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As for pairings included, you can see my favorites on my profile, but if you haven't read that, this fic will be mainly Yusei/Akiza, with Jack/Carly in a close second. Somewhat background pairings include Crow/older!Luna, Kalin/Misty, and Bruno/Sherry. Yes, I aged Luna up for this fic. Leo's still the same age and will be her younger brother. Most characters are the age they'd be at the end of the series, when they're all leaving town. Yusei's twenty, Jack is twenty-one, Akiza's nineteen, etc. Luna has been aged up to be seventeen, so she can pair with Crow.

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Sunset Horizon
Chapter 01 – Dusty streets

Act I

Yusei sighed to himself, staring at the town below. It was just another day in New Domino. Another day of bitter winds and harsh dryness. He didn't care, though. This was his home, and he liked the terrible climate. It was a quiet, small town, always welcoming of newcomers and visitors.

But this town was run by the Enforcers. It was his town, to be led by he and his friends. Officially, it was under Yliaster's control, but that would change. The Enforcers worked hard to make this town free, driving in from under the governor's watchful gaze and prying leadership from his hands slowly. They didn't care if the people were happy with Yliaster. This was their town, and they wanted to be free to do what they wanted.

No one would stop them.

He sighed once again and closed his eyes, letting his hair whip against his face. Soon. Soon they would be free. It was a delicate matter of extending one's fingers just deep enough into the Underground and seeing exactly what Yliaster didn't want them to see.

He turned slightly and walked a few steps back, dropping down from the carved sign for the saloon and down to the roof. He wondered what the others were up to and, more importantly, what the bartender was doing now. Smiling to himself, he walked along the roof of the two-story building until he reached the back edge, then dropped down to the balcony on the back. An easy lunge over the railing had him landing down in the private yards of the bar owner behind the building. He jogged a few steps, then leapt for the fence and clambered over, letting himself fall into a somersault before bouncing to his feet.

Time to go pay a visit to his favorite person.

He walked around the fence, making his way up to the double doors of the saloon, the Dragon's Claw. His pistol, the Stardust Dragon, was securely strapped to his thigh with a thick leather belt, boldly left in the open for all to see. It certainly wasn't uncommon to wear a weapon in public; at least, not in this town. Anyone who valued their life carried a gun with them. But what made Yusei different was the fact that Stardust Dragon was a custom-made weapon, forged by his own two hands.

It was the color of blue-white, bearing the markings of the cosmos itself. It was his personal weapon, and he had made sure the rest of the town knew to be afraid when they laid eyes on its splendor. Most who saw down its barrel knew better than to question. It was a matter of life and death, and he had no trouble with inflicting the latter.

He had killed before, and he would do it again.

Everything he did, he did for the Enforcers. This town would be theirs, even if they had to bring down all of Yliaster to do it. His partners were his friends, his brothers. He would do anything to keep them safe, and he knew with great amounts of confidence that they would do the same for him.

But for now, there wasn't any trouble brewing and the sun was starting to set. It seemed like high time to get a drink.

He shoved the doors open and walked inside, heading towards the bar to make his order. Shoving past a large man in his way, he frowned as he took in the sight behind the counter. His favorite bartender wasn't there, instead, the tall man with blue hair was there, serving drinks with a professional friendliness.

Scowling, he pushed his way up to the bar and raised his hand, saying, "Whiskey."

The bartender nodded and reached under the counter, lifting a heavy tumbler and plunking it down. Without a word, he poured the amber liquid into the glass before gently nudging it towards him. He picked it up and walked away, knowing the drink would be added to his tab. He was a regular, and both of the bartenders—all of town, for that matter—knew his face. They also knew he was good about paying his tab off, but only when the female bartender was up.

Trailing between the tables, he made for his regular one towards the back of the building and dropped down into his seat, humming a wordless greeting towards the other two men already there. He took a sip from his glass and leaned back in the chair, muttering, "Where's Jack?"

The shorter male present with fire-orange hair took a swig of his beer before answering, "Where do you think?"

Shaking his head, Yusei threw a shrug into the air. That meant his friend was no-doubt enjoying the company of today's lucky woman. The girl was never the same each night, and he had stopped bothering to learn their names. He doubted Jack ever did, so why should he? He'd never see them again, anyway.

