Chapter 26

Those dam sayings

Piper woke up on the couch in her office and looked at the clock, it was morning and after rubbing her eyes to get the sleep out she stood up and stretched her body. It snapped and cracked as old injuries made sounds. She was not ready to go home but she did need some air. The alcohol she drank was long gone and mostly out of her system as she grabbed her car keys and headed out. She drives not sure where or how long she would be driving but something just kept her going. Two hours later she ended up in a town with a lot of shops and a martial arts school in its center. It looked like new construction as she got out to go into the school. She stepped in and used her hair to cover as much of the scar while she walked up to a man who had his back turned to her. The other students were finishing up and leaving as the man turned around. She almost stumbled backwards when she saw him, it was Sesu who smiled at her but did not seem to know who she was.

"Can I help you?" he asks while a small boy came running up to him.

"Daddy," the boy said in Japanese and Piper did remember learning some while she was down there.

"Not now son I have a customer," Sesu said and patted his son on the head as a woman picked him up. Piper could tell it was his wife from the painting she saw in the underworld.

"Um - ," Piper tried to speak but was a little overwhelmed and just turned and left. She got into her car and tried not to panic as a man appears next to her. "You?" she asks Sesu's master.

"Jumpy much," he said and smiled at her.

"If you came back to take me -."

"No Piper but I am here to answer some questions you may have," he said and she relaxed a little but kept her guard up.

"How I thought he went up there?" Piper asks while pointing to the sky.

"He did but was given a chance to start over with his wife and son. As you can see he took it. He does not remember anything of what happened before all new memory's for both of them and their son.

"Can someone do that for me?" Piper asks with a snort.

"Your hell was short lived, his was much longer," he said.

"It was still hell," she said.

"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell. Piper you are here because you need a way to fight what you're feeling and something led you to this place, to find him. He may have different memories but he is a master at more than martial arts. Sometimes the traditional ways of therapy are not the best. You are changed forever but whether it is positive or negative, is up to you," he said and was gone.

Piper sat for a moment and took in what he said and decided to take a chance. She got out and went back in.

"Um I was wondering if I could sign up for some classes?" she asks.

"Do you have any experience?" he asks.

"A little," Piper replied not wanting to get into just how much.

"Here is my schedule and I have a discount if you bring another," he said while handing her the paper.

"Thanks, these are adults class's right?" she asks not wanting to be around kids at the moment.

"Yes," he replied.

Piper shook his hand and left to go home. She checked her phone and there were over 20 text messages asking if she was ok, most were from Prue and then she looked at the discount on the paper. Sparing with Prue might be the therapy she and her needed. After two hours she arrived home to very worried sisters and a boyfriend. He knew where she was but did not want to pressure her.

"Ok I need help I understand that but I will find my own way of dealing with this, not yours," Piper said and they all nodded as Phoebe hugged her.

"Anything you want sweetie," Phoebe said and Piper hugged her back. She then walked over to Prue who had dark circles under her eyes and handed her the paper.

"You need help too, I know its not a fancy office with a therapies but we also did do things a little eccentric," Piper said and for the first time in weeks gave Prue a genuine smile.

"Thank you," Prue said and hugged her and Piper did hug her back.

Leo walked over to Piper and put his hands on her shoulders while pulling her into a hug. He could feel his power coming back and Piper's scars disappeared as he healed her.

"How?" she asks.

"I guess we all needed to admit we needed help or maybe they felt I have gone without my wings long enough.

A few days would pass and Piper did move back into the manner and although it was not back to normal, they were working on it every day and every day it got better. Prue would go with Piper to class and they both would not just learn how to improve their fighting skills but somehow reconnect in the process. Sesu was an amazing teacher and sometimes would say things that helped them in other ways. As Piper put it' the fortune cookie thing'. It was going to be a long rode but they were family and family can get through anything.

The end.


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