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"Okay, I think that's good." Megan said and shoved one more pile of sand on Peter's chest.

"Can I get up now?" Peter asked, looking at all the sand on piled on him. Megan was still piling sand on him after twenty minutes, despite his whimpers, and begs Megan didn't listen and kept on piling sand on Peter.

"Wait, just one more," Megan said and shoved a pile of sand into Peter's blonde hair.

"My hair!" Peter exclaimed. And immediately drew his hands back towards his head and racked his fingers through his hair which was now full of sand thanks to Megan. Sam heard Peter freaking out and took this as an opportunity to tease him.

"My hair!" Sam mocked, making the same motion with his hands as Peter did when Megan shoved the pile of sand on him.

"Nice one Sam," Bud congratulated.

But Peter didn't hear him, he was busy chasing after Megan, you wouldn't normally see this scenario, but tonight the whole team could just relax and be themselves.

"So, Sam, I was thinking you know we could like go swimming together? Or something?" Bud offered, he was never the smooth talker when it came to girls especially Sam, he developed feelings for her a couple months ago but was too afraid to confront her about them.

"Sure Bud," Sam said with a grin on her face.

"I'll race you there!" Sam said and started running.

"No one beats Bud Morris!" Bud exclaimed.

Sam just laughed and kept on running.

"Ethan?" Kate asked to see if he was zoning out too.

"Yeah?" Ethan replied, Kate was glad she had someone to talk to, everyone was doing something, eve Curtis was out swimming in the Lake.

"Do you think they will ever notice?" Kate asked, looking at Ethan who casually had his sunglasses on, laying on his orange and yellow striped beach towel, with his arms pulled back behind his head.

"Who knows, you'd think that they'd notice their spark, after all they are detectives for a living." Ethan exclaimed.

Kate chuckled and said,

"Yep, they really are blindsided," Kate said.

"Do you know where Curtis is at?" Ethan asked.

"He's just relaxing in the water," Kate said and pointed to Curtis's direction to see him freaking about being touched by fish.

"Ahh, classic," Ethan said then dozed off into a deep sleep.

"Come on you crazy kids time to head back!" Kate yelled, Megan,Peter,Sam,Bud, Curtis, and Ethan all looked up then packed there things and got ready to leave the lake. They headed towards the bathroom door where they were taking showers, Megan called to be first, because she didn't like having fish water all over her the most.

"Hurry up Megan!" Kate yelled and pounded one of her fists on the bathroom door.

"Almost done!" Megan yelled.

Megan appeared in a silk blue tank top with a pair of matching shorts.

"What takes you so long Megan?" Kate asked then walked in the bathroom, and shut the door.

"I don't like having lake crap all over me," Megan said.

"Of course..." Kate trailed off her sentence.

Later on that night everyone got ready for bed. Brushed there teeth, took a shower and changed into their pajamas. The girls shared a tent while the guys shared one, and later on that night an uninvited visitor came.

"Guys!" Megan tried waking Sam and Kate up for she heard a noise and some hustling around their tent and wanted some comfort.

"Megan, go back to sleep," Kate mumbled and turned over so she faced Megan.

"Kate, someone's out there!" Megan whispered, she was frightened which was something you usually wouldn't see. Kate woke up, she knew Megan didn't get scared easily so she believed something bad was actually happening. And after Kate and Megan woke up, it stirred Sam's peacefulness and she also, eventually woke up.

"What happened?" Sam asked.

"Megan heard something!" Kate said and looked around the tent as if the intruder was in there.

"Maybe, we should go into the boys' tent." Sam suggested.

"Well," Kate weighed on the idea and decided.

"It's not that bad of an idea." Kate said, and right when she said it Megan and Sam were already unzipping the tent and running as fast as their legs could carry them towards the boys' tent. The next thing Bud knows, is that Sam is poking him painfully in the shoulder whispering,

"Bud! Wake up!"

"Huh?" Bud said and rolled over and tried to adjust his eyes, it was about 2 in the morning according to his watch, and he was still pondering why Sam, Kate, and Megan were inside their tent.

"What's going on?" Ethan said , for he woke up to see why he felt a painful jab in the shoulder; just like Bud.

"Megan thinks there is something outside, perhaps a bear?" Kate playfully suggested.

"A bear?" Ethan asked and looked around terror struck.

"There's no bea-" Curtis was interrupted by the sound of rustling and a shadow illuminating the tent's shadow.

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