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''Yes way now put me down!'' he said in a demanding voice that ticked me off but I slowly calmed myself down so I could put him down SAFELY! (Which meant withouth punching him! :D)

But when he stepped from my arms to the floor, I felt something cutting through the flesh on my ankle causing me to cry out in pain. I looked around the room to see who could do that to me and the nutcracker was doing the same or so it seemed, because he was turning his head left and right.

That's when I heard something shift behind me and I loooked back to see who it was. But I was very surprised to find a rat a warrior's suit...and it was smirking at me. What the heck is going on here?! First the nutcracker spoke now THIS?! Seriusly?!

'' What do you think you're doing you coward?! She didn't do ANYTHING to you!'' I heard someone say from bellow me. The nutcracker...I just stared at him, suprised by his sudden outburst as I felt my cheeks growing hotter but I shrugged it off and decited to keep my poker face on.

I sighed, (playfuly) annoyed by his protective nature even though I was actualy kind of gratefull to him but I won't admit that. Ever...

'' You seriusly need some serius anger managment don't you?'' I said to him, making him glare at me.

''Well SORRY for trying to protect you from those roddents!'' he snapped, his tone mixed with a bit of annoyance and bit of worry and I couldn't help but blush at his words.

''S...sorry...For snaping at you like that..and thanks.'' I apologized to him, with a hint of blush on my cheeks but when I tried to walk, I remember the condition my ankle was in, because of the pain I felt.

~ Back to reality ~

''Wha...what do you want?'' I asked the fammiliar figure that was standing right in front of me. Me: Sorry but I'm going to be mean again and i have some bad news... PPGZ: What are they? Me: *sigh* I'm going to discontinue this story if i don't have anymore reviews... Because without reviews I don't know what you think about this story... PPGZ: NO! R&R! Please...