The third man present, a tall, slender man with long white hair, quietly mumbled into his drink, "Jack should really learn some reserve. We're here to run this town, not ruin it."

He smirked as he retorted, "Well, Kalin, as long as he doesn't ruin the whole town, I couldn't care less."


"Well, what do we have here?"

Yusei looked up from the book he was shuffling through to turn his attention to his friend. He sat up on his bunk bed, boots off and left carelessly on the floor, his coat slung on the hook nailed into the wooden bedframe, and Stardust Dragon's holster settled heavily on the bed beside him. He didn't bother putting a bookmark into his page as he shifted his attention towards his cohort, saying, "What did you find, Crow?"

The same orange-haired teen from earlier flipped through pages of smuggled paperwork at one of the desks in the small house, his feet up on the table and his brows furrowed. "I'm just looking through this crap Kalin swiped from the governor. Looks like our friend Goodwin has been smuggling more illegals through town."

He sighed and let his book drop from his lap and fall closed. It didn't matter if he kept his page. He didn't read books straight through, anyway. It was only a distraction, and he would flip through for any interesting parts. Whenever he broke into Goodwin's estate, he'd take a book from the library as a souvenir. He didn't care to read that much, but he knew Goodwin did. He just liked to piss the man off. "When you say 'illegals,' what are you talking about?"

"We knew he was smuggling drugs for the Underground, but it looks like he's into the slave business, too."

He jumped to an upright position, banging his head on the low ceiling, and reflexively rubbed his forehead. "Slaves? Is he insane? That's something even Yliaster arrests their people for!"

Crow frowned and scratched his brow, eyes still on the pages. "Yeah, well, looks like he don't care."

"Dammit," he muttered under his breath. Goodwin was a filthy, cheating bastard, but he never thought he'd stoop that low. He doubted he was keeping slaves personally. He probably just funded the transportation to the Underground markets. But he had paperwork to prove it, meaning he was either framed or insanely guilty. The man was careful to cover up his dirty deeds, but the Enforcers knew where to look.

Yliaster was a nation made up of lying cheats, and they arrested citizens for things the leaders were guilty of. It wasn't so bad at first, but, by now, it was leaking that they were up no good. There wasn't anything the people could do about it unless they were smart enough to come around from behind.

The Enforcers did exactly that, using their skills with guns and stealth to sneak into Goodwin's manor and steal the proof they needed. Their plan was to gather enough dirt on him and threaten to expose him, forcing him to leave town and never come back. He was resolute, and had so far thrown off any attempts they'd made.

They were knowledgeable enough of Goodwin's antics that the sheriff wouldn't touch them anymore. By Goodwin's order, they were to be left untouched, with the exception of the occasional staged tussle to keep the people from getting too upset. However, this discovery of him supporting the slave business would be a huge boost.

New Domino was torn between Yliaster and the Enforcers, split between two evils who cared nothing for the people living there. Yliaster just wanted money, and the Enforcers wanted their own freedom. What happened to the people in between was irrelevant. Citizens went about with their lives and didn't really seem to care what happened, as long as their lives could continue as they were.

Which was why more people supported Yliaster over the Enforcers. At least with the nation in control, they would have protection from the sheriff and his men. The Enforcers were so unpredictable, it was hard to say what they would do if they ever did get to be in charge.

Except that the Enforcers were only selfish as a cover. In truth, they wanted the town to be free of Yliaster and the Underground, but put up a cruel and uncaring front to avoid too much trouble. If they involved the townsfolk in their plans, or even received their support, there was a decent chance Yliaster would just burn the whole place to the ground. To avoid any such disaster, they worked on their own and played the parts of the villains.

Sighing once more, he murmured, "Guess we got no choice. We'll have to investigate into this more."

Crow nodded. "Yeah, that's what I was thinking."

"You doing anything tonight?"

He snorted. "Am I ever?"

Smirking, Yusei said, "Good. Get Jack. You two can go in together."

"Let me guess. You're off to see your lady friend, right?"

His smile only grew. "Maybe."

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