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Chapter 26

Bella quickly led her sisters and Lily out of the Great Hall before anyone could notice the building magic around Lily, on her way out she noticed that Sirius, James and their two friends were just now heading in to breakfast. Coming to a quick decision she called out to her cousins and beckoned them over to her.

"I need to talk to you two?" Bella told James and Sirius. "It's about family business." She replied glancing over meaningfully at Remus and Peter, letting her two cousins know that they would need to send their friends away.

James catching her meaning turned to Remus and Peter. "Hey guys, we'll see you in potions alright." James told his friends. Remus nodded his understanding and Peter just shrugged. The two boys then turned and entered the Great Hall for some breakfast.

"What's this about cuz?" Sirius asked suspiciously.

"Not here." Bella hissed. "This needs to be done in private." Bella turned and made her way to the Grand Staircase, the others following quickly behind her.

The group ascended the stairs silently until Sirius and James realized that they were headed toward Gryffindor Tower, the two friends looked at each other and silently decided to ask again what was going on.

"Hey Andi, what's going on and why are we heading to Gryffindor Tower, as a matter of fact how does Bella even know where it is?" Sirius asked suspiciously.

"The 'what's going on' will have to wait, but as far as knowing that Gryffindor Tower was up here…" Andromeda shrugged. "…we didn't until you just mentioned it." Andromeda grinned ominously.

"Wouldn't want to give us the password, now that you've spilled the beans on its location?" She waggled her eyebrows.

"Not likely." James answered for his cousin. "No telling what evil plots you could unleash on our housemates." James smirked.

"Oh you're no fun Jamie!" Narcissa said playfully.

"So why does Bellatrix have her arm around Evans?" Sirius asked curiously.

Narcissa immediately scowled. "Someone cast a leg locking jinx at her and she fell to the ground near the Slytherin table. Terrance Travers then said something awful to her that got her upset."

"What did he say to her?!" James asked angrily. Narcissa and Andromeda shared a knowing smile with each other.

Andromeda quickly whispered close to James ear what the seventh year Slytherin had said to Lily. James' face flushed red with anger and abruptly turned around to march back to the Great Hall. Andromeda had to grab him by the collar to stop him from seeking out the boy.

"He'll get what's coming to him, Jamie, don't you worry about that. Lily is under our protection and we don't let a slight against our family go unpunished." Andromeda told her cousin meaningfully.

"Why didn't the professors do anything?" Sirius asked.

"Not sure they heard." Andromeda replied. "Most of the professors weren't even there, only Dumbledore and Slughorn. Slughorn is useless and Dumbledore likes students to work out their own problems."

The group had reached the top of the stairs of the seventh floor but instead of turning west toward Gryffindor Tower, they turned east.

"Not that you don't know where you are going cuz…" Sirius began. "But, there is nothing down the east corridor. No classrooms or bathrooms, just an unkempt and unused part of the castle." Sirius told Bellatrix who had suddenly stopped in front of a bare wall. There was a tapestry of a wizard trying to teach ballet to a group of trolls on the opposite wall but nothing else around.

Bella turned to face the group. "I will have all of your words that you will not disclose anything you may see or hear from this point on. This falls under family secrets. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" Bella said sternly as she looked at her cousins, sisters and Lily.

Noticing the serious if not deadly expression on her face, all present nodded their agreement quickly. Bella turned away from the group and began to pace. The others just looked at each other in confusion and curiosity. Suddenly a large door appeared on the previously bare wall. The group looked at the door in stunned silence.

Bella smirked at the incredulous looking faces and then took a step toward the door that opened of its own accord. The group quickly followed the dark haired witch into whatever was hidden behind the wall.

Three girlish 'eeps' came from Andromeda, Narcissa, and Lily as they walked in and saw a shirtless Harry, who's bare chest and defined abs were glistening with sweat. Andromeda and Lily immediately turned around to avoid gawking at him. Narcissa on the other hand continued to stare with a flushed face but a wicked grin as she let her eyes roam unashamedly over her brother-in-law's body.

"Oh!" Harry said in surprise. "I wasn't expecting company." Harry said picking up a towel from a chair and wiping off the sweat from his body and then reached for a t-shirt.

"No need to get dressed on our account." Narcissa breathily stated. Bella rolled her eyes at her prematurely hormonal little sisters.

"That's quite enough of that you shameless flirt!" Bella told the small blonde, trying to cover her eyes with little success as Narcissa kept bobbing her head up and down to get another look.

"I see you have visitors Lord Eveningshade; we shall continue our training tomorrow morning." The Bloody Baron stated before drifting through a wall.

"Sorry love." Bella said giving him a quick kiss on the lips. "But there was an incident in the Great Hall and I was also given some disturbing information about a plot against the family. I felt it was important that we gather everyone together to discuss it."

"No it's alright, I'm grateful to take a break." Harry breathed heavily as he flopped down in a chair and grabbed a large glass of water gulping it down. "If there is a threat do you think we should invite Dorea over?"

"It might not be a bad idea." Bella replied.

"Well, I think we need better accommodations if we are having a family meeting." Harry told his wife. He closed his eyes and to the surprise of everyone except for Harry and Bella, the room suddenly seemed to spin in a blurry rush causing them to stagger nearly falling over themselves.

Suddenly the room stopped and a large fireplace materialized with several comfortable looking couches and chairs surrounding it in a semi-circle. A serving table also appeared along the left wall with an assortment of breakfast items, tea and coffee. They all had looks of stunned disbelief on their faces as they tried to process what had just happened in their reeling minds.

