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*In the evening, Momoko's P.O.V ( I'm so lazy aren't I?)

I was up late again. Well what can I say? I'm just too frightened! I mean wouldn't you be if a rat, that could talk, came into your bedroom, threaten you and your nutcracker with a sword, if you don't bring him bonbons?

It was late at night and a certain red headed girl was in her bed, trembling and singing quietley to herself, so she could calm herself down. She failed.

''...Kimi ga egao ni kakusu, sameta kokoro no kizua to garasu no hahen kitsuku nigiri shimeteru...'' was barely heard from under the blankets, where she was hiding.

'No good! I..I just can't calm down!' were her thoughts at that moment. But then she heard quiet laughing coming from nowhere.

Her head poped from under the warm blanket and she gripped her nutcracker tighter. Her alarm clock rang as a sign that it was midnight.

'' Why hello young girl!'' a hoarse voice said and Momoko looked in it's direction, teriffied.

''G..Go away!'' she yelled, trying to sound brave but it wasn't working because the figure just laughed at her, amused by her adittude.

The figure stepped out of the shadow in the weak moonlight coming from her window, revealing...The rat queen.

''What do you want?'' she asked her, again failing to sound brave.

The rat queen pointed her finger in her direction. But if you look closely, you can see, that she was realy pointing to her nutcracker.

Momoko gasped and her eyes widened.

''Never!'' she hissed ''Never you hear me?!'' small tears were forming in her candy pink eyes as she said that.

The dirty rat snickered and pointed her sword towards her and the nutcracker. She climbed on the bed so the tip of her weapon could touch the nutcracker's chest hardly.

''Fine have it your way missy.'' she said to her. ''But I want something in return ~'' she sang in a disgusting tone, that made Momoko shiver but she nodded her head .

The rat climbed on her delicate shoulder and whispered something in her ear.

''Bonbons, strawberry flavored tommorow. Got it?'' the rat hissed and Momoko nodded quickly so the rat could go already.

And she realy did get out of her room at that moment and she sighed a sigh of relief but still couldn't fall asleep.

But seriusly? Doesn't that old hag EVER take a bath?! She smelled so horribly that my nose almost died!

I shifted in my bed again, glancing at the alarm clock. It was 11:58 PM. 'Great' Notice the sarcasem in my voice?

I sighed, turning uncomftorably on the other side.

'How did this happen to me?' I mentaly cursed my luck but smiled nonethless.

'But I have to admit that this is very exciting...Wait! No it isn't! Well maybe just a little...' I'm going crazy aren't I? I mean if fighting with yourself in your head isn't enough proof then what is?

Just at that moment, the clock stroke 12 AM and I began to shake a little from fear. I just couldn't help it. I know I look like a scaridy cat now but seriously, I don't care.

I heard footsteps coming from nowhere and they were realy close. Wait! This is just like the dream I had. That weird dream...

I shrugged the thought off, stil trembeling and my back leaned on the iron board that was supporting my bed.

The footsteps quietet down and I sighed a sigh of relief. This is going to be a long christmas...

*Meanwhile, with Miyako, her P.O.V.*

I was sitting in my bed, my knees touching my face lightly, my hands wrapped around them.

' Only a few minutes till midnight and I still can't fall asleep...This is getting me nowhere! I have to fall asleep' I mentaly said to myself, tears forming in my eyes but I quickly wiped them with the back of my palm.

''Crying wont solve anything Miyako! You can't cry!'' I whispered to myself.

But even though I said that, a tear still found it's way to my cheek.

I sighed and took a glance towards my alarm clock. 11:59 PM.

'Only 1 minute until midnight...' I started trembeling a little but when the clock stroke 12 AM, I heard nothing. Probaly because my room is too far from the living room.

I mentaly thanked the Gods and started to fall asleep. But my dreams weren't pleasent...

A young girl was spacing around her room, her golden locks falling perfectly with every step and turn she took.

In her delicate arms rested a nutcracker and she was hugging him protectively. But, who could blame her? After what happened the day before she certainly didn't have a better choice.

It was her 10th lap around her room now but she still couldn't stop walking. The faint moonlight that was shining through her open window was making her look like an angel but she didn't notice.

Suddenly a faint evil laugh interupted her spacing and she glanced at her clock. 12 AM.

''Oh no!'' she whispered to herself, her knees buckling like crazy as fear rushed into her body.

With her remaining strenght she took a few steps back until her back was pressed against her bed. A dead end.

''Oh my did I scare you?'' a voice asked and Miyako gulped slightly.

The figure, that was well hidden by the shadows before now took a step forward and she stood in the moonlight.

''T-the rat queen'' the girl studdered, almost crying in the process.

''Why yes Goldylocks!~'' the dirty rat cooed.

Now, a vein appeared on Miyako's forehead.

''Don't call me 'Goldylocks'!'' she almost yelled at the 'queen' and she just laughed and pulled out her sword.

''Ok 'Goldylocks'! We shall make a deal!'' she said to her, pointing the sword at the 'toy' in her arms ''You give me cookies and cheese and I leave your little toy alone! Deal?''

Miyako nodded without hesitation, only wanting her nutcracker to be safe.

''Good.'' was all the rat said before turning away and leaving.

I woke up from that horrible dream and looked at my nutcracker. 'Phew! ' was all that was on her mind now and then soon fell back asleep.

*Meanwhile, With Kaoru, her P.O.V.*

Damn! Why can't I fall asleep!? Maybe because I already took a nap?

Curse rain! Curse boredom! Curse the mouse queen! Wait? What?

'Why did I just mentaly cursed the mouse queen? Cause she is evil? Yeah that's why!' I concluded. (No Kaoru it's because she wants to hurt your precius Butch! *snicker*)

I sighed a looked at my alarm clock, that was standing on my night desk.

'It's 11:59 PM huh?' I thought to myself. But in a few secounds the clock stroke 12 AM and I heard small and quiet footsteps coming from the living room. I sighed.

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