Just read the Scorpio Races and loved it! Felt like I actually HAD a good plot! Any applause? No? I sigh in dismay. No, no, I forgive you all :P. Please forgive my arrogant side, along with my probably-not-the-most-spectacular-but-not-too-horrible attempt at my first SR fanfic. Happy reading!


The young mare took one last look at her family. Her mother, Skata, white splotches illuminated even underwater, shrieking as if hell had rained upon her; her brother, Sparrow, covered in blood, the salt in the water rubbing at his skin; her father, wait, her father had left long ago, ripping her family's tapestry of bonds. Not that there HAD been any bonds. The second Niaga learned about her brother's curse, HER curse, she knew that it was time to split. The sea was deadly, and although it felt like home, the comfy feeling would be soon filled in by pain. She couldn't stay; her life depended on the land now. The sea salt was already etching painfully in her sides. She shook her silver mane that was dancing on her gold coat. Her blood red muzzle stood out proudly, as if worshipping her curse of bloodshed. Her red eyes narrowed as she concentrated on the land she was swimming toward, leaving her mother and brother alone to fend for themselves. Niaga didn't want be there when Sparrow took his last breathes; when Skata, finally realizing he was dead, sank her teeth in his brown coat, devouring her own offspring. Niaga knew that if she stayed in the ocean with her mother, she would be next…


Running away is easy. Surviving is bitter work. How do I know this? Because I'm planning to run. Apparently, at least, according to my usual logic, (this time it was ignored) running away doesn't solve anything. But, for my case, I'm willing to make an exception. I look at my ginormous pack which contained a number of things:

A sleeping bag

Toothbrush and toothpaste

7 bottles of cold water

A hairbrush

15 bags of chips

6 apples


$200 isn't going to get me very far, but I don't have far to go. I need to escape, and I have the best place to run too; the place everyone escapes from… Thisby.

Small chapters are how I usually start stories, so Cheers! I'll post ch. 2 ASAP