Okay, I'm back! I didn't forget about this story, it's just that everything has been so hectic lately. The net chapter should be the last, darlings. I will be writing a new story soon, too, so check that out when I have it up. That's enough of my talking. Read on. (:

The darkness didn't last long though. My body started to stir without my permission and someone was holding me under the arms and pulling me. I could feel the floor move from under me and I opened my eyes to see the ceiling moving as well. Why is everything moving? I thought to myself for a moment and then it hit me. Or, more like a bench hit me. My head dolled forward and I cried out in pain. A dark figure was towering over me and I could hear mummers from them.

"Dang it Aislinn, watch where you're going."

"Tateā€¦" My words escaped without thought and they sounded foreign to me. My eyes closed again but I could still hear everything.

The floor began to move again and the tugging from under my arms began again. Wait, I was moving. That makes perfect sense.

My eyes fluttered open again and I finally recognized my surroundings. I am in the hallway outside my door. I came to a stop and they dropped my arms back onto the floor.

"What is going on?" I asked my vision annoyingly blurry.

"We're taking you home, Snowy." Aislinn's words echoed inside of my head and my head started to throb.

Tate's hand reached for the doorknob to my room and he grabbed it in an anxious fashion. He pushed it open and he and Aislinn dragged me into the room, letting the door slam behind them.

Tate picked me up and put me on my bed gently and picked up the book off of the foot of the bed.

"Romeo and Juliet," he read, smiling. "We read this freshmen year- " Tate's smile dropped when he noticed the note laying on the bed.

"You killed Kyle, and Chloe. That's why you're in here, isn't it?" I looked at Tate, who was staring at the note with fear.

"No, I came here because of a misunderstanding." Tate tried to explain, his voice pleading.

"Liar, you'll pay for your sins."

Aislinn giggled and didn't even try to be quiet about it.

"Tate has issues, and big butt. Oh my god, is that a unicorn?!" Aislinn giggles some more and her face got red. She walked over to the stuffed unicorn on my dresser and hugged it.

Her eyes crossed as she squished the toy. "Oh, Mister Fuzzles! You look dashing today!" Everything seemed hilarious to her and she almost seemed like a child.

"You know about Westfield?" I nodded at a guilty Tate and he closed his eyes for a second. His facial features crinkled and he opened his eye and tears streamed down his cheeks.

"Why would you do that?" I asked.

Tate twitched and tried to wipe away his tears.

"Why would you kill people at all?"

"Why would I do that? Why would I do that? WHY WOULD I DO THAT?" Tate screamed and started crying full-force.

"Because you're a psychopath, Tate! Everyone around here was right! You belong here! You're a murderer!" My vision was worse than a bat and I felt super dizzy, but I managed to get off of the bed and storm out. My hand gripped the fire alarm and I pulled it with all my might.


Sprinklers started spraying water from the ceiling and people immediately started screaming. Alarms rang throughout Elledey and lights flashed. A young girl fainted. A nurse tried to escort people out of the floor in an orderly fashion. Chaos reeked from every cranny in the hospital. It was beautiful.

Aislinn ran toward me in panic. She gave me a confused look and pointed back at Tate, who was soaking in self loath and water from the sprinklers. Aislinn grabbed my hand a started charging towards Tate. Grabbing his shirt, she started running for the door to the roof, just like we panned.

"I don't want him to escape. I want him to rot in here like everyone else." My eyes drifted toward a soggy Tate.

"Well that sucks because he's coming with us. He came up with the plan, and he deserves to be a part of it. Start climbing down the side, Tate goes first, then you. Run as fast as you can away from here and don't get caught. Go to our meeting place and don't come back." Aislinn started toward the exit again before I grabbed her arm and jerked her back.

"Where are you going?" My eyes started to water a bit but I tried to hold in my pain.

"Going to get supplies, don't worry about me." With that Aislinn left the roof. Her damp blonde curls bounced as she walked out the door, and my heart sank when it slammed and she disappeared. She's my best friend, but she betrayed me. Shouldn't I be upset? I don't feel anything, just determination to get out, and maybe a bit of worry.

What if she never returned? I could never be without her, she's the only friend I've ever had.

Tate forcibly grabbed my neck and led me to the edge of the building.

"If anyone is coming, scream jump, and I'll dive into the rose bushes." Tate let go of my neck and started lowering himself over the edge of the building. His tuft of blonde hair soon disappeared over the side of the ledge. If he fell, he would probably break his leg, because we're only one floor up.

