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CHAPTER 35– 19 years later…

We arrived at Kings Cross Station ready for the new school year. Scorpius walked ahead with his luggage loaded up onto his trolley, and Draco walked with him pushing our daughter's trolley. I was being dragged behind by Astrid, who was clinging on to my arm as we walked forwards. I didn't see why she was so frightened. I had told her so many wonderful stories about Hogwarts, and she had always been jealous of Scorpius being older than her as he could go before her. She had been so excited this summer too, but within the last week, she became so nervous that she hadn't eaten or slept properly, she didn't speak much, and she had pretty much stopped reading.

'Astrid, I can't run through a wall with you dragging me backwards. We'll talk when we get on the platform, okay?' She nodded and slipped her tight hold down to my hand instead. Scorpius ran through first, then Draco, then me and Astrid together. I smiled when I saw the Hogwarts Express, gleaming in the September sunlight. Students from every year and their parents were running around everywhere, and Draco touched my arm gently to get my attention.

'Scorpius and I are just going to get the luggage sorted out, but there's a while before they need to get on the train anyway.' I nodded and smiled at him, and he left with our son and the two trollies.

'Hermione!' I turned around to see Harry, Ron and Ginny waving at me, and I walked over to them. 'How are you?'

'Fine, thanks. How does Albus feel about starting today?'

'Excited. James is already telling him where the secret passages are.' I smiled and shook my head. 'How's Astrid?'

'Oh, she's so nervous, aren't you, Astrid?' I looked down to see that she was no longer holding my hand. I sighed. 'I should go and find her.' They all nodded and after a few minutes of searching the platform, I found her sat on the floor by one of the walls, almost in tears. I knelt down in front of her and took her hands. 'Oh, Astrid, please tell me what's wrong.' She shook her head and I moved her platinum blonde fringe out of the way of her face so I could see her big brown eyes.

'I'm scared.'

'Of what?'

'I might not make any friends. And I'm not mischievous like Dad is, our courageous like you, or weird, or clever, so I probably won't get into any of the houses!' Her head dropped into her hands as she began to cry and I hugged her.

'You know, I once knew a girl exactly like you, who thought exactly the same on her first day at Hogwarts.'

'Really?' She pulled away from me and wiped her eyes.

'Yes. She didn't think that she was anything special; she liked to read and thought she was bossy and ugly, but despite all of that, she was placed in Gryffindor. She had no friends either, until one day. There was an incident in the girl's toilets, and two boys came to rescue her, who eventually became her best friends. Over the years, she got more and more friends, until she was friends with almost everybody in her year, apart from the Slytherins, who bullied her constantly because she wasn't a pureblood.

'But at the start of seventh year, she was made Head Girl, and had to share a common room with the Head Boy, from Slytherin, who had bullied her from first year. By some miracle, they got along, and then they began to fall in love. Then the Wizarding war came and it tore them apart, but they still longed for one another as every day passed. They were eventually reunited at the battle for Hogwarts, and everyone knows of their story.'

'What happened after that?'

'They got married and had two beautiful children, and are still happy to this day. I don't know how the boy survived for so long without her, but I do know that the only thing that kept the girl sane was a necklace that he had given her: it was a golden serpent with red gemstones in it to represent both of their houses, and she's hardly ever taken it off.'

Astrid reached forwards and lightly touched my necklace. 'But mum, that's exactly the same…' Her eyes widened in realisation. 'You're the girl in the story?!' I nodded.

'I thought I wouldn't make any friends, I thought I was ugly and had no personality, and your Dad and the rest of the Slytherins bullied me. In seventh year we were made Head Boy and Girl and started to fall in love, but Draco had to end it with me or he would've had to kill me due to orders from Voldemort. When we all came back to Hogwarts to fight, Draco made his profession of love for me in front of Lord Voldemort, and then everybody knew. The light side won the war, we got back together, eventually got married and had two brilliant children. Happy endings are possible, Astrid. And I don't think you need reminding that you're named after a very brave little girl.'

Astrid smiled and blushed. 'I know; Aunty Astrid.'

'That's right. And it doesn't matter if you don't get into Gryffindor or Slytherin.'

'But Scorpius says he'll hate me if I don't get into Slytherin like him.'

'He's only joking, you should know that by now. And you will get into a house. You are brave, clever, mischievous, and you do have your weird outbursts occasionally.' She giggled. 'Come on, Albus and Hugo are waiting for you.' I helped her up off the ground and took her over to where Hugo and Albus were talking quietly.

'Is Astrid okay?' I looked around to see that Draco was stood next to me, and Scorpius was leant against a wall.

'Yeah, she was just a bit nervous, but I soon solved that.'

'May I ask how?'

'I told her the story of us.' He smiled and kissed me, and Scorpius groaned in the background.

'Mum, Dad, really? It's so embarrassing. Everyone's staring.'

'No, they're not, Scorpius.' He shook his head and a girl with flame red hair walked past us and smiled shyly at my son.

'Hi, Scorpius.'

'Hey, Lily.' He straightened himself up and stood without the wall's support, running a hand through his brown hair, something he had picked up off Draco.

'I was wondering, do you wanted to sit with me on the train? We haven't spoken much this summer.'

'I can't, sorry. I promised my other friends that I'd sit with them.'

'Oh, okay.' She turned to go, but Scorpius caught her hand gently when he saw how disheartened she looked.