Harry and Bella chuckled at their family. "Help yourself to something to eat." Harry told them in a friendly gesture. "I'll just kip off and get cleaned up while you eat."

"I'll give Aunt Dorea a call while you're doing that." Bella told him and swatted his arse playfully as he went by.

Thirty minutes later Harry walked out of his shared bedroom with Bella, he immediately noticed his father and Sirius with their heads together whispering back and forth to each other, when they would stop one of them would scrunch up their faces till they were red and then go back to whispering looking confused. Harry chuckled when he figured out that they were trying to get the room to do something for them.

He saw that Cissy and Lily were likewise engaged on one of the couches, the flirty blonde seemed to be consoling her redheaded friend. They seemed to be very close friends, and Harry briefly wondered what caused the friendship to end in his reality.

Bella and Andromeda were at the bookshelf examining a plethora of books that normally could only be found in the restricted section of the library. Harry chuckled at the glassy eyed look on Andromeda's face as she lovingly stroked the spine of a particularly ancient looking book.

Harry came up behind his wife and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and hugged her to him. Bella giggled and turned her head to the side and leaned back and gave him a quick kiss.

"Hmm, you smell much better." Bella told her husband. She turned around in his arms and pressed herself against him and gave him a proper toe curling kiss that left him breathless.

"I thought I was being called to an emergency meeting, not to watch my niece snogging her husband senseless." Everyone jumped at the sudden appearance of Dorea Potter stepping out of the Floo.

Harry blushed while Bella just smirked saucily. "He's just too delicious not to want a taste of every few minutes." Bella replied with a grin on her face.

"As delicious as he may be, I believe you called me here for a reason." The Lady Potter stated with an arched brow.

"I did auntie." Bella replied grimly.


"I was told by a reliable source that Voldemort has put a bounty on every member of the Black Family, including…us." Bella motioned to herself and her sisters.

Dorea sat back in a large wingback chair and let out a deep resigned breath. "Tell me everything."


This wasn't what he signed up for, not what he was told would happen to him. They had assured him that everyday witches and wizards would flee when they were threatened with violence and that if the aurors did arrive unexpectedly they never cast to kill.

But it wasn't aurors who showed up, but a young witch and wizard who retaliated, they retaliated with such speed and brutality that it had surprised him and his hit team. 'What the hell was that ribbon looking curse!' It was supposed to be an easy mission! Lord Malfoy guaranteed that there would be no resistance!

Alan Pratt had joined the militant arm of the Purist Party two years ago. He had graduated from Hogwarts three years previous and all though he was a pureblood, granted from a lesser house, he could not find a job that would pay him what a respectable pureblood deserved; his parents however, had no political or social clout to get him a job with the Ministry. So he starved for a year trying to find employment.

He did notice however that a classmate of his, Bert Stanwich a half-blood with a mudblood mother was now running his father's apothecary. Where was the justice in that?! One night as he was expressing his frustrations over a few pints at the Hag and Troll Pub down Knockturn Alley, he was approached by a man who was sympathetic to his plight.

A few more pints and three days later and he was a new recruit for the Purists movement's military wing; the Death Eaters. He was all too happy to join with likeminded wizards and witches who saw the disease that was the muggleborns with their unnaturalness.

He remembered with glee how he passed his initiation test. He had to kill a mudblood or a half-blood. He did both, killing the half-blood Bert Stanwich and his mudblood mother; unfortunately his pureblood father was there and tried to protect the filth. Well his death would serve to warn other purebloods from polluting their bloodline with muggle filth.

But now, here he was with magic suppressing manacles on his wrists, chained to an interrogation table like a common criminal in a small windowless gray room. He shook his head again. This was not supposed to happen; no one was supposed to fight back. Now all but three were dead, out of twelve on his team only he, Bryce Murdock, and Lord Malfoy had survived.

The heavy metal door that kept him locked in the small room creaked open. Alan could see two red cloaked aurors standing guard just outside. Two people then walked in and took the two chairs just opposite him. The first was an older man with several scars on his face and had a hardened look of a soldier who had seen his fair share of war.

The other was a pretty red-haired witch somewhere in her early twenties. She looked somewhat familiar, she was about his age, probably had seen her at Hogwarts. Definitely not in Slytherin House, he would of remembered her if she had been in his house.

"Alan Perciful Pratt, twenty-four years old, Hogwarts class of '64, mother…deceased, father, Perciful Jonas Pratt of Londonderry…bookkeeper. I see here you have several minor offenses to your record, drunk and disorderly, petty theft, and what do we have here? Oh ho! It looks like several arrests for assault!" Auror Captain Alastor Moody read from his file before looking up at the shackled young man in front of him.

"My name is Auror Captain Alastor Moody, and this is Auror Bones. We will be conducting this interrogation, and it is my duty to inform you that this interrogation can and will be submitted as evidence for Pensieve viewing by both counsels and at your arraignment and hearing, the court date is not yet set.

"Now, is there anything you wish to confess or state for the record, before we start questioning you?" The veteran auror asked.

"Fuck you! I'm not saying a word to you without my solicitor!" Pratt spat.

Moody's face tightened at the foul mouthed whelp, and had to take a calming breath before he continued. Moody looked down at the information sheet in front of him and grinned evilly. "It says here that your solicitor is one Lord Abraxus Malfoy. I hate to tell you this laddie, but Lord Malfoy is a wanted fugitive and is not able to represent you at this time." Moody smirked.

