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Chapter 25

Dam new power

Piper was looking through the book as the others stood around nervously because they were not sure why she was even looking.

"Um Piper those guys were not demons," Phoebe said while Cole stood next to her.

"Phoebe considering that the source is not really happy that I got out of the deal, why would he not try," Piper said agitated.

"Because they didn't use powers," Prue chimed in. "Which reminds me what was that power boost in the bar?" she asks to Leo.

"I wish I could check but I don't have my powers anymore Prue," Leo replied and walked over to his fiancée.

"Paige is half whitelighter; maybe she can orb up there and asks?" Phoebe said while looking at a not so cooperative baby sister.

"Ok first I have no idea how to just orb up there and second what if they open a cloud or something and send me back," Paige replied.

"Oh honey they would not do that, would they?" Phoebe asks Leo who just pressed his lips together.

"There is no reason to go check for anything, especially with them so just let it go," Piper said and slammed the book. She headed out of the room and started downstairs to get her keys as a demon shimmied in. "You have to be kidding me," she said through her teeth as she put her hands up to freeze him while Prue and the others came running downstairs.

"Can't you guys take a break," Prue said and sent him flying into the wall just before Piper was about to freeze him. He shrugged it off and formed a fireball as Cole formed one as well. Paige was about to orb it away from him when Piper's frustration came out in a bang when she used what she thought was freezing power but instead it caused the demon to explode from the inside out.

"What was that?" Leo asks.

"Don't know," Piper replied while looking at her hands.

"Its has to be your emotions right now messing with your powers," Prue said.

"Paige please try to get up there so we can find out what is going on," Phoebe pleaded while giving her a puppy dog face.

Paige rolled her eyes," you really don't think that's going to work on me do you?" She asks and Phoebe's body slumped a little.

"Please," she asks again and Paige exhaled deeply.

"Leo do you know how?" Paige asks.

"Well just orb to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and asks for help, someone should show up," Leo replied.

"Or zap me with lightning," Paige said softly.

"There's always a chance," Leo said and everyone looked at him," What I was just kidding Paige you will be fine and asks about my powers please. I would like to heal Piper."

"Here goes nothing," Paige said and orbed away.

Piper went and sat down on the couch while looking at her hands. Phoebe sat next to her while Prue still kept her distance. "You know it wouldn't hurt to talk to someone about what happened," Phoebe said.

"And just how would I explain it Phoebe. That I was traded away and had to fight for my life and soul in the underworld, sure that won't get me put away," Piper said and stood and walked over to the window.

Prue decided that it was time to have the talk whether she wanted to were not. "Ok Piper I don't know how many times I need to say that I am sorry, but I am and if you think that I was just having a good old time while you were suffering, well I wasn't," Prue said while her body shook a little.

"Prue it's not that you made a mistake it's the fact you didn't even give it a second thought, you just did it like I meant nothing to you," Piper said as Phoebe was growing very uncomfortable with how the two sisters were looking at each other.

"Piper you just got back and are dealing with a lot so let's just calm down a little," Phoebe said and was getting into the middle sister grove that she did not like.

"Piper you have never not meant anything to me, it killed me when you were gone and I never forgave myself for it, but I can't walk on egg shells anymore. So you either hate me for the rest of your life or we find a way to get through this," Prue said and took in a deep breath as Piper contemplated the ultimatum.

Piper folded her arms and looked away, she wanted to hate her she wanted to hit her but she knew that Prue never meant for it to happen and she looked into her older sisters pleading eyes. "Then I guess we work through it but don't expect hugs and kisses for a while," she said and Prue gave a small smile as she release the breath she was holding. Paige orbed back and now everyone's eyes were on her.

"Ok I have good news and bad, well it depends on how you look at it," Paige said while everyone else just raised their eyebrows slightly waiting for her to give any news.

"Well?" Piper asks.

"You have a new power," Paige replied as she waited for something to blow up. Piper snorted while she rolled her eyes.

"How?" Leo asks.

"She can speed up atoms causing them to explode," Paige replied as she tightens her body.

"Cool power," Phoebe said as a bit of jealousy was noticed in her tone.

"Good then if you want it you can have it," Piper said as she made her way past them and to the kitchen. Leo went after her.

"Piper wait," Leo said as Piper started making something to eat. She was not hungry but it calmed her. "Honey are you ok?" he asks while putting his hands on her shoulders.

"Peachy, just peachy," she replied while roughly unwrapping some chicken she was going to prepare.

"Talk to me," he said and squeezed her shoulders and he could feel the stress in them as she slumped.

"Leo I just want to get back to the life I had, but every time I turn around magic just sticks its nose where it does not belong," Piper said and started her prep again.

"You need time to get used to being back and getting control over your new power," he said and stood next to her.

"Can't they just take it back?" Piper asks.

"They are not the ones that gave it to you Piper," Leo replied as the others came in and Piper felt like she was getting crowded.

"I need to go to the club and check on things," Piper said and grabbed her keys off the table.

"Wait I will go with you," Phoebe said but Piper paid her no attention and just continued to leave. "Ok I won't," she said and put her hands on her hips.

"Guys give her time," Leo suggested.

"We may not have time Leo, if we get attacked and Piper does not have control over her new power, it could be a disaster," Prue said.

"And pushing her right now is not a good idea Prue, we don't know what happened to her down there," Leo said strongly.

"Ok could we not bite at each other and try to find a way to get her to talk," Phoebe said.

"Drugs," Paige said trying to lighten the mood.

"I think we all need them right now," Phoebe said.

Piper made her way to her club and the men that tried to steal from her were in jail or in the hospital. She stepped in and headed for the bar when she heard a noise coming from the back storage room. When she started to investigate one of her employees came out holding a box and then stopped like she saw a ghost.

"Oh god Piper, you're ok," she said and put the box down on the table as Piper just stood there not knowing what to say. The woman walked over to her and hugged her. "What happened to you?" she asks.

"I – um I had an accident," Piper replied as she turned her face away so her scar was not so noticeable.

"Oh well its good to see you back because no offence but your sisters aren't as good at this as you," she said and Piper gave a weak smile.

"Thanks but I need to check on some paper work and its good to see you again," Piper said but did not make eye contact as she made her way to her office.

"You too," the woman said a little uneasy while Piper walked away and closed the door.

Piper sat down at her desk and looked at the pile of papers like it was a root canal, so she opened her bottom drawer and pulled out some Jack Daniels she kept for those special times. She screwed off the top and poured the dark liquid into a small glass. "Feeling numb is good," she said as she drank down the strong drink. She wrinkled her face as she poured another drink and pulled out the pack of cigarettes from her purse and began the process of going through the paper work.

To be continued…