp, she'll either drain him or turn him.' Danny said as Coreen glared at him.

'Your so insensitive sometimes.' Coreen hissed.

'No, he's being honest.'