The shackled man's face paled as he realized that he, like many of the Death Eaters, had Lord Malfoy listed as their solicitor, there were other solicitors in Lord Voldemort's employ, but he did not know who the others were.


"Can't think of anyone else?" Moody mocked. "Why don't you do yourself a favor, and just tell me what I want to know, and we'll see if we can persuade the courts to be easy on you. What do you say lad?"

"I-I don't know anything! I was j-just in the wrong place at the wrong time! I didn't do anything wrong!" Pratt shrieked.

Moody looked piercingly at the young man in front of him, pure loathing on his face as he stared at the Death Eater trash, the vacant stares of Hogwarts student still fresh in his mind. Moody pushed away from the table, the legs of the metal chair screeching across the stone floor. He stood and slowly began to circle the table like a shark circling his prey.

The eyes of the young Death Eater nervously watched the progress of the old auror as he made his way around the table until the man was directly behind him. He twisted his neck from one side to the other in an attempt to keep an eye on the older man, terrified what the auror was doing.

*SMACK* Alan Pratt saw stars as his head was suddenly smashed into the metal table, small rivulets of blood streaked across the cold surface from the newly shattered nose.

"CAPTAIN!" Amelia Bones shrieked in shock.

"That…was an attention grabber!" Moody growled near the dazed Death Eater's ear. "Next time I ask a question, you had better answer me!"

"You didn't ask me a BLOODY question!" The man spat, blood flying everywhere. Amelia produced her wand and with a quick 'evanesco', vanished the splattered blood.

"Oops, my bad." The old auror chuckled darkly.

Amelia cleared her throat to get the attention of the shackled young man. "I apologize for my partners rather…abrupt actions. He can be quite temperamental at times, but he hasn't killed a suspect in over a week, a personal best really." Amelia casually explained, and had to stifle a grin as the young man's eyes widened in panic.

Soothingly Amelia continued. "Now, we know that you are a member of the illegal vigilante group known as 'Death Eaters'. We also know that you were involved with the burning of the Bistro in Diagon Alley, endangering the lives of the seventeen people who were patronizing the establishment at the time, and that you participated in the murder of Gerald Bell, the Bistro's proprietor.

"Your wand was tested by 'Priori Incantatum' and was found to have cast the killing curse. This curse of course being an unforgivable and has a mandatory sentence of life in Azkaban prison. You were also witnessed to having taken part in the subsequent battle that left many surrounding businesses damaged or completely destroyed, as well as injuring at least a dozen other innocents including three children.

"These are the facts, and you are looking at life in Azkaban prison, and most likely will be held in its maximum security floors, which you are aware is guarded by Ministry Dementors." Amelia finished reading from her file.

"Dementors, lad." Moody repeated over the young man's shoulders. "Those soul sucking devils that strip you of every pleasant thought, every happy emotion and leaves you with your darkest fears and memories as you scream your throat raw as their unnatural cold chills you to your very bones." He growled.

Alan Pratt visibly began to shake. This definitely was not what he had signed up for, Dementors for Merlin's sake!

"You do have some options available." The pretty redheaded auror stated with a hint of sympathy in her voice.

"O-options?" The man asked hopefully. Again Amelia had to stifle a smile at how easily she and her mentor were leading this terrorist slime.

"Of course." Amelia replied sweetly. "If you were to help me, I in turn would help you."

"W-what do you mean h-help you." He stammered looking back and forth between Moody and Amelia.

"I want you to give me everything you can on Voldemort, his Purist party, not the propaganda but the real goals of the organization, and everything about the Death Eaters. Such as, how many are there? Where do they gather and train? What are the requirements? I want to know about any and all former attacks and raids that you are aware of. And most importantly I want names, names of every son-of-a-bitch that has raised a wand to harm, maim, or kill in the name of that sick bastard you call lord." She said dropping the sugary voice into a hard demanding one that she would one day become renowned for.

The man silently shook his head before speaking. "If I do that I'll be dead before the next dawn."

"You'll be worse than dead if you don't!" Moody snarled. "Ever see anyone who has been too close to a Dementor? Have you lad?" He spat.

"Not a pretty fuckin sight! Most pray for death after the first week under their tender mercies. But we don't allow you to die in there see, oh no, you'll slip further and further into madness, as their ungodly existence slowly destroys your very will to exist…but you do, and the torment never ends. Think on that boy."

Alan Pratt was now openly weeping as the dark realization of his predicament finally was made manifest. He, like all magical raised, knew of the Dementors and what they did and could do to you. He also knew the punishment for betrayal. He had witnessed his lord torture a fellow Death Eater into insanity for expressing a desire to leave the Death Eaters.

"I-if I do this, if I help you, I will have a target on my forehead." Pratt whispered, looking down at the table that was dotted by the drops of blood that were still leaking from his broken nose.

"If I do this will you protect me, or get me out of the country…maybe…America." He asked.

"No guarantees, but I'll speak to the DMLE director and have him pass it by the Head Warlock and the Minister. But you have to be able to give me some damn good intel or its no deal." Moody spoke.

Pratt nodded his head and then proceeded to relate to them all the muggle attacks he had been part of and those he had heard about from his fellow Death Eaters and the names of those involved. He explained that the Death Eaters were usually divided in to twelve man cells that received instruction from a handler who received direction from Voldemort's inner circle who had received it from Lord Voldemort himself.