After a few minutes of silence, I heard something hit the ground. Tate screamed at me and I started to climb down the building. My hands were gripped on the ledge for dear life and my feet were on a pipe. I moved my foot down searching for another thing to put it on. I found something to rest my foot on, and when I did it suddenly disappeared. My left side began to hang from the ledge I had my hand on. I started trying to pull myself up and find another place to put my weight on. Tate started yelling up at me in worry but I couldn't reply. My hands started to slip and I started to panic. My breath gripped and I started to kick in hope of saving myself. Fingers came unclenched and arms went flying. I started to fall. The wind blew my hair up and I felt like I was in a bad dream. The falling seemed to take like forever, and then I hit the ground, and something that felt eerily familiar to Tate.

"I'm so sorry!" I rolled off of Tate and he gasped in pain. Tate sprawled out on the grass and relaxed.

"I'm fine." Tate smiled honestly and sat up. "But, you messed up my hair." He fixed his hair and stood up; just seconds before my backpack came crashing to the ground.

Aislinn quickly scaled down the side of the building like a monkey and was soon at the bottom. She slung the backpack over her shoulder and began running in the other direction.

"Come on slow-pokes!" Tate and I shared a look and we started running with Aislinn.

Police sirens began to sound from the disappearing hospital behind us and Tate's eyes grew large.

"They already have the cops looking for us?"

"They called row and noticed we were gone." We kept running until we reached Farmiga Street. We stopped to breathe and I thought I was going to die. It was quiet and deserted, so it was perfect for a trio of runaways. I started to breathe regularly again and I felt relieved when the sirens stopped.

Tate was silent the whole way to the store. He just kept his hands in his pocket while his feet shuffled behind us. When we reached the store, Aislinn lifted her finger to her mouth and made a shhh-ing noise before she pushed the door open. A bell ringed as the door opened and shut. The man at the counter greeted us and went back to reading his car magazine. I followed Aislinn to the drinks as Tate got lost in the snack foods.

"Water. We need water." Aislinn smiled and swung the freezer door open. She grabbed an armful of water bottles and let the door slam behind her as she went to find Tate. Tate was moving through the aisles with his head down. He had four bags of Doritos in his arms and two packs of beef jerky in his left hand. Aislinn nodded to him as we walked by, but he didn't look up.

As we reached a shelf of nighters and matches, a loud slat rang from the aisle Tate was in.

"Sir? Are you Okay?!" The man behind the counter jumped up and ran to Tate, who was laying on the floor. Aislinn walked to join them smirking the whole way.

My hands scrambled onto the shelf and grabbed a hand full of cigeratte lighters. My dropped them into my bag and quickly ran to Tate.

When I came around the side of the aisle, into their view, Tate suddenly started to open his eyes and sit up.

"He's okay! My baby brother's okay! It's a miracle!" Aislinn screamed and hugged the clerk. He smiled half-heartedly and awkwardly patted her back. Tate stood up and acted a bit unbalanced.

"Mister, you helped me. You see, I faint sometimes, and your calming nature helped me through this spell. You are a true hero." Tate grinned and shook the clerk's hand. We talked for a bit, than we paid for our stuff. We walked out of that store proud of ourselves, proud of our work, and proud that the clerk was that stupid.

We kept walking down the street, pavement shining from the rain we had last night. Our shoes hitting the ground echoed down the street and dogs were howling in the distance. We did pretty good, I thought shoving my cold hands in my pockets. Is it supposed to be this cold in October? The wind blew on my cheeks and I could tell I was already pink in the face.

I have no idea what day it is. All I know is that it is October. We passed a few benches and a discarded newspaper on the ground. I grabbed it and held it up into the light of the street light. October 30.

"Fred! It's the 30th! We can get food by trick-or-treating tomorrow!" Aislinn turned around and smiled clapping her hands.

"Goody goody gumdrops! I hope we get lots of candy!" Aislinn giggled and we kept walking. After a while, we found an abandoned house and we set up camp there. When we got inside Aislinn started laughing hysterically. She set the backpack on the floor and started to unzip it.

"Look what I got, losers." Aislinn pulled a black gun out of the gun and held it up like a trophy.

My eyes grew wide when she started slinging it around and it got pointed at me.

"Where did you get that?!" My hand reached up to point the gun to the floor and Aislinn sighed loudly.

"Michael Styles that FINE security guard intern on the first floor. We have been flirting for weeks, and when he caught me running away, he got concerned. He's such a doll, he gave me his gun and he helped me get past the nurses to the roof." Aislinn passed the gun to Tate, who checked to see if it was loaded.

"We will make it, Spenc. There's no doubt in my mind. We will." Aislinn smiled and curled up while Tate sat against the door with the gun in his lap, staring at nothing.

I couldn't sleep though, so I sat against the wall and started at Tate for a while. When I finally got tired, I curled up next to Aislinn, Tate still staring at nothing.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." His words were the last thing I heard before I fell asleep, and it was the last thing I heard before I woke up.