Ch 10

2 years later

Mike sat in his living room nervously. It was the first time that Mike was meeting him. He was Kerrie's boyfriend of six months who Maggie had been talking about non-stop since she had met him four months ago. Kieran was his name and he was in a band. The band was based in Ireland but was working on breaking into the North American market. He was a practicing druid and met Kerrie when he stopped by the New Age shop when she was teaching a class. Mike glanced at the clock on the wall and went to put on his coat. He was meeting Kerrie, Kieran, and Maggie for dinner at her apartment. Mike parked his car in front of the building and made his way to the elevator giving the security guard a wave as he walked by. He knocked on the door and Kerrie answered and Maggie ran over hugging his legs.

"Come on, daddy, come meet Kieran." Maggie was almost four and was one of the more advanced students in her Montessori class. Kerrie tried not to laugh as Maggie dragged Mike across the room. A blonde man with shoulder length hair was sitting on the couch.

"Kieran, this is my daddy." The blonde man stood and extended his hand.

"Nice to meet yea." He said as Mike nodded.

"I've heard a lot about you. Maggie has told me all about your band." Kieran nodded grinning.

"We were picked up by an American label so we're very excited." Kerrie made her way back into the kitchen to check on dinner. Mike and Kieran got along well. They talked about the city and music. Mike stayed until Maggie was asleep.

"I should get going." Mike said standing and putting his coat on.

"Thanks for stopping by." Kerrie said as Kieran stood and shook his hand again.

"It was nice getting to know yea."

"So I'll pick Maggie up from school on Friday." Kerrie walked Mike to the door and let him out. Mike made a motion to the hallway and Kerrie stepped out keeping the door open a crack.

"I'm happy for you." Mike said looking at the ground.

"He's a great guy." Mike nodded.

"You deserve to be happy. I know it wasn't easy staying around here with everything that happened. Your a great mother and I just wanted to tell you that." Kerrie smiled and pulled Mike into a hug.

"Thanks." She said stepping away.

"I should get going."

"Night." Kerrie gave him a wave and headed back into the apartment.

Less than a week later Kerrie got the phone call she never wanted to hear.

"Kerrie, it's Kate. Mike- Mike had a heart attack today at the office. He's gone." She said breaking down. Kerrie felt her knees give out as she sank to the floor.

"Thank you for calling."

"I called Vicki and left a message too." Kate gave Kerrie the information she had and Kerrie hugged her knees as she cried. 20 minutes later Kerrie calmed down enough to call Kieran at the studio and he was going to pick up Maggie while Kerrie went down the station.

That night Vicki arrived at Kerrie's apartment after getting the voicemail from Kate. Kerrie had begun to set up everything with the funeral home leaving the final touches up to Vicki.

"Mike left everything to Maggie." Vicki said handing Kerrie a folder. Kerrie looked surprised. "He knew he had a heart condition. I offered to change him but he didn't want it." Vicki said softly.

"I arranged for the wake to be from 5 to 9." Vicki nodded.

"Thanks, how is Maggie?" She asked stuffing her hands in her pockets.

"Devastated, she's been crying non-stop since I told her."

"In the folder is a letter he wrote to her. It might help her. I need to go." Vicki turned on her heel and disappeared as Kerrie walked back into the apartment and pulled out the letter.

"Dear Maggie, This is your dad writing a you a little message to remember me by. I never thought I would be gone when you are so young but god thinks it's time for me to go. You have been the best thing in my life and I have loved you ever since your mother told me she was having a baby. Your my little girl and I love you so much. If it was up to me I would still be here seeing you get older. I want to see you playing sports, going to school dancing, and eventually going to college. Your mother is a great woman and I hope someday soon she gets married to Kieran so he can be your dad. I'll always be with you. Love, daddy." Kerrie wiped her cheeks as Kieran poked his head out of Maggie's room.

"She's asleep." He whispered as Kerrie handed him the letter. Kieran read it and pulled Kerrie into a hug kissing the top of her head. "We won't let her forget him." He said rubbing her back.

The End