At least that was what he was told. He explained that there was a command structure, and that information came through those lines. The average Death Eater grunt rarely saw the Dark Lord, only the inner circle and on occasion the Cell captains met personally with their lord. Apparently, Abraxus Malfoy had been an inner circle member as well as a Cell captain.

Pratt was not aware of how many of these Death Eater cells existed but was confident that there were at least a dozen or more. There had been thirty-six people in his training group a little over two years ago, and knew that the facility he was trained in was just one of three that the organization had.

He had little information, that is to say no information on Voldemort himself or who the inner circle members of the Purist movement were. In the end the information that Pratt provided gave the DMLE a place to start, a training facility near Inverness and a few names of people he knew were in other Death Eater cells.

"We need to go public with this. The people should be warned about this threat." Amelia told her mentor as they stepped out of the interrogation room.

Moody gave her a stern glare. "What should they know Bones? All we have right now is hearsay. That 'supposedly' there are terrorist cells of Death Eaters lurking about and that they receive third-hand…third-hand orders from Voldemort? We cannot prove that any orders came from the bastard.

"All we have here are leads we need to follow; only good detective work is going to bring down this dark son-of-a-bitch. As of the moment we cannot substantially connect the Purist Party with the Death Eaters."

"But, but Lord Malfoy is a known member of the Purist Party, and was captured at the Diagon Alley attack!" Amelia protested.

"Use that brain in your head Amelia, I know you have one. It's all circumstantial. Just because he is a member of both groups does not automatically tie the two organizations together. Not to mention the pecker-head up and fled the country.

"I can guarantee you that the Purist leadership will no longer participate in Death Eater raids. With the capture of Lord Malfoy and the loss of the Malfoy fortune it will cause the organization to rethink risking their money-men from being on the frontlines."

Amelia nodded her head in understanding. "You're right. Without definitive proof all we have our allegations and speculations." Amelia sighed in frustration.

"Don't look so defeated Amelia. We do have a solid lead to start with. With one step at a time we will get the evidence we need to bring these arses down. What we do need to do is inform Crouch about these training camps and that we could be facing a serious threat of Death Eaters who may outnumber the Aurors and Hit Wizards combined."


The conversation with Dorea had ended with the group being instructed to be extra vigilant and to watch out for one another. They were further instructed to never go out alone. It was decided that for their safety Andromeda and Cissy would move out of Slytherin House and into the Room of Requirement with Harry and Bella.

Narcissa seemed to be very excited with this declaration as she smiled coquettishly at Harry, much to Bella's irritation. The little flirt had mentioned to her and Harry earlier that it was quite acceptable for a lord to have a mistress and that she wanted to be considered for the position when she was old enough.

Harry wasn't sure if she was joking or not, but either way Harry had to politely rebuff her when he saw Bella staring daggers at her youngest sibling. Narcissa had just shrugged and skipped away giving Harry another dazzling smile as she left.

As soon as the decision had been made for the sisters to stay, another door had appeared that lead to a large bedroom with two full size canopy beds, a fireplace, two student desks and a spacious walk-in closet and large bathroom with a sunken tub.

Dorea's mind was a whirl of plans to protect her family, and would be contacting her longtime friends Poppy Pomfrey and Minerva McGonagall the next day. It was time to have a serious chat with her two former schoolmates. She knew from Harry's former time that the two witches had been strong allies of Dumbledore. She would need to sway them to her before Albus got his claws into them this go-around.

With a war coming she needed to start gathering her allies and it didn't hurt to have a couple of reliable spies within the school to inform her of the goings on and to be two more pair of eyes to watch over her family. With their shared history together it shouldn't be too difficult to enlist the two powerful witches.

She also needed to speak to Alastor, he was uniquely positioned within the DMLE to keep her abreast of anything Death Eater related, and she also wanted to bring him in on the whole Brotherhood of the Fox problem. She of course had the enigmatic resources of the Black underground network, a web of informants, spies, and thugs that were at the beckon call of House Black.

The threat to her family seemed to be coming from multiple sides and she knew that she would have to determine which the greatest threat was, and take them out as quickly as possible. She, Charlus and Arcturus had agreed that they could not fight on multiple fronts and hope to succeed, even with the combined resources of the Potters and Blacks.

She would trust Harry and Bella to protect the family at Hogwarts and she, Charlus and the other Black family members would work on dealing with the problems outside of the ancient school.


Friday had arrived; the rest of the week went by without incident for the sisters and Lily, though there was an obvious uptick in anti-muggleborn verbiage and several minor altercations, which required some medical attention. But it did not pass by Poppy Pomfrey's notice that all the recent visitors to her little hospital had all been muggleborn.

She had heard the whisperings like all the professors had regarding an organized hazing of muggleborn witches and wizards. She had even brought up the issue in this morning's weekly staff meeting. But Dumbledore had dismissed it as young people just being kids and that there was nothing to worry about.

This had caused her to bristle and reflect on the meeting she had had with Minerva and their old friend Dorea Potter nee-Black and the ever vigilant Alastor Moody. They had met Wednesday evening at the Three Broomsticks for dinner, an invitation to dine from the Lady Potter.

It had been an illuminating meeting if not worrisome and downright frightening. Dorea had told them that another Blood War was on the horizon, and that this Lord Voldemort and the Purists Party would be the ones to throw magical Britain back into the horrors that all three women had faced nearly thirty years ago.

