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The last thing Ember Rose remembered was someone running forward to help her. But who? She thought, I-I can't remember. Why can't I remember?

Looking around she discovered that she was lying in a simple white hospital bed, yet the giant room around her looked more like a mad scientists laboratory. And that's when it hit her. Everything that had happened, Splice, the fight and then Batman, an-and Nightwing.

"Oh good, you're awake! We can begin the procedure now." The mocking voice was just out of sight.

"W-what procedure? Where am I? Why am I here?"

"Ah ah ah! So many questions, so little time. Where to begin? Oh yes, you see Ember Rose the moment I became interested in science I had a vision! To create the most perfect superhuman there is. And they would be mine to command! Of course it took many years to compile all the data and I was kicked out of several institutions because they thought me crazy! But who is the crazy one now? I have everything I need! Including you, the perfect test subject. Shall we begin?"

Ember Rose was still processing the data when she realized two young men were wheeling her bed over to a tangle of machinery.

"This will only hurt…a lot! Ha ha ha!" He cackled as she was lifted struggling from her bed an placed on a metal table. They strapped her down and begin to stick long, thick needles into her body. One in each temple, in her tear ducts, arms, legs each hurting more than the last. Cringing in pain, she noticed out of the corner of her eye how each was attached to a long tube, and each tube was connected to a separate container of glowing liquid.

Squinting she read the label on one: DNA: Superman POWERS: lasers, ice breath and strength. She read another: DNA: Flash POWERS: Super-sonic speed. And another: DNA: Wonder Woman POWERS: Flight. There were so many more, but just at that moment, Splice held a mask up to her face. She inhaled the thick steam coming out of it and suddenly the room started to spin.

She choked out one word, "Anesthesia?"

He chuckled, "Oh no! I like to see the pain on my patients faces. That is just something to keep your white blood cells from attacking the foreign substances in your body."

Fear filled her eyes as he pulled a lever.

Suddenly, pain exploded, blossoming with in her spreading down her limbs! Her body was on fire, she could see her skin melting, feel her insides boiling, ready to burst! She writhed on the table, but people moved to restrain her. The moment their hands touched her skin it felt like knives stabbing her over and over, cutting open her skin and letting her bleed dry.

She heard someone screaming, a scream so loud and shrill, so full of pain it made her blood curdle. Later she realized she was the one screaming. Then finally it was over.

Just as she was about to give into a blissful black infinity the building shook.

Unexpectedly, the wall in front of her was gone, blown into a million pieces. And standing there, among the rubble, was someone she recognized. It hurt though, to think so she just watched.

The boy was a whirlwind around the room. Knocking people unconscious, avoiding gun fire and making his way, she realized, to her. Suddenly he was there, he ripped the needles from her skin and for the next minute all she new was red pain. When she became aware of the surroundings again, he had carried her back through the wall and was now carefully laying her down in the back seat of a car. This time she did give into the blissful darkness.

Coming to, Ember Rose looked around, scanning her surroundings. She was in a lavish room adorned with gold. The bed she was lying on felt like a cloud and looked fit for a queen. She on the other hand, looked like she had been dragged through the streets.

Her body was thoroughly bruised and covered in grime. She reached up and felt her hair, it felt more like a pile of knotty straw than hair. And then she saw him. He was asleep in the chair next to her bed. He looked like he hadn't left this room in days. He woke with a start, as if he felt her eyes searching him.

He looked at her with a small smile and said, "Good, you're awake. Welcome to Bruce Wayne's mansion."