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Maybe it's Jealousy?

Castiel had been spying on the Winchesters when it had happened. Sam and Dean had been walking back to their cheap hotel room from a small town Diner when a small Black cat had begun following them. Castiel watched the small creature with such Intimacy that it could have bored holes in the back of the small kittens skull. When Sam and Dean arrived at there room, the Kitten decided to make it's presence known.


Dean looked over at his brother and raised his eyebrows.

"Dude, I honestly have no response to that noise." Dean said smirking at his brother.

The brothers turned around and stared at the small kitten, who was staring back with eyes that could melt a heart made of stone.

The three stood there in silence, Castiel still invisible and suspicious.

"We could take him inside and give him some milk or somethin' I guess." Dean said tilting his head.

Little did they know, Castiel strongly disapproved of this.

After they had given the kitten a bowl of milk, Sam went to take a shower Leaving Dean staring at the cat in silence.

He picked up the small creature and put him in his lap, and began to stroke behind his ears. The kitten began purring in delight, and that's when Castiel could take no more.

Castiel appeared and picked up the cat.

"Dean, why are you letting this feline creature sit on you?" Castiel asked, obviously annoyed.

"Well, that's what you do. You hold them, pet them, feed em', and walk em'." Replied Dean, small smile on his face.

The cat stared at Castiel, almost thoughtfully for a moment, until it scrunched up it's tiny face and hissed. Castiel dropped the kitten in both surprise and anger.

"You bothersome creature! I am an angel of the lord!" Castiel shouted at the cat.

That's when it dawned on Dean. "Cas, are you Jealous?" Dean asked, grinning ear to ear.

"No, I do not feel 'Jealousy' Dean, it's impossible." Castiel responded, still fuming at the cat.

"You are Jealous!" Dean said while laughing at the silent feud between the cat and the angel.

"Dean, I demand that this foul creature be gone!" Castiel sneered while staring at the cat.

"Alright, Alright, Don't get your panties in a twist." Dean sighed.

He opened the door and the cat lingered outside in a defensive stance, still staring at Castiel. Dean shut the door and turned to Castiel.

"Dude, you were Jealous of a cat!" Dean laughed.

Then as if right on cue Sam came out of the bathroom in his T-shirt and sweats.

"What'd I miss?" Sam asked with a slight tilt of the head.

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