Minerva had been skeptical and told her friends so. Dorea told the pair that the recent attacks in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade and the several attacks they had heard of on other small muggle villages had been executed by a group calling themselves Death Eaters, and were the de-facto militant wing of the Purist Party.

At first Minerva could not believe what she was hearing, until Moody had confirmed the Lady Potter's comments. He shared with the assembled ladies some information that he had extracted from the interviews with the captured Death Eaters. He laid out before them a picture of the radicalization of disenfranchised purebloods.

The Purist Party was grooming young angry purebloods to be its own military, a militant group which they could mold into heartless and mindless killing machines. The hit and run raids on unsuspecting muggle villages, the rape, and the torturing were tools to desensitize their young minds to the mayhem that they would eventually unleash on the magical population.

Poppy recalled how Minerva absorbed what was being said and when she no longer doubted Dorea's words. She had immediately suggested that they speak with Dumbledore and that he would know how they should respond to this new threat. He was after all the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and could put the Ministry into motion.

Dorea immediately launched into a vicious diatribe of how Dumbledore took a neutral stand during the Great War and the Grindelwald situation. He constantly voted against giving Aurors and Hit Wizards more discretionary powers to defend life and property.

And as for why he all of a sudden took interest in Grindelwald at the end of the war and the supposed duel that killed the Dark Lord. She had her suspicions; after all, no body was ever shown to the International Confederation of Wizards. They just had Dumbledore's word that the deed had been done. Well she had her suspicions about that to, and the relationship between the two of them.

Poppy and Minerva had been stunned at the acerbic characterization of the headmaster coming from their longtime friend. Dorea explained to them that this threat needed to be met not by passive negotiating or backroom politicking, but by an aggressive policy of 'Cross this Line and You Fucking Die!' and in Dorea's and Alastor's minds that line had already been crossed.

The deaths in Diagon Alley and in Hogsmeade were merely the preamble of a much darker agenda. They needed to stop this threat before it became unmanageable and Dumbledore was not a proactive leader, he usually took a wait and see position on almost everything. And having the minister's ear, it was a guaranteed certainty that once again he would recommend a policy of passivity.

The meeting had stretched into the wee hours of the morning, but Alastor and Dorea had convinced Minerva and Poppy to at least be their eyes and ears within the school. Minerva would not actively spy on students who might be junior Death Eaters but that she would keep her eyes open.

Poppy would continue to document all assaults on students, both victims and perpetrators. Documents that could be presented not only to the school governors but also to the DMLE as well, to force Dumbledore's hand in expelling students who have shown a history of violence toward their fellow schoolmates. This was one way she could protect the children who attended the ancient school.

Dorea had made Minerva and her aware of the price put on the heads of her family including those within Hogwarts. The two of them vowed that they would try to keep an eye out for the three Slytherin sisters and the two Lions and Lily Evans as well.

The explanation Dorea gave for her interest in Lily was because of her friendship with her niece Narcissa and that she had already been targeted by bullies in Slytherin who do not like the relationship between the two first years. With a promise to all meet again soon the group went their separate ways until a new meeting was called.


Terrence Travers strutted his way to the Great Hall for his Friday morning breakfast, and why shouldn't he strut? He was a seventh year, a pureblood from a wealthy and influential family, and he was a Slytherin. The other pathetic students from the other houses ran from his mere presence, such was his awesomeness.

Everything was right in Terrence's world as he sat at the Slytherin table amongst his friends and bragged about his latest sexual conquest of a fifth year Hufflepuff, so he had stunned her before he took liberties with her, but his friends didn't need to know that. Besides, she should be grateful that a pureblood used her half-blood body for his pleasure.

Bellatrix entered the Great Hall walking with Olivia Rosier; the two had rekindled their friendship and were making their way toward the Slytherin table. She smirked evilly as she saw her intended victim laughing it up with his friends. Quickly schooling her features to a more aloof façade she directed herself and Olivia to pass just behind the oblivious seventh year.

Slowing down Bella turned toward Olivia and spoke as they were just behind Travers. "Did you hear Olivia, that a horny Dog was spotted in the castle trying to hump everything in sight." Bella smiled enigmatically as she and Olivia took a seat near Bella's sisters. Bella was particularly glad that Lily had joined Narcissa for breakfast this morning.

Terrence Travers suddenly began to feel a bit…strange. His friends noticed that he began to pinch his legs together and was squirming around in his seat. The boy began to sweat and his eyes looked like they were glazing over. They watched in confusion as their friend who had been boasting just moments ago had become suddenly silent.

They jumped as Terrence's hands slapped down on the edge of the table gripping the wooden surface tightly. He began to rock as he crossed his legs and was grinding his thighs together, his breathing quickened and his eyes began to dilate.

Terrence suddenly lurched at another male Slytherin student who happened to walk by just then. The seventh year wrapped his arms and legs around the other student and began to jerk his body up and down the side of the now frightened boy.

The boy tried to push Travers off him but he held on tight and continued to dry hump the younger boy's leg with increasing fervor.

"Travers what are you doing?!" Rabastan Lestrange yelled as he tried to separate the two boys. His effort to separate the two was successful but had the unfortunate affect of Traver's trousers falling down around his ankles and now an obvious erect Traver's was now trying to mount him with wildly thrusting hips.

"Who knew that Traver's went commando?" Andromeda roared with laughter.

"Not that he needs boxers with such a miniscule organ as that." Bella replied with a smirk, sending many around them into fits of laughter.

"Mr. Travers! Mr. Lestrange! By Merlin's beard what are you two doing?!" Professor Slughorn bellowed as he was hurrying to the scene.