'But I'm free tonight. How about I come and pick you up from the Gryffindor common room at about half seven and we can walk around the castle grounds and catch up?'

'Great. I'll see you later.' She smiled at him, let go of his hand and walked to her giggling group of friends who also had watched the whole exchange.

'Is that going to be his head girl?' Astrid whispered nervously.

'Maybe.' Draco grinned at our daughter, took my hand and squeezed it.

'Shut up, Dad.' Scorpius folded his arms, meaning he didn't want to talk about it. That didn't make Draco stop questioning him though.

'It wasn't me, it was Astrid.' Scorpius rolled his eyes. 'Is she going to be your head girl?' My husband enquired.

'What? Who says I like her? This is Lily Potter we're talking about… sweet, clever, beautiful, kind…' Scorpius shook his head and retained his normal posture against the wall.

'So, you do like her?'

'No. Yes. Maybe.' He sighed. 'Besides, James would kill me if he found out I liked his twin sister.'

'I'm sure he'd be fine with it. You should be more concerned about Harry.' Scorpius' silver eyes went wide when he remembered who Lily's dad was. 'If you're going to make a move this year, you should probably go and ask her parents for permission.' Draco laughed beside me.

'Exactly. Come on, let's go and ask the Chosen One the right to date his daughter.' Draco and Scorpius walked off and I looked down at Astrid to see that she was grinning.

'What are you smiling at?'

'Nothing, mum.' Someone was tugging on my jacket and I turned to look at Albus.

'Does Scorpius love my sister then?'

I laughed. 'I think he's getting there. Would you mind if he and Lily dated?' The 11 year old with black hair shook his hair. 'What about James?' Albus thought for a moment before replying.

'He's going to kill him.'

'Exactly what I thought.' We both smiled as Draco, Harry, Ginny and Ron came towards us with an elated looking Scorpius. 'What's the verdict?' I asked Harry.

'Well, from what I've heard from Lily over the years, your son has been very kind to her despite her being in Gryffindor and him being Slytherin, and it does appear that she may reciprocate his feelings, so, yes, Scorpius can date Lily.'

'Thank you, Mr Potter.' Harry laughed and Ginny drew her wand pointing it at Scorpius, and the look on my son's face held a considerable amount of fear.

'Hurt her and you'll be sorry.'

'O-okay, Mrs Potter.' She smiled and returned her wand back to her pocket, just as James practically leapt on his best friend.

'Scorpius! It's been too long! Sorry about having to go to Romania this summer, but you know how the family are…' They both smirked. 'Do you want to play some Quidditch tonight at about half seven?' Scorpius' smooth facial expression faltered.

'Sorry, I can't.'

'Oh, why not?' Scorpius looked at Harry and Ginny and they both nodded to him.

'I'm having a catch up with Lily. I'm thinking about asking her out.' James stared at Scorpius for a long time before he laughed.

'Yeah, whatever. I'm going to get on the train. I'll see you in our usual compartment?' Scorpius nodded and James hugged his parents in a goodbye before leaving.

'Did he actually believe me when I said that?'

'No. It'll only actually sink in when you and Lily actually date. Then I'd suggest steering clear of him.'

'For how long?'

Harry considered it for a moment. 'The rest of your life.' Scorpius raised his eyebrows and the whistle was blown, telling us that the train was going to leave soon.

'Bye, Mum. Bye, Dad.' Scorpius hugged us both.

'See you at Christmas, Scorpius. If you want to invite friends back to the Manor, just send us a letter. Good luck with Lily.' He winked and Scorpius rolled his eyes and walked off to the train. 'I'm going to miss you, Astrid.' Draco said as the two platinum blondes hugged.

'I'll miss you too, Dad. And you too, Mum.' I hugged her tightly.

'Remember to write to tell us what house you're in, and you know where the library is, right?' Astrid nodded. 'Good. We'll see you at Christmas.' She grinned at us and ran towards the train, but she was too small to be able to leap up onto it. Scorpius appeared at the doorway and lifted her up, and she squealed in delight as she was held in her big brother's arms. He put her down and he helped Hugo and Albus onto the train, and saw Lily stood on the platform behind them. They smiled at each, exchanged a few words, then Scorpius took both of her hands and helped her onto the train, even though she could have managed it by herself.

I smiled and Draco put his arm around me. All of the students clambered onto the Hogwarts Express and it began to pull out of the station. We waved to our children until the train was out of sight, and the rest of the parents began to leave the platform in dribs and drabs.

'Do you think Astrid will be okay?' I asked Draco.

'Were you okay on your first day?'


'She'll be fine then.'

'What about you? How did you feel on your first day?'

Draco's expression was vacant for a moment. 'Scared as hell.'

'How come?'

'My father said he'd beat me if I didn't get into Slytherin.' I swivelled around in his hold to look at him.

'But he was under Voldemort's control.'

'I didn't know that at the time though. And what if Voldemort didn't decide to rise from the dead in fourth year? My dad could still be under his Imperius curse now.'

'But he didn't and he's not.' Draco nodded and looked down at the floor, his hold on my shoulders slackening ever so slightly. 'You are one of the bravest men that I have ever known. You abandoned your family prejudices, you stopped a rape from happening, you became a spy, you saved countless lives and you professed a forbidden love in front of Lord Voldemort himself. All for me. Nothing else matters. I love you.'

'I love you too.' He smiled and kissed me, then we left the station and went home to the Manor.

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