Alby was running through the giant maze looking for his so far, only friend.

Minho told him that he was crazy, that he was not a runner and would die in the shucking maze but Alby didn't care. He had to find Newt.

He knew that the Blondie has been a runner for almost a year now, and that Newt knew his way around the maze. That is what worried him…

Newt always showed when it was time for the runners to return but this time, he didn't. And Alby insisted that he go look for the boy who had befriended him when Newt came out of the awful black box that sent them to this unsolvable maze.

It was still so fresh in Alby's mind. Newt immediately took a liking to Alby and they became best friends on the first day. Newt was full of questions and he knew that he wanted to be a runner.

Alby slightly smiled at the sweet memories that almost made the bad ones disappear. Almost.

The boy was lost in thought. Alby ran through the maze not aware of where he was headed.

Alby was lost inside the unsolvable maze that had no exits.

His heart began to race and his speed quickened. I just need to find Newt .He told himself.

The sun was about to set and Alby knew it. I need to find Newt. He told himself again, and again and again.

A shrill shriek broke into the humid air. Causing Alby to jump out of fear.

It only took a few split seconds for him to realize that the source of the deafening cry was his friend Newt.

The screams sent chills up and down Alby's spine. He literally had to force himself to keep running to find his friend.

He might have been a leader in training, already trained to see the unthinkable. But nothing would prepare him to take charge and see in what he was about to endure.