"I'm not doing anything professor!" Rabastan screamed as he and his brother were trying to pull off a very excited Travers.

"I think he's been put under a spell professor!" Rudolphus replied as he deflected Traver's attempts to jump on him.

The entire hall had erupted in unrestrained belly laughs at the sight of the two Lestrange brothers being sexually attacked by a horny Terrence Travers. Bella winked at Lily and mouthed the words 'for you'. Lily gave her a grateful grin that went from ear to ear.

"Finite Incantatem!" Slughorn cast without success. "Finite Incantatem!" He cast again trying to end whatever spell had been put on the still humping boy. No success.

"Allow me Horace." Dumbledore arrived at the scene with a superior look on his face. "Finite Incantatem." He cast casually. Dozens of eyes widened as the all powerful headmaster's counter spell failed to stop the boy whose lower appendage was becoming raw from constant friction and starting to bleed from micro-tears in the skin.

'That's not going to work you old fossil!' Bella thought superiorly to herself. She was an enchantress and when she cast an enchantment it could only be removed by her.

Dumbledore tried three more times before giving up and stunning the boy. By the time he had knocked the boy out his manhood looked more like ground beef than an actual cock. And Bella felt no inclination to remove the curse…ever. She smirked again knowing that when they awakened him, he would once again feel the overwhelming urge to copulate with the nearest male leg.

Though no-one could ever prove it, the feeling in Slytherin House was that the Black sisters were somehow involved with whatever happened to Travers, seeing as they had previously warned that the Gryffindor redheaded first year was under their protection and since Travers had insulted the girl it stood to reason that they were involved.

Lily Evans would never be targeted again, at least by the male population of Slytherin. Not one of them wanted what happened to their house-mate to happen to them.


After the last class of the week finished, Bella escorted Lily back to the Room of Requirement to begin their training in Eveningshade family magic. Harry had immersed himself all week in the family Grimoire, searching for some chapter or passage that would explain how to access and develop the unique magic that flowed in his blood

He had found many unique spells, curses and hexes that he had never heard of before, he also found several blood and sex rituals which left him feeling a bit disturbed and a bit turned on if he was being honest with himself.

Harry suspected that many of these later rituals involving blood would be classified as dark magic and almost all blood magic was banned and criminalized by the magical government. He did learn from the book about the tablets within the family vault. He would have to tell Dorea that she had been right, that some of the tablets were written in ancient Samarian, they were summoning rituals but the Grimoire was cryptic as to what exactly they summoned.

He was disappointed that he could not find a list in the book that detailed all the family magical gifts, he did discover however that some gifts were shared with all those who possessed the Eveningshade blood, but that their were also other gifts that only manifested in witches of the family, such as summoning.

Only the most powerful females of the clan possessed the gift of summoning and the ability to decipher the ancient tablets. But again the book was cryptic as to why this was. All members had the ability to "slow time" in battle. It wasn't time manipulation, but the chemical and electrical impulses in the brain firing information so fast that it appeared that everything was moving in slow motion.

Harry had actually heard of this in the muggle world, time seeming to slow down when someone was under extreme physical or mental distress. Bu it seemed that the Eveningshades could do this at whim. This gave them a distinct advantage in battle where they appeared to anticipate an enemy's move before they even began.

These same electric impulses from the brain also gave the Eveningshades heightened reflexes and speed during physical altercations. One of the most interesting abilities was the power to affect the environment around them, from dropping the temperature to raising it, as well as creating mist and fog.

He discovered that the Eveningshades had taught themselves how to have complete control over their minds and bodies. They could control every single muscle individually or collectively, they could slow their own blood flow, they could manipulate their metabolism and even temporarily change their body chemistry. Harry was disappointed however to learn that these techniques took years to master and that Eveningshades began this training at a very young age.

The realization that he had no way to know how to begin this training or how to even understand the magic settled on him like a bludger in his stomach. He tried to remember how exactly he moved so fast in the Hogsmeade attack and how his body had gone from solid to whatever he was when the spells from the Death Eaters went right through him.

He needed help and he did not know who could provide it. Dorea was not an Eveningshade and could not read from the Family Grimoire, Bella could, but she would be just as in the dark as he was. Perhaps there was something in his family vault that could help, but the vault was large and had hundreds of old tomes and scrolls, it could take a long time to find anything, if they found anything at all.

He supposed he would just have to rely on the visual texts that showed the various documented battles that his family had fought and glean what he could from them. His thought was that seeing the magic in action might trigger something within him. It was a long shot, he admitted, but it was all he could come up with at the moment.

"Lady Hogwarts?" Harry called out to the room. The beautiful image of Helga Hufflepuff appeared before him with her long braided red hair and flowing emerald green gown.

"You have need of me Harry?" She asked.

"Yes, well a question really." Harry replied.

"My family history books have a unique charm on them that brings what is written to life, well a projection anyway. The reader sees and hears everything that is written as if they are a spectator watching it unfold. I guess in a way it is like a pensieve." Harry told the spectral image.

"And your question is?" She asked patiently.

"Is there a way for that projection to be made larger, so that more than one person could view it?" He asked hopefully.

"What you ask my champion is possible. Godric would often use this room to review past battles to critique himself and others. In a way, the magic in this room can become a large pensive of a sort that puts you in the middle of the memory."

"Brilliant!" Harry replied excitedly. "What do we need to do to draw the history out of the books?"

