The land was peaceful and still. The ice kingdom was quiet and glittered in the sun majestically; penguins quaked gently around the kingdom as the snow gently floated around them. The candy kingdom was peaceful, candy people gently strolled the brightly light streets, as the midday sun beat down. The birds tweeted beautifully over head as Finn lay in the middle of a meadow; the gentle breeze hit his face and the grass tickled his bare skin. His eyes were slightly stung with tears as he thought of flame princess. She was romantically unstable so even if they wanted to love each other they couldn't. She had broken up with him a week or so after she went unstable and almost destroyed the world.

'At least we tried.' He thought as he looked up into the blue skies, fluffy marshmallow clouds hovered over head as the sun danced over his skin. He had been sitting there since flame princess had told him they couldn't be. He looked at his arms they were slowly healing from the burns that he had got. He remembered back to how it had happened.

"Finn glad you came." She said smiling weakly, her face looked disheartened and her fire didn't burn as bright as normal. I went into hug her but she just sat me on the lush grass. She sat next to me a small patch of the grass burst into roaring flames as she did.

"What's up FP?" I asked in my sweet kid like voice. It had started to become manlier but I still was too short and had tons of baby fat covering me.

"Finn I love you," She started before giving out a little sigh, "I don't think we can be together not at the minute...maybe, maybe when I can control myself me and you can be a couple." I couldn't believe what I was hearing was love never going to come my way? Tears formed in my blue eyes a small treacle of sorrow washed my face as she wrapped her arms around me for the last time. She left without another word. I was left alone in the meadow by myself.

"Finn you ok? Buddy?" Jake stood next to Finn as he remembered the happenings of that day. Jake could see in Finns face things were not well. He placed his golden furred bum onto the grass next to the saddened man. "Finn talk to me please?" Jake said with his cute puppy dog eyes and caring brotherly smile. Finn snapped back to the world seeing his brother sitting at his side. The small dog was the only person who would never leave him.

"Can I have a hug bro?" Finn said through a couple of tears, stretching his arms out in a hugging manor.

"Sure thing." Jake said squeezing his brother tightly. Finn held Jake there for a couple of minutes as tears rolled down his child cheeks. "Bro lets go home and get you some coffee, then you can explain what happened." Finn looked into his brother's eyes they always looked caring, he always knew how to make him smile. They rose to their feet, the sun brightly danced off their bodies as they strolled through the meadow, towards the old tree fort. It was a big green weeping willow which stretched high into the sky; the green leaves looked naturally bright as he entered through the door. The ladder up to the kitchen was long and unshaved wood. Climbing up Finn went and sat at the table while Jake switched the kettle on for coffee.

"Now let's hear what happened." Jake said as the kettle slowly boiled in the background. Finn started to tell of what had happened that morning, under tears and wails of pain. Jake frowned more and more Finn spoke. His bro had been destroyed romantically ta many times. The kettle gave a whistle as Finn finished his tale of sorrow.

"And that's what happened." He sobbed, as Jake rose to make the coffee. Pulling to mugs from a cupboard he turned to face his human brother.

"Finn lives a bitch." Finn looked up startled by Jake's choice of words, "And things are sometimes not going to go your way. But the strong people get up because they know something good always follows the bad." Finn gave a weak smile which got stronger as Jake continued to explain about how things that seem bad could be the beginning of something good. "Now drink your coffee buddy." He said with a gleeful smile handing him a mug, in blue and green.

"Cheers Jake, that makes me feel a bit better." Finn smiled under hitestily tearie eyes.

"Now finish your coffee and get yourself cleaned up, you'll get mistaken for a girl all the crying you've done." Jake joked.

"Dude that's mean to women." Finn said looking not that impressed. Jake just shrugged it off as the two drank their coffee and made idle jokes. Soon Finn was off upstairs to get cleaned. When Jake was certain Finn was all the way up he whispered under his breath.

"By next week you'll be on a date bro." Sipping up the last of his coffee, Jake started the look though the list of princesses in OOO and which one would suit his bro best.