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"I didn't know it would hurt him." Said Peter in a very sincere voice. He let a single tear slide down his cheek.

His mom and dad just look down at Peter with Valentine sobbing between them."He Killed him on purpose." Sobbed Valentine"He's evil!"

Mom just stroked Valentine's hair trying to control her own emotions. "Valentine" She said in comforting voice."Peter would never do a thing like this on purpose."

Valentine then got up and left the room while saying."He was planning to kill me too!"

Mom and dad just looked at each other and then down at Ender's limb and lifeless body. Dad then said" Can you tell us what happened exactly again?"

Peter nodded yes, let a few tears fall down his cheeks and began."We were play buggers and astronauts. I was the astronauts and he was the bugger. He shot me with the toy gun and ran. I chased after him to get him with my toy gun. He was hiding behind a shelf and jumped out at me. I tackled him and pointed my gun at him. Then I asked him where his bugger base was and he didn't respond. I asked again and he still didn't respond. I stood up yelled Ender. He still didn't answer. I knelt to feel his heart and it wasn't beating. That when I called you guys and you know the rest."

He let more tears fall. "Can I please go to my room? I need some quiet."He said in a mournful voice. "Of course honey" Mom said.

He then went down the hall but not to his room he went to Valentine's. He didn't bother knocking on the door he just went right in. Valentine was lying on her bed face down, still sobbing. She looked up when peter came in."What do you want."

Peter sat on a chair that was in her room and said"I just wanted to say I am sorry for what I did to Ender." "No your NOT! You couldn't be less sorry. You killed him on purpose!"

Peter walked up to her grabbed her shoulder and whispered in her ear"Prove I did it"He then tighten his grip and said" And I could kill you just as easily too"

Valentine threw his hand off of herself and slapped him in face with all the force she could muster. Peter then backed away looking innocent. Valentine then said in a calm voice"Why?"

Peter didn't answer he just walked away and went to his room. When he got in his room he couldn't suppress a giant grin. He said to himself"That is what the little bugger lover gets!"

He looked around the room and found Ender's desk since it was Ender's room too. He took it and smashed it with glee. He picked up the remains of it and put them in the bottom of a waste basket so mom and dad wouldn't then just laid on his bed still smiling. He fell asleep after a while.

When Peter woke up it was 7:00 in the morning. He walked to the kitchen and on his way he saw Ender's body was no longer where it was. Peter wondered where they moved it to. He grabbed a glass from a cabinet and got some water it was then that Valentine came into the kitchen. Her face was red and puffy like she had cried.

Peter looked at her and said in a sarcastic voice."I'm really am sorry what I did sis." S he looked up at him and said" I hate you."

Peter thought for a moment then said."You don't hate me you hate what I did. There is a difference."

Valentine flipped him off then went away. Peter went back to his room and started playing a game on his desk.

After a while he heard mom yell."Peter, can you please come out here?" Peter set his desk down and start to rub his eyes to make look as if he had just been crying. Peter found his mom standing in the dining room with a man in a suit.

"Peter, this man is here to see you." The man held a hand out to peter and said"I am Colonel Graff. I would like to speak to you."