Suddenly a marble pedestal of Greek column design rose out of the floor at the center of the room. It was white with streaks of blue running through it. It was four feet high and a foot in diameter, forming the top was what appeared to be a large square amethyst of a brilliant purple hue that seemed to pulse with magic.

"Place the book on the gem stone Harry." The Lady directed.

Harry did so and immediately a purple aura surrounded the book. The cover opened with a snap against the gemstone. Suddenly the pages began to turn at an incredible rate like hurricane winds blowing them open until it reached the end and the back cover snapped the book closed.

A small purple dome arose from the amethyst and covered the book completely beneath it, and then the marble column sank back into the floor, book and all. Harry was about to ask what was happening when the room suddenly became dark.

Harry could not see a thing, panic began to well up in his chest as the climate in the room suddenly changed from warm and dry to cold and humid. He could smell it before his eyes focused enough to see it, but the unmistakable scent of pine hit his senses. Soon trees came into focus and he looked around and found that he was in the midst of a thick forest.

Harry looked up and could barely see the evening sky through the heavy forest canopy. Harry was confused, if this was a memory where was his ancestor? His question was soon answered when he heard whispered voices.

Harry turned around at the sound of the voices coming from behind him. There just feet from him were two men in what appeared to be Roman Armor speaking in hushed tones. At first he could not understand them; the extent of his Latin came from spells he learned at Hogwarts. Within moments, perhaps through the magic of the book or the Room of Requirement, Harry began to hear English.

The family history book he had chosen was his family's involvement with the Cimbrian War. Germanic tribes were flowing into Roman controlled territories and the Romans afraid of the growing number of barbarians began a costly but ultimately victorious campaign.

Harry looked closely at the two men, they were short, maybe 5'5" at the most but what they lacked in height they made up with broad shoulders and powerful looking chests and arms. They looked like a pair of large pit bulls he chuckled to himself. What stood out to him the most were the matching pairs of emerald green eyes, exactly like his own.

These were his ancestors, Mallius and Marcus Solanum, officers in the Roman 1st Magical Cohort under the command of Gaius Marius. The year was 102 BC and this was the eve before the Battle of Aquae Sexitiae where the Roman Legion would crush the Germanic tribe of the Teutones and its allies.

Harry had picked this particular tome because of the different tactics of battle between the Roman wizards and the Germanic warlocks. There were three Roman Magical cohorts; the first cohort consisted of eight hundred men, with the other two with 480 each, for a total of nine hundred and sixty men. These magicals were conscripted for the most part from all over the Roman Empire.

The Teutones and their allies had a magical force of about fourteen-hundred strong. The Germanic warlocks each wielded a staff of varying shapes and sizes, the Roman wizards carried wands, because they were small and easier to wield. Though the wands were easier to wield, they did not have the magnified focus power of a staff, with its devastating ability to cast wide area spells.

The draw back to the staff was of course its bulky size; it was not a weapon that could be used easily in close quarters combat, where the wand would excel. Harry thought it would be educational to see how the two sides maximized their assets and how they overcame their weaknesses, but more importantly he wanted to see how his ancestors wielded their unique brand of magic.

According to the book there were ten Eveningshades or Solanum as they were named during that time, which fought in this particular battle with only one perishing in the fight. The Roman wizards along with their wands carried the Scutum, this shield had been enhanced to withstand all low powered curses and most mid level and a few high powered curses.

The German warlocks did not carry shields as their staffs required both hands, but being unencumbered with a bulky shield they could move quickly. Even without a shield they still had some protection as they wore cloaks of dragon hide that were spell resistant.

"Harry?! Are you here?" Harry turned around to see a point of light coming toward him…a lumos spell.

"Keep coming forward Bella." Harry called out as the raven haired beauty approached with Lily next to her.

Bella had to duck under a large half fallen tree before she managed to get to her husband. "Mind telling me what all this is?" Bella asked in a growl. Her high heeled boots not made for this type of terrain.

"Well…uh…this is from one of the family history books, specifically the one chronicling the Cimbrian War." He told her with a sheepish shrug.

"And…" She folded her arms across her chest waiting impatiently for a more detailed explanation.

"You see...the Lady was able to absorb the contents of the book and then turn the room into a kind of pensive so that we can be up close to the memory." Harry replied.

"This is so cool!" Lily gasped. "It seems so real!" Lily reached down and picked up a pinecone she spotted on the ground.

"It is real." Lily whispered in awe.

"Well, yes and no." The Lady Hogwarts spoke approaching the trio with Dorea Potter in tow who had come through the floo. "This is merely a magical representation of the sights and sounds that exist within the magical tome Harry gave me. And although all your senses will be affected by the magic environment, you cannot interact with what is happening on the battlefield nor will you be able to be hurt by anything that occurs in this memory."

"Well that's good to know." Dorea Potter remarked touching a bit of green moss on a nearby tree and rolling it in her fingers interestedly.

"So what is the purpose for this…representation?" Dorea asked inquiringly waving her hand about the area.

"Observation and education." Harry replied without hesitation.

"I thought by observing Eveningshade magic in action, we might be able to understand how it is done. The thing is…I haven't found much within the family Grimoire that tells me how to develop my family magic or what all the family magic includes." He said with a shrug.

Dorea sighed. "Harry, I don't think that this will be that helpful."

"Why not?" He asked a bit perturbed.

Dorea gave him a withering look. "Without knowing what is going on inside your ancestor's head it will be difficult to know how he is pulling the magic from within him. Seeing them cast, is not the same thing as knowing how they cast."

