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~ Bubbles's POV (After the story)~

When I heard what uncle Jojo just told us, I felt sad for those 3 boys in the story. I mean... Boomer-san saved the princess from her suffering but then she and her father abandoned him and his brothers when they needed someone to save them.

''Well what did you think girls?'' I heard Uncle Jojo ask but I didn't pay much attention to it.

''That king was mean! Even if the boys did turn into nutcrackers, he could at least help their uncle find a cure just like he did for the princess!'' Momoko-chan scoffed, staring very angrly in space.

''I agree! Grrrr! That king was such an pain in the butt!'' Kaoru-chan agreed while I just nodded, showing that I COMPLETELEY agree with them. Then a question started to form in my head and I just couldn't help my curiosity.

''Nee, Uncle Jojo? Do...Do you have any other siblings except us?'' I suddenly blurted out, causing everyone to look at me and I just blushed and smiled shily.

'' Why yes Miyako-chan I do! Three boys actually! They are all the same age as you guys! (16 years old) '' Me and my sisters all started to get curius about them so we asked questions about them.

''What are their names?'' was our first question.

'' The oldest is Brick, next is Butch and the youngest is Boomer( They are only few minutes apart).'' Wait a secound!

I blinked a few times, trying to figure everything out. Brick, Butch and Boomer...Then it struck me.

'' Hey Uncle did you make up a story with your relatives in mind?'' I asked him and he nodden without hesitation. I sighed in relief but then I asked a realy stupid question.

'' Why don't we name our nutcrackers after those 3 boys? I mean they are similiar to them so...?''. My sisters thought for a secound before they nodded.

''That's a good idea Miya!'' Kaoru grinned while Momoko nodded her head and smiled. ''So back to those boys what are they to you?'' Was the next question and we continued talking about them 'till lunch.

*Time Skip, In The Evening, Kaoru's POV*

It was now almost midnight, the time that creeped me out...What the heck is wrong with me?! I'm supposed to be tough not a scaridy cat!

I sighed, turning and shifting in my bed uncomftorbly. I took a small glance at my alarm clock. 23:59... Then the clock stroke midnight and I heard whispers and small footsteps again but it won't end like the last time... I won't be like the last time... A maiden in distress!


The clock stroke midnight as we heard quiet whispers and small footsteps from nowhere. My body was stiff frozen and I couldn't move a muscle. That is, until I felt something shifting in my hands.

''Huh?'' I said to myself as I looked down and found my nutcracker poking my hand and shifting just so he could get out of my grip

''No...way..'' I whispered with a long pause and started at him, awestruck.

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