This one's for surf chic we made a deal if I wrote a story for her she would write one for me. So here's the story! :)

"Hurry up Megan!" Peter yelled, he was sitting in Kate's trailer, the whole team was going camping with Kate for a week. She said since the Wilson Polley, incident the team was falling apart and they needed to strengthen their bonds. The mayor and commissionor agreed to Kate's plan so the whole team had to go.

Megan was hauling 2 luggages and was not doing a great job.

"Here Megan, let me help you." Peter said, then got out of Kate's trailer to help Megan out her suitcases in the trunk.

"Thanks," Megan said sweetly, smiling at him.

"No problem," Peter said then shut the trunk.

Then peter and Megan got into Kate's trailer it was rather spacious and included a tv, a couch a coffee table, one fridge, and a bathroom but no beds. All of the girls had their hair pulled back into a ponytail and were wearing denim shorts with a pair of tennis shoes. Even Megan was wearing tennis shoes which was a change compared to her usual heels. She looked much more relaxed and also much shorter, and it didn't take long for the team to notice it.

"Wow! Megan! No heels!" Kate teased.

"I'm not all work." Megan shot back with a playful expression.

" Hey Kate where are we going?" Sam asked.

"Michigan," Kate answered.

"I'll be a long trip, so sit back and take a nap." Kate said and with that Kate started the engine and started to drive.

"Megan! Megan!" Kate whispered.

" Time to get up!" Kate whispered again.

"Go away!" Megan mumbled through her sleep.

"Maybe we should pour water on her!" Ethan suggested.

Then hearing that Megan immediately woke up.

" See! Works every time!" Ethan said, clearly proud of waking the doctor up.

"We're here!" Kate said excitedly.

"We're in the middle of the woods!" Megan exclaimed.

"We're about a quarter of a mile from the camping site. I parked here for some privacy." Kate answered.

"It's about a 15 minute walk, not too far I could always park closer if ou want me too," Kate teased

"No, I'm fine, I'm not as wimpy as you guys might think I am." Megan said then got up and joined the rest of the team who already started unpacking.

"Oh, Mrgan we never thought you were wimpy." Peter said.

"Ou, And Kate?" Peter asked.

"Yeah?" Kate turned around swiftly and looked at Peter.

"Where are we going to sleep?" Peter asked.

" I have 3 tents, you'll be sleeping there." Kate answered.

Peter nodded and went back to unpacking his things.

"Ready to head out troops?" Kate asked playfully.

"What are we going to do today?" Ethan asked like a little school girl.

"We could go swimming in the Lake, fish-" Kate was cut off from the whole team screaming,

"Swimming! Swimming!"

It was a very hot day and there was nothing no one else wanted to do other than swimming. Everyone got ready, changed into their swimsuits, and put on sunblock. All of the boys were wearing swimtrunks, and all of the girls were wearing a one-piece that is except for Megan who was wearing a bikini with sunglasses.

"Let's go!" Kate said excitedly, everyone shuffled out of the trailer carrying their swim towels with extra sunblock just in case.

Once they got there Kate signed in and the group headed towards the Lake.

"Who wants to jump in first?" Ethan asked.

"Megan will, right Megan?" Peter offered.

"Absolutely no-" But she was cut off by Peter pushing her into the Lake then jumping in himself.

"Nice one Peter," Sam congraulated.

"I'm going to kill you Peter!" Megan yelled and started swimming after Peter.

"Someone help!" Peter cried out scared baccuse Megan was gaining on him.

"You're on your own buddy," Bud said.

The sun was going down which formed the perfect sunset, the one you would see in the movies. That scene where one character and another would kiss. Peter and Megan were pretty far out and then they reached the beach where Peter put his arms out and panted.

" I surrender!" Peter said.

"Still going to kill you!" Megan said in a singing tone.

"Do whatever you want!" Peter said.

"Anything?" Megan said with a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Anything," Peter stated.

"Guys come over here!" Megan yelled and signaled for Sam, Bud, Ethan, Curtis and Kate to swim over to the beach where Peter and Megan were located.

"On the count of three everyone jumps," Kate said.

"Okay," everyone agreed.

They all jumped in and made there way over to where Megan and Peter were sitting at.

"C'mon Megan what are you going to do with poor Peter?" Curtis asked.

"All going to bury him, in the sand." Megan smiled her mischievous glare.

"Wait what?" Peter said.

"You said I could do anything to you," Megan smiled.

"Bad call man, now you're stuck." Ethan said.

"Let's get this over with," Peter and lied down.

Doesn't have that much Sam/Bud and manly focuses on Megan and Peter (Meter) but It will in the next chapter.

Next chapter Summary: An uninvited visitor comes and visits the team.