Harry rubbed his face in frustration and turned away from his grandmother and the others and walked to the tree line. He looked out over a camp with what appeared to be more than a thousand small tents with a thousand small fires pits in front of them. The scene before him though was paused, no one moved, the flames of the fires did not flicker, even an owl that had been in midflight was frozen in place.

Harry felt a hand squeeze his shoulder gently. He looked back over his shoulder to see his grandmother's warm dark eyes. She looked out over the Roman camp below and suddenly had a thought. "Harry dear…in Hogsmeade during the attack you were able to access some of you family magic. It was an amazing thing to watch." She smiled and shook her head at the memory.

"Yeah." Harry said slowly wondering where his grandmother was going with this.

"Your magic responded to you in a time of need…of great stress, like accidental magic in children. The magic reacts to intense emotion and determines what the child needs and reacts accordingly, like an autonomic reflex. Tell me…what were you feeling when you saw the two wands pointed at you at point blank range?"

"What was I feeling?!" Harry snorted. "I thought oh fu... I mean darn!" Harry looked sheepish, but relaxed when Dorea chuckled at his near slip of vulgarity.

"Anything else?" She asked pointedly.

Harry took a moment to remember back to that day and the incident in question. "There wasn't any clear thought…not really." Harry began. "It was j-just an intense feeling of not wanting to be there." Harry stated, confused at his own reply.

"Do you remember that feeling, that exact feeling when you changed?" She asked.

"N-no…maybe…I don't know." He said slowly. "It's hard to remember."

Dorea nodded her head and squeezed his shoulder comfortingly. "I believe Harry that your magic reacted on its own, much like accidental magic. I think if we can recreate those intense situations such as what happened in Hogsmeade you'll be able to remember what it felt like. I believe if we can take your memories and project them like this…" She waved her hands at the current projection. "You might be able to reproduce what you did and then remember that feeling."

"But I think that viewing what my family is capable of would also benefit us. Don't you think?" Harry asked diplomatically.

"Perhaps your right, Harry." Dorea relented. "But war is an ugly thing to see, and although you may think you are ready to see man's inhumanity to man, let me assure you that no one is truly prepared for the horrors of war. Believe me…I know." Dorea stated with a faraway look.

"Whether I'm ready for it or not, war is coming grand…Lady Potter." Harry quickly corrected himself. Bella had caught the slip and gave him a warning look. Lily seemed to have not heard the slip and was still looking around at the forest they found themselves in.

Dorea closed her eyes sadly as she remembered the Penseive memory of Harry being used to resurrect Voldemort in his timeline, the lengths the man had gone to, to achieve his pseudo immortality, and the dark rituals he would have had to perform to reach the level of power and inhuman corruption he had obtained was sickening. It all attested to the demented character of the man who would see the destruction of their world for his own selfish ego.

"Very well Harry, but I must insist that Lily not take part in this viewing. She is far too young to be witness to this obscene level of brutality. And that goes for the others as well, you may teach them what you have learned afterwards but I can't in good conscience allow them to view this." She stated firmly.

Harry nodded his head in understanding. "I will be viewing it Auntie." Bella put in defiantly. "I stand with my husband. And where he goes I go."

"I had no illusion of any other decision my dear." Dorea replied with a resigned tone that was laced with pride for her niece. "A wife's place should always be at her husband's side."

"Lily, you will come with me. I think its time to begin your occlumency training." The Potter matriarch informed the petite redhead and then quickly ushered her in the direction she had come from, the Lady escorting them out.

"Are you ready for this?" Harry turned to Bella and asked.

Bella swallowed hard. "I-I am." She stated with as much conviction as she could muster. She had heard stories of the Great War and how bloody and brutal it had been, she imagined that what she was about to witness would be no less horrific.

The sky was changing from the star filled inky black to darker shades of blue and purple…dawn was approaching. The sound of a horn soon grabbed the two teen's attention. Harry grabbed Bella's hand and they raced to the tree line. The two of them stood in awe as thousands of men in leathers and plated armor began to assemble into their respective cohorts and legions.

They stood amazed at how fast the assembly was and how orderly. More horns sounded, breaking through the crisp morning air, as captains barked out orders and the many columns' of men began to march. Hundreds more on horseback began to move as well. Bella tugged on Harry's sleeve and pointed to a cluster of wooden apparatuses and gave him a quizzical look.

"I think those are what are called Ballistae; they shoot large bolts or arrows into the enemy, some actually shoot multiple bolts at a time." Bella grimaced at the thought of being impaled by a bolt of wood or steel and thought if she was going to die she'd rather be AK'd than impaled.

The two teens found their way down to where Mallius and Marcus were marching and shouting encouraging words to the wizards of the 1st Cohort. It wasn't long before the column came to a stop. Harry and Bella gulped nervously as they looked across a large clearing and could see the enemy the Romans soon would be facing.

They were dressed in animal skins for the most part, some wore little to no clothing, and some wore paint on their face, arms, and chest, giving them a more frightening appearance. Harry was able to pick out the warlocks quite easily as they wielded their long staffs. He was unprepared though to see the numbers of the Teutones and their allies. By the look of them he would guess that they were twice the number of the Romans.

More horns blared as the sun peaked above the horizon, the echo of drums next reached his ears and then suddenly they were moving forward with the rhythmic sounds of feet stamping on the ground and sword and shield striking one another in a deadly cadence. The battle was